Corsair 8GB 1600MHz C9 DDR3 Dual Channel Memory Kit Linus Tech Tips

Went down to the warehouse and grabbed a set of Corsair 8GB dual channel “i5” RAM so I thought I’d show you all the packaging it comes in. It lacks the traditional Corsair clamshell on account of it being a 4 DIMM kit. I suspect if these kits take off in popularity we will see more of them in the future, and a proper package. We also have a look at Corsair’s hot new heatspreader.


Notpoop says:

I still have this ram…

ixy1987 says:

what is better triple channel or dual channel ram ???

The Drunken Clam says:

So if I have a single stick of 8gb corsair. Then later I add one more of THE EXACT SAME STICK, will that be dual channel?

SoItWouldBe? says:

what happenes when it has more mhz that a 1300 8gb ram stick?

cardboardsnail says:

No, “i5 ready” is just advertising.

Kinda like “Vista ready” and “SLI certified” RAM.

hasmatiks says:

@telelaci2 You are wrong in all points. 4gb modules are not that expensive or rare anymore. And most relatively new motherboards accept them.

batmayn123 says:

Corsair Dominator-GT 2 or Corsair XMS3 4 x 2 GB ? Im not a huge overclocker, but still.. any advide ?

DontClickMexD says:

I considering buying the Corsair XMS3 (4 x 2GB) for my Asus P8Z68-M-Pro. The only concern I have is when I checked the Asus website for the Memory compatibility list it did not have the Corsair XMS3 on the list for my motherboard. Is there any chance that the Corsair XMS3 (4 x 2GB) will work on my Asus P8Z68-M-Pro?

IraQ Nid says:

Are “heat spreaders” on RAM a necessity or a scam?

andrewtwo14 says:

I had many problems using the asus corsair XMS3 p8p67 1600c9 with b3 were initially configure blue screen after the bios was able to correct this problem but freezes started to Depue using PC games, any games I overclock, activate the xmp pefil configure timings manually and the blockade persisted after reviewing several forums I saw the same problem with this type of memories using asus, I had to change memory and got a sniper-F3-12800CL9D 8GBSR2 and the problem was solved

muneco241 says:

ajajja mejor 4x2gb

Rhydocss says:

I just found my old computer and it has two sticks of 512MB single channel DDR RAM running at 400MHz. I know everyone who reads this is jealous.

HexoFire says:

@NGT2O6 not really, these things though

Rex Power says:

how much?

Alex Pedersen says:

Is it possible to have 6 ram on a motherboard?

Alex1130 says:

Looks really nice. Tough for the camera to focus with all the shinyness

Nick vancleave says:

Sapphire radeon HD 6850
OCZ modular 600w PSU

TheLolnoobs says:

But will it blend ?

Roger L. Ortiz says:

i have Kringston HyperX 6gb 3kit 1600 cl9 and its verry fast

alex14469 says:

how much does this kit cost???

telelaci2 says:

Linus you should know that simple rule: dont touch (must not touch) any connection pin of an electronic device, even if you wear anti ESD wrist wrap. Electro static micro discharges ALWAYS do some invisible damage, and that damage is cumulative, sometimes fatal. If you wear a nice synthetic pullover, you can kill a device instantly. This is much more important thing, (when you handle computer parts, and you wanna teach people) than the colour of the sticker on a DDR module.

SpeedforcePunch says:

@DontClickMexD Yes it will, ASUS only list RAM that they have tested, these will work no problem

Nick vancleave says:

Budget Build don’t hate 🙂

James Sorenson says:

I’m waiting for my corsair dual channel 8 GB memory kit for my mini-itx i5 computer. Ordered them last friday :).

jeanpaul speelman says:

hello can someone pleaaaseee help me im building my rig this weekend just need to buy the RAM but i have a asus p8z68-vlx motherboard and want to put 8 gb of corsair vengeance ram in it but in the little book i got with the motherboard the numbers ( model numebr) dont match the vengeance begins with CMZ but i only seee CMX and CMP is it going to work if i choose the vengeance???????? pleaseee help me

op2rules says:

Linus I had a dream… and u were in it! Anyways I love the new look, it’s in the 3xchannel kit too.

Alex Pedersen says:

@Randomshit1353 I meant 6 slots 😀

Dylan Shepherd says:

I Found in My First Pc 1! 64mb ram in some type of random pin config.

alex14469 says:

i5 ready? so if I put any other stick of ddr3 in the pc it will not run?

N1ght3d says:

Adidas is going to sue Corsair.

telelaci2 says:

@MovadoDaSaint Where can you buy 4GB ram module? How much ? What kind of motherboard can handle it ?
4GB ram modules are very -very rare in the market(and very expensive), and today’s common motherboards cannot handle them.(not yet) What can you see in the pricelists that is 4GB ram “kit” , ususally 2 x 2MB modules.

TheKil1er says:

Had those in my i5 750 – System but they somehow didn’t work with my mainboard so i got some ugly boring Kingston ones -.-‘

telelaci2 says:

@hasmatiks If I make a pricecheck in the online shops,(I ask for prices of DDR3-1600 for example), I get a huge list of 2×1, 2×2, 3×2, 2×3, 4×3 kits from about 1000 different shops and dozens of brands, and I get a few 4-5 offers of 4G modules. 1×4 price is about 1.5 times more than 2×2.The motherboards theoretically support 4G modules, but unfortunately usually you cant find any officially supported type in their Memory QVL list: you can find maybe 0..2 4GB module from about 500 non-4G, but kit

cobaltdan9 says:

just because it’s not listed does not mean you can’t get it to work. the ram check sheet is just meant to show what types have been tested and are thus supported. as long as it’s the right type of ram, the right speed and not defective, you should be fine. worst case scenrio exchange it for proper ram.

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