Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 RAM Gaming Memory Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

Corsair Dominator Platinum memory comes in a wide variety of speeds and configurations from “pedestrian” to “EXTREME”. The thing they all have in common is they look AMAZING!



Rare The Hornfox says:

Just bought 2 of these exact same kits yesterday for a hefty 16GB of RAM for my upcoming build upgrade. Can’t wait to see all 4 of these babies side-by-side glowing and being shiny. 🙂

ThatMiataGuy says:

can anyone tell me on how i could check if a ddr3 is working cause im buying a corsair dominator on craigslist

Alex Cheung says:

I had this one but didn’t notice my mobo set it to 1333Hz, damnit Asus

JinKazama92 says:

Linues, why are you so rich?

Hatred says:

so the dominator is just like the vengeance but with a sexy heat sink correct? o.o

JZUTV says:

can i use diferent rams for instance i have a Corsair Vengeance 1866-8GB (2x4GB) and a Crucial Ballistix Tactical BLT2C4G3D1608ET3LX0CEU ?

camjam091 says:

these would look good next to a titan, maybe you should dot that linus, a silver build.

johnnyboi943 says:

At 2:50 when he said ” the trace are used” I don’t know what he mean by the trace…

thejerbear79 says:

Ooooo shiney

FormulaDrifter23 says:

just bought these on newegg 🙂

alfredo lopez says:

will these work perfect with a  amd fx 8350 ?


Picking up 32gb of the 2133mhz cas 9 for my build

side2 Side says:

00:10 and 04:00 you are mean LOOOOL

yanuar dimas says:

whats different??lol

Troy lukes says:

My Corsair Dominator arrived from Amazon. I’m so lucky to get this RAM 70% off on Amazon – **

TheNopeman eu says:

He gets this sponsored from corsair he doesnt need to buy it.
But i dont know if im right ^^

ThatMiataGuy says:

can you change the light .bar colour?

TOXIC TRAV 117 says:

My Cpu heatsinks is kind of mid height but will this tall as hell ram fit next to it . it’s 6.26″ x 5.31 x2.99 (HxWxD) Deep cool gammax 400 cpu cooler with blue leds

krsjoker says:

can dirty ram modules cause no signal to monitor?

guitarrakapo says:

 Does anybody know how to remove the heatsink off these?

Dusan Agatonovic says:

Im going to get this pair  tomorow 🙂


Nice mobo! I got the Asus Crosshair V-Formula-Z with the same ram.

Daryl Nelson says:

800th comment

Damon Adams says:

Does this work for AMD ?

Steve Mabee says:

very nice memory, im wondering what colors it comes in?…could you get it in UV light?

Chris RTW says:

Way too expensive for what you get.

MivecEVOxMR says:

Crucial BallistiX Tracer RAM are much better if u dont mind 1600 speed

The Wizard says:

The pimp mobile of memory. Very very sexy.

Anel Zadic says:

Such amaze, much sex.

Tentai 1 says:

cuanto bale en colombia

RxSwolldier says:

The RAM for bragging rights…with LEDs, still want =P

Manuel Santos says:

What ram would you guys recommend where it has 2 memory sticks and 16 total gigs also has atleast 3.5 -4.0 gigahertz ang 0- $250 price range

Kawaii Hatsune says:

@ techno toby yes you can ( youtube comments is messed up again :/

michal broza says:

gin skurwysynu z yt

Ziggious Zaggious says:

It would be amazing if we could add LED for a light strip.

SeedMayers says:

just bought the 32 GB kit with 2400MHz 🙂 im sooooo shalow.

Dark Stryker says:

i have those 

Trizma says:

can i get 4×8 of this and fit it in a asus vii hero?

ray windhelm says:

whats CAS 10 and CAS 11 and which one better?

LTDanno360 says:

all show and no go haha just go for corsair vengance pro instead and save a few bucks and spend it on a fancy gpu

HeavilyGamer says:

This memory fits under cooler master v8 gts?

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