Best RAM For Gaming 2019 [WINNERS] – Complete Buying Guide and RAM Reviews

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Kingston HyperX Fury Black (0:59) ➡️

Kingston HyperX Predator Black (2:08) ➡️

Corsair Vengeance LPX (3:33) ➡️

Corsair Dominator Platinum (5:27) ➡️

G.Skill Trident Z RGB (6:39) ➡️

How To Choose The Best RAM (8:15)

How Much VRAM Do You Need For Gaming? ➡️

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Looking to buy a new set of RAM sticks to boost your PC performance? Here are the absolute best RAM that you can buy right now, including RGB RAM options!

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Daniel Holt says:

I’ve heard Corsair RGB Pro Vengeance 3200MHz is the best because it has Samsung’s b-die. Not to be confused for the regular Corsair Vengeance. For gaming anything over 3200MHz ram barely makes any difference, but 3200MHz increases the framerate of the graphics card and increases the gigahertz of the processor. Anything under 3200MHz will noticeably have lower framerate and lower gigahertz. 16GB ram is best for gaming, and 32GB ram is good for recording the action of the game on video and live streaming.

32GB ram may be preferred because software, apps, and games are getting more and more demanding on cache usage of ram. I personally only recommend 32GB for the highest end of computers with i9-9900k, for most gamers 16GB ram at i7-8700 and Ryzen 7 2700x is good they may want to get 32GB ram if they want the features I mentioned of live streaming. For workstations there are $6500 graphics cards with 1-2 terabytes of vram, and there’s also 1-2 terabytes of ram for those workstations compared to in gaming computers 8-16GB vram for graphics cards and 16-32GB ram. For something on the level of Ryzen 5 2600 (and Ryzen 5 2400g, and Ryzen 3 2200) 2400MHz ram may be all that is necessary.

Edit: The 2 terabytes Solid State Drive ram connected to the $7000 graphics card I’m not sure if it is vram but it is connected to the graphics card, of it the graphics card may only have 16GB of vram. The Supermicro Xeon workstations can get really expensive I wonder what the most expensive hardware can do if it were setup to be used for games by custom mod for highest capacity gaming.


Nerolfect says:

Corsair rgb dominator platinum

Rica Joy Adena says:

Guys, just download ram XD

jairo Mercedes Lugo says:

good video ty.

Jessica H says:

I’ll download some

Billy Jean says:

I use 4 ram sticks of 4gb of 2400mhz . Now my cpu (i5 6600k) can support only up to 2133mhz ?! So do I lose the extra memory?…

_Apo4x says:

Where can i download some of this fine ram ?

GhOsT Lives says:

Hey , I have a Hyperx Fury 8GB ram stick paired with 4GB of Adata ram stick… Will there any consequences using these two on single channel ? (Clock speed of both sticks is fixed at 2400Mhz)

1967 kID says:

I just want 3200mhz cl14 for ryzen 3600x or 3700x upgrade with no RGB.

fxscreamer says:

Just upgraded to 64gb (4 x 16gb) Trident Z Royal 3200mhz for my workstation. The RGB does indeed make it blazing fast lol. / s

T. Davis says:

Brighter colors makes ram run faster video.

Panicky Khan says:

HyperX 2x8gb got it for 121€

BlueFalcon11 says:

I just want to plug the ram in and be able to play. I am using a RTX 2080, i7 9700k. What RAM would you recommend???

error idk says:

RGB add more fps

Swankity Dankity says:

Very informative, well done.

Ruwalkthrough says:

Ram makes the PC fast which my PC lacs

Ryan McDevitt says:

Had to go LPX for the low clearance under the air cooler as it was designed for.

Ivan Cheung says:

I’d recommend at least 2666 for Intel and 3000 for ryzen because it benifits from faster ram

Regan Collins says:

You’ve mentioned eye candy twice, can we see the candy behind behind these videos?

Tobi says:

If it doesn’t got RGB. Don’t get that shit

Jeff The Killer says:

insane ! keep going

Sinista says:

9:23 What about high-end gaming PCs with quad channel RAM?
Would you get 4x 4GB?

Crismenth says:


VGamingnTech says:

I just got gskill trident rgb 8gb 3000mhz for my new build

Malovon says:

I’ve got x 4 of the HyperX Fury Black in my rig right now, at 32gb total.
More than I need, but like the video says, they’re pretty cheap, and I had some extra cash.. figured why not.

Ben Nicholson says:

I’m using 16GB of HyperFuryX-Black 2400 Ram. And i’m happy with it. I can play the games that i like and enjoy. GTA5,Scum,Arma3 etc….

psy06 says:

get red coloured ram, red is faster

Chill Bills says:

Guys I’m thinking of getting hyperx predator or fury. Which one is better?

Erik Johann Riconalla says:

Is the one talking a Woman or a Kid? Sorry, long curious about their videos.

gamester1416 says:

I used 4×16 2666 MHz patriot ram modules on my pc it was cheaper for me at the time
I bought it 2 years ago on the ram price hike aka shortage

Nerolfect says:

128gb of ram still cannot run minecraft

FooTeePrint says:

ram speed is important especially on a ryzen cpu. they love high ram speeds

I went with t-force nighthawk rgb ram over g-skillz trident z because I could get higher stock speeds for less price

AdineX 2 says:

Stupid people buys ram instead downloading it…

Richard Morenberg says:

good video good detail and sounds very unbiased

Paul says:

with my ryzen 2700x i only had 16gig trident z rgb but when i added another 16gig the cpu is so much faster as ryzen chips and memory hungry

Pierré Grobbelaar says:

i went with 16 gb crucial ballistix 2666mhz for my ryzen 2600.It’s a budget build but we don’t have a lot of different modules here and they were alot cheaper than the rest(month after i bought mine prices dropped can get 3000mhz rgb for same price :s)

MetalGamer666 says:

I got COrsair Vengeance RGB 16Gb of 3200Mhz for $130 def recommend it stunningly runs amazing 🙂

pantera owns says:

I went with trident z rgb 16g 3200mhz . with xmp set in bios. Very happy with it

Pruthviraj pawar says:

In last please put 3 options of … best for budget gamer ,
In all of this… best cost and performance Ram,
high cost.

Km Mm says:

You can’t go wrong with any ram on this list! 🙂

Tjerk Bonga says:

With ryzen ram speed really matters if you have a good gpu ofcourse

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