Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 Gaming Memory Unboxing (RAM – UGPC 2012)

Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 –

This is an unboxing and first look at 16GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 Gaming Memory. This memory has an iconic appearance and incredible performance. It wil be a perfect fit in the Ultimate Gaming PC for 2012. Enjoy this unboxing of the Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 Gaming Memory!


matieo101 says:

Will my ASrock Extreme 4 990Fx support corsair dominator platinum 1866mhz ? I mean Pcpartspicker didn’t say it was not compatible ? 🙁 please someone who know’s tell me so i don’t have to worry since i already order’d it :/ and need to find out if i need to look for new Ram. Thanks!

wisico640 says:

that doesn’t makes any sence…

Pedro Bretones says:

$336! my god…..

RandomMan681 says:

For less money

AJ Lussier says:

2 sticks of 8gb ram more space to add in the future

XvOverload says:


Jacob Wulff says:

16gb of ram for a 5000$ computer?

Thats not enough.

ZettiHDz says:

You most likely know this so don’t hate but the 4 slots are obviously for four different RAM sticks, two is for just 2 and so on and so forth. But on to the whole thing in general having a four slot motherboard would be better more versatile because you can either choose to have 1,2,3,or 4 sticks at any given time and can split the price up more between each one so the 4 x 4GB would be the best to me but that’s just me I’m trying to help 😉

theterricsTV says:

and whooo the fuck would buy this? if anyone can tell me a scenario in which that high of a clock speed on RAM is necessary or even beneficial let me know

LJRossPhoto says:

I miss the days where he would unbox relevant shit…. Now it’s the most random, off the wall, useless shit you can get your hands on.

Kawaii Hatsune says:

how high can it OC?

kjellman96 says:

Yes you can add more RAM later on if you buy 2x8GB but there’s no guarantee that it’ll work, sometimes it does and others it doesn’t. You usually want to buy just one RAM kit and not several, one after another. Whether 4 or 2 sticks work best also depends on your motherboard.

Toli Dulher says:


JAGSTER1235 says:

I think it would be better to have 2 x 8GB because then if you want more you can easily do that and also less DIMMs means it is slightly faster

Wazez says:

It’s still helpful, considering I haven’t event started building my computer yet. Too much school work :'(

Wazez says:

is it better to have 4 x 4gb or 2 x 8gb, i really want to know :S

OneManArmytstead says:

4x4gb will be faster 2x8gb will let you do more so if you want to do more get the 8×2 but if you want speed in your pc the smaller the better

FragBashers says:

probably best to have 4 sticks of 4 gb, that way if one dies you still have 12 gb, not just 8 gb, and it makes the mobo look nicer without open slots

Yodadiash says:

8gb is all you need

wisico640 says:

But he bought Direct CU II cooled cards, and I have a 570 with this cooler and I can say to you: it’s a hell of a cooler and it isn’t noisy at all 😛 Plus, it look awsome

Yuddy says:


futboleroR10 says:

I would have paid to know the winning lottery numbers ahead of time lol

Shaithydollarz says:

or 4 16G!!!

KanadianKid says:

SAME!?! D: 🙁

john metrac says:

carnt wate to see the build now corsair make megga ram

Wazez says:

ok, but wont having 2 x 8gb perfrom faster than 4 x 4gb, or is that just a myth?

Phanbot01 says:

Which is better, 2 x 8 GB or 4 x 4GB populating all the memory slots? I plan on upgrading to I7-3770K and Maximus V Gene motherboard.

ENYGMA says:


ebubekr ramaxhiku says:

Idk much from this but i think u should get 2 x 4gb and 1 8gb and than if u wanna update later there will be 1 more slot

Vetle Høyjord says:

Who are watching this in 2016?

tinosucks says:

Please let me win

RenekaStudios says:

i’m looking for 2 x 8gb ram, what is good brand/model i can get, price vs. performance would be nice. (mind you i’m running on APU where ram matters, and i will be using turbo boost.)

Matic Miklavčič says:

are you reach !?!

ThatMiataGuy says:

can anyone tell me on how i could test a ddr3 without putting it on the motherboard cause im buying a corsair dominator platinum on craigslist

Kevin Hale says:

it is 4*4 cause you use for dimms

DerpingTroller says:

Each one is 16 G??!

Kawaii Hatsune says:

with 2 x 8 you have room for up to 32gb but with 4×4 you only get 16 so i would say 2×8

HAYD3N60 says:

Yea, i was just trying to explain how the contest went

Viet Nam says:

if you had to ask, Its not gonna matter.

luckymansogo says:

whatever saves u more money really there is no performance difference and u have to also think if your mother board suports 8g memory personally though i would go with 4x4gs

Austin Ryder says:

these are 4GB x 4 sticks = 16 gb 🙂

4FootTech says:

2x8GB is better, it seems to run more efficiently and the power draw is lesser..

wisico640 says:

it isn’t fair because I just discovered this awsome ”unboxer” and I am very interested in this giveaway…

I would have paid if I knew it before…

RandomMan681 says:

I think he should have used a 16gb kit that ran at 1866 so he could have had better performance

Bobbeh Mcstuffinshire says:

2 x 8 is better for overclocking and apparently it also has a lower chance of failing.

Oskar says:

@nigahada Tell me a game that requires more please.. Yes, gaming PC, not video editing PC. When a PC can run all existing games at max quality and a ton of fps , I’d say it’s pretty ultimate

FragBashers says:

I don’t honestly know if it’s true or not. Could be, but it wont be terribly noticeable.

John Boy says:

They are 240-pin.

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