Corsair Dominator Platinum Airflow 16GB 2666 DDR3 Memory Kit Unboxing

Paul’s Hardware 0034 | Memory:

Here’s my unboxing of the Corsair Dominator Platinum Airflow 16GB 2666 DDR3 Memory Kit.

Memory Kit @ Newegg:

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Paul's Hardware says:

Most of the time with a new build your system will default to conservative speeds & timings to make sure you’re able to boot properly — usually 1333 for newer systems. The exception would be if you already had your board set to use XMP settings, for example, but clearing your CMOS should solve that problem.

Captain Howdy says:

I mean the max asus says it can handle is 1866.

fxc2 says:

I would honestly just get 8-16 GB of RAM with speeds somewhere between 1600 and 2133MHz.

Kewl Story says:

Why ruin it with a fan?

Paul's Hardware says:

Rumors I’ve heard are pointing towards Ivy Bridge-E still using the 2011 socket and X79 chipset, so we probably won’t see DDR4 on that platform. I would expect that Haswell-E may go for DDR4, but most likely not til 2014 at the earliest.

broerbreaker9240Z says:

You do like, 300dollars for nice looking RAM, and you put shitty 20dollar fans on em ?! D:

Tyler Vieira says:

???? in the description link, it says 354.99

Henry Roberts says:

Paul’s Hardware: It’s like Newegg, but without all those other annoying people. (Except Kyle, he’s cool.)

Floki says:

Oh thanks i did not realize that! Well if you have deep pockets then it’s still nothing. Wish i had deep pockets to waste 600$ on ram lol

Kormanyfg says:

You look & sound like Fred Durst.
Great in-depth reviews btw;)

thereddog223 says:

Not worth it

jfs1234567891 says:

do you need to use te fan?

kamboj sb says:

could you get your hands on corsair vengeance extreme 3000 MHz?

BrightSlash says:

lol ikr

John Deppeler says:

Hi Iv got Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 RAM 1600MHz CL9 can I pot the Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1866MHz CL9 DOMINATOR PLATINUM CMD8GX3M2A1866C9 in ? AND Motherboard is a ASUS Z87-PRO will the DOMINATOR’S go in with no problem’s  ?

1John says:

Take the protective sticker off the side…I love this Ram!!!

Tyler Vieira says:

i got it, the ones you’re reffering to have tighter timings than these particular ones. But thats a steeeeeeeeeep price increase for those tighter timings lol

Paulo Silva says:

You  shipping For brazil ?

bonehead0816 says:

could you do a video of DDR4 memory, and explain what the difference will be and such.

shadowaries2001 says:

im going to build a pc with that but im getting 8X8 64GB because the asus rampage vi im using has a 8 dual channel slots plus im using the intel i7-3970X extreme edition

Lord Chin says:

Who will even need this?

MythicalMe says:

Can…can I have it? c:

Jojo Placido says:

my board supports 1600mhz triple channel kit, can i still install 4 rams for all dims with 1600mhz mems?

Mike Baker says:

Would have been nice to see the Airflow installed and working 😉

Pyro5kinetic6beaver says:

Are there 8gb kits of this.

Freyr says:

Waste of money, keep up the great vids

steven hansen says:

i dont get it corsair link ??? where to connect them and what to do whit them ???

shadowaries2001 says:

the best motherboard ive found that can handle that is the asus ROG rampage iv that has 8 dual channel ram slots can hold the intel i7-3970X extreme edition socket LGA 2011 Sandy bridge-e and has the intel X79 chip set and can hold 3 sli graphics cards and a few other things i cant think of you should do a unboxing of it its one kick ass motherboard

giorgosgt1 says:

but Paul do we really need ddr4 right now it is gong to have more speed?????

LaoSmile says:

Hey Paul, I had a question. When I first post my computer with this quad kit will it post? I just want to make sure I don’t need to have 1600mhz or something to get it posted. Kind of a noob 🙂


Ivy Bridge- E most likely to have DDR 4 Mem. still using DDR3 1600 Mhz triple channel mem in my X79 . 24 GIGS still managed to pull 5GHz out of it and RAM DISK makes a good 10 G read write. But this Mem is Pr0n

NLGamer236 says:

Henry, you’re right

PlayRS100 says:

Why don’t you get like 1600 or 1866 g skill ram. 7 cas latency lol

Alexander Øvrebø says:

Does the Dominator work with the AMD 6300 Black Edition-processor and the ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0, Socket-AM3+ motherboard? Or is this just for Intel?

ulamss5 says:

nope, it’s pretty much confirmed that haswell-E will be the first consumer platform that supports DDR4. just google “haswell e ddr4”.

CR VP says:

IMO, I wouldn’t put that mem cooler on top of those sexeh lookin dominators, seems to look better with just the rams on,

broerbreaker9240Z says:

Not in Belgium 🙁
Europe meh.

BladeBlitz says:

dominator platinum goes up too 3000 mhz for the best but its only 8g and you pay alot for those babies, if you are a gamer the 2133mhz version would be far better and more stable, it has a lower latency, and you can really see the performance upgrade IMO, agree with the comment about not needing anything higher than 2133mhz unless you plan to overclock PROPERLY and know what your doing.

James Tojo says:


LaoSmile says:

I will be getting the Maximus V formula with the 3770K. Should that run fine? Thanks for the reply! Much appreciated!

momen Mazhar says:

this ram or G-Skill Trident or kingston Hyperx Beast ??

Senitiki Mow says:

do you need to use the fan ?????????????????????????????????????????

fxc2 says:

I’m not Paul, but I can say that this would depend on your system specs. It will not work on old or cheaper motherboards or at least it is very unlikely to. You can downclock memory by checking the lower freq. profile settings, but that kind of beats the idea of buying extra OC RAM.

fxc2 says:

That might seem silly to you, but it’s made for people who are using 3930K, 3960x or 3970x and pairing a $60 USD kit with a $1000 USD processor is just ridiculous.

TheBrownSys says:

You don’t need the fan. It is a bonus.

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