Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 2133MHz 16GB Memory Unboxing + Written Review

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Exploration Station says:

Wish I had the money to make a gaming pc :/ I just run on a laptop lol

ZockerFloh says:

why shouldnt it?

DarkDecryptor says:

When Building a custom gaming PC would you recommend buying the Memory and processor first then buying a motherboard that will work for both? I’m trying to build my first gaming PC and could use some tips.

lan army says:


5british5 says:

nice box

CulRay says:

its 16 GB… 4GB x 4 7:00

Tommy Lindberget says:

Dear Santa

Ace Wolves says:

Yes but I would save money and buy the corsair vengeance.

Champ Truex says:

nice speeds and looks good too

gtmsnba13 says:

is it possible to even use up all that memory? :S

SodaGumX says:

I use up 64 gb of this stuff on my x79 system.

Yes it is possible If you do Extreme 3d rendering on maya or 3d studio max or video editintg or huge photoshop work with tons of stuff open.


Your grammer is gooder than mine.

Zub siro says:

you seem to be replying on all these questions sooooo, will I have problems running 2 of these 16GB corsairs and 2×4 GB DDR3 kingston hypers with a Corsair A70 cooler?

Ridge says:

This shit is insane.

Phenomental1ty says:


PsiPhiGames2 says:

I hope that was on purpose.

symbolsandsystems says:

Looks Klunky

Custom PC Review says:

Just the stock 200mm/230mm fans from Cooler Master on the HAFX. On the H70 I have the Noctua NF-F12 PWM.

rarakat says:

64GB of RAM. o.O

Generic Username says:

What case/fans do you use? It’s so quiet

Custom PC Review says:

Haha thanks. I was wondering the same thing until I found out. Yeah, I desperately need some cable management work, but I swap parts to review so often it’s difficult. One of these days I’ll get a more dedicated rig or something.

David Marte says:

would the H80 cooler be a problem for these ram if they were close to it?

Particle says:

The person that designed those heatsinks should have a promotion for the amazing work he has done. They look amazing

Jamie Woodward says:

Looks sexy!!!

Luke Brown says:

Haha bullshit.

WestCoastMods says:

Nice box opening…..I was wondering how you thought light was going to pass through aluminum…lol

Btw, by the looks of it you should do some cable mgmt. and clean up that case.

Exploration Station says:

Wana send it to me? ahah

Amperu says:

lol haha. Well it will work don’t worry. Corsair is making the best rams on a market.

SpartanHD says:

sweet ram, but it would of costed you like $300 though lol

lan army says:


justyediting says:

I picked up 32gb of this in 2133mhz

Michael Zeng says:

Yes you would choose those two first and then the motherboard. Keep in mind of memory voltages and speed compatibility as well with the motherboard and the CPU.

Generic Username says:

Thanks for the reply.

ZockerFloh says:

well what can i do then answer you question
thats fucking ram, that works with nearly all systems and i didnt say more, so why im nazi?
fcking hater…

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