Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Memory Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

Corsair has been heavily marketing their Vengeance line of memory lately. Check out what all the fuss is about.


TheTich3 says:

Could you do a xms3 vs vengance video?

ZoruaZorroark says:

got the blue ones, so what if the colours clash, it’s not like i show off my rig to everyone or worried about aesthetics, it’s just that the vengeance ram i picked up happened to be blue and actually preforms better and faster then the ram i had installed prior

LaRRy L33T says:

best ram ever !

Vincent Chu says:

10/10 best video

Pulak Koley says:

What happen if I use 1x4gb Vengeance and 1x4gb XMS3 at same time ??


Hi,i got an Intel Pentium g2030,what if i put 2x2gb of in my built?

TrollingerQQ says:

I bought 2 quad channel kits for my x79 build of this memory, should I expect it to work?

Kusuma Yogi says:

I hear know ddr3 has 8gigabit(1GB) density, so the regular 8GB modul usually use 16 chip ddr3(512mb x 16) , but now only 8 x 1GB. but I dont know brand that sell at these density.

The_ DemonFlame says:

are these good pc specs?
gigabyte GA-990FXA UD3
AMD FX 6300
8gb DDR3 1600 MHz corsair vengeance
Nvidia gtx 970
120 gb solid state drive

Artenio Scotton says:

Amateur guy took the memory in the wrong way .

hamza zaheer says:

hit like if you bought it today like i did xD

dragon king says:

hahah linus 😀 SUB or DIE

oImpaa says:

will this work with or is the crucial ram my best bet?

Devansh Choudhry says:

Yes the best for gaming is 8-14 gb

TrollingNinjaaa says:

Do i need a certain type of ram for a certain processor?

Ryu tuturu says:

does corsair vengeance ddr3 ram card 8gb or 4gb which one is BETTER?

Razor Blade says:

Fun fact about this RAM: It runs cooler, if you carefully remove the heatsink after heating the glue up with a hairdryer.Especially if you run 4 of these very close together, removing the heatspreaders will lower the temperatures of them by some °C. 🙂

sandeesh ts says:

can add this ram to my comp plz check my config…file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Belarc/BelarcAdvisor/System/tmp/(sandeesh-PC).html

Arron Lowley says:

has anyone ocd the 1600 to 2133 and if so what voltages and timing?

RockyGrenade says:

These were new in 2010 right?

Kepler Born says:

absolute cringe at the end XD

Tahir Butt says:

hi Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600mhz (4*2) 8gb or Team Group Ram DDR3 2400mhz (4*2) 8gb +16gb usb
which one i should buy?

Ca- Blaze says:

“thanks for watching ” SUBSCRIBE! ahhaha

AcidicParasite says:

I am just getting started in the whole “PC Building” and now I have a pretty basic question.
Can you use any kind of RAM with any kind of MotherBoard/Processor? PLEASE REPLY

ZeroStressLevel says:

nah 8 GB is essential for gaming. 🙂

wahyu nabilla says:

hi, i want to buy corsair vengeance ddr3 1×8, is that compatible with core i3 6100 and mobo msi h110 gaming??

Subham Bhattacharjee says:

did this support amd fx 6300 processor

Kendra Lawsi says:

Just got my Vengeance from Amazon. Good thing are on sale now on PC Components – **

Gamb1t says:

linus, can i use this on my amd fx-8350 processor ?

Mohammad Nahid says:

what is the subscore of this ram? please,someone say the answer.

falclao says:

Corsair vengeance or hyperX fury?

Majid Ismail says:

Try not to touch the connector strip at the bottom its very sensitive to electric shocks that are naturally in your body and will cause damage visible or invisible such as performance drops or even total failure of your video or ram card.

Shivam Singh says:

hey Im using Dh61ww motherboard and intel core i5 2400 processor. can i install this RAM as i require 1333 Mhz can i use this one in my CPU?

mdcTztroyTV says:

prolly his water cooling block, interferes with the installation together with the vengeance

David S. Pumpkins says:

I had to remove those heatsinks because they wouldn’t fit along with the corsair h100i water cooler.

The-snipes says:

iam buying a game pc for 800 bucks From someone can you guys tell me if its a good price 4 this Pc specs because i got no idea what iam buying lol 

Case: Haf-x met extra wieltjes (€149,99)
CPU: i5-3570k (€199)
GPU: asus amd radeon r9 290 (€403,72)
HDD: 2 x WD caviar blue 500 gb (€97,90)
Voeding: Corsair Enthusias tx850m (€134,95)
Ram geheugen: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8gb) 1600MHz (€149,94)
Moederbord: ASUS maximus v formula (€274,95)
CPU waterkoeler: corsair h100i (€114,95)
OS: windows 7 (€143,99)

if its to much price can you please tell me if it can run Games on high fps Or max settings     

Thank you in advance Xxxx

Oreo1298PvP says:

If I already have 16 GB of ram and I wanted to upgrade to 32GB for dual channel would I be able to use different brand memory or what I already have?

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