Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM Review

The second of my recent computer upgrades was my transfer from 6gb to 12gb of triple channel memory. After trying out some G. Skill that didn’t seem to like my setup, I finally stumble upon the Corsair Vengeance modules. Please enjoy!

Computer Specs:
Antec Nine Hundred Case
Gigabyte GS-EX58-UD5 Motherboard
Intel Core i7 920 CPU
Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler
12gb (3x4gb) Corsair Vengence Ram
EVGA GTX-275 Graphics Card
2x 500gb Western Digital Caviar Green (Raid 0)
4x 1.5tb Western Digital Caviar Green (2x Raid 1 array’s)
Asus Bluray Combo Drive (BC-08B1ST)
Sony DVD Burner IDE (Crap…next to replace)


serggy97 says:

How high are they?

GTRAQS says:

will these fit on and mATX motherboard under a stock amd heatsink?

commfg23 says:

Could you please tell me what exactly was that “hiccup” and how you fixed it?

Kamal el debieky says:

what is the difference between the black and blue Vengeance ?

Richard Squires says:

Tell me your other hand has a ground strap on it. Any cmos, or mosfet tech inside of those magic sticks just love to go “poof” & never work again if bitten by the “static bug”. Good vid! But, as a tech, it makes my flesh crawl when I see fingers on pins. I’ve seen so many “new guys” right out of “RETS” (a shit school that pumps out “techs” who will work for minimum wage. You just have to teach them your job & clean up their mess so you can get fired & replaced by them.) Blow up a million$ systm.

Trintukas says:

64gb of ram, wow.

Jelle Van der Haegen says:

Hi man, i got the same cpu cooler and i know it’s kind of a beast but i’m not sure i can put the memory on it. I got a asus ROG corsair III can u say i got enough space or not?

HEADHUNTER2k14 says:

4gb of this ram cost £28 of amazon

MrFender032 says:

Can somebody tell me why I have more FPS with the Kingston Hyper X DDR 3 Memory 2×2 1600 mhz when its on 1333 mhz instead of 1600 ?

Jewsus Nippleton says:

i had the same timing problem with my set of 2x4gb vengance, i think its a gigabyte motherboard problem… either that or the memory itself…

Leonard C. says:

wheres your fan for your cpu cooler?

maxboyrm85 says:


Manurightboy MR says:


Zyx says:

for some weird reason my rams wont work, it says (starting windows) and not more happens… I got Asus Sabertooth X58 2x GTX570 i7 960 if that helps?

dinoworld112 says:

but 8gb is fine and what ill be getting

Gašper Čarman says:

dual channel on mother boards is old tech so to speak should be available on most mother boards both intel and AMD

Me says:

does this ram come in low profile edition?

Filthy French says:

It work only on i7 ?

Imran Haque says:

Can u oc to 2600 or 2800? Or do u need to buy the dom kit? Any one know?

gamecube756 says:

all the HD pornos you could render out

Random cookie dough guy says:

and do these fit every motherboard

ThatsRight says:

Design of the ram you can also used this on adjust hair 😀

pinkfloydian IOOO says:

do you know if a cooler master hyper t4 cpu cooler will fit over this? the fan sits 32.3 mm above the socket i think.

Strat0s says:

I love the look of the v8! What’s your clock speed and average temp? I’m thinking about buying one

TheeFreakiishlyz says:

If you have a significant difference, it isn’t the ram.

DemimondXXIII says:

Got 8 of these 8 GB ones on my pc for almost a year now, no fails so far.

Aaron Flemming says:

Thanks for the review.

Random cookie dough guy says:

need ram for cod ghosts thanks for the review imma get 8gb’s more 😀

Stellar lupus says:

I’m liking that cpu cooler!

bigmoney66b says:

I heard that these fail a lot, I wonder what IC chips are used in these series of RAM.
Check your RAM every once in a while, and if yours last more than a few months you are lucky.

Ryan Hunter says:

will it make a difference if i have 1 module of 8gb or 2 modules of 4gb? the 8gb module is currently cheaper on amazon

Ct Zakiah says:

wow..nice rig..i like that.. i want to ask something to u.. what if i buy corsair dominator platinium..with 64 gb ( 8 X 8gb 2400mhz ).. is it ok or not coz i am always play game every time..

Bmiest says:

i see you also have a 920, I bet you know that it actually only handles 1033 mhz ram. How did you fix this and how much did you use overclocking to fix the ram speeds. Cheers.

Spencerwalker21 says:

I got a funny RAM story I had 4gb of vengeance memory good needed more so I bought a 4gb patriot stick wouldn’t work took days to find out why it was because I upped it to 1600mhz but the new RAM defaulted to 1333 so it would get stuck in a boot loop finally found out to go back to default and bam

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