ADATA XPG G Series v2.0 8GB DDR3-2000 Memory Review
Nicolas11x12 reviewing and benchmarking the ADATA XPG G Series v2.0 8GB DDR3-2000 Memory Kit.

Manufacturer: ADATA Technology
Model: AX3U2000GC4G9B-DG2

Full Specifications:

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Nicolas11x12 English says:

@buzz9961 Thanks for letting us know!

Emanuel Wecker says:

Good review!

Complextro says:


Nicolas11x12 English says:

@MixerGamingHD Thanks!

Nicolas11x12 English says:

@buzz9961 Oops, I’m sorry, well, what could I say. It should perform normal. Although I never tested it.

seaottersoup says:

Nice review! You’ve made this memory part of your own system, right? How do these read and write speeds compare with the memory you were using before?

DatJames says:

Hey what do you think would be best for my gaming rig i plan on making, 8gb of corsair vengeance 1600 or 8gb of Adata xpg v2 1866?

Nicolas11x12 English says:

@seaottersoup Thank you! Yes, it’s a part in my own system. The speeds went up from 9000 MB/s on average to 21000 MB/s on average with this Memory kit. So there’s a huge difference! 😉

Nicolas11x12 English says:

@to7129 No, XMP didn’t work without OC. Thanks! Yes, I know, that’s why I said the cache goes up a little, but not a lot. But thanks for the information anyways! Yes, 1.75V are a little high, but still acceptable. I’ve ran DDR3 kits that needed 1.9V or so. I personally like big heatsinks just for the look, but when installing huge aftermarket CPU Coolers it sometimes can be a pain, especially when the DIMMs are a little too near to the socket on some motherboards. Anyways thanks!

Iván Sandoval says:

is it possible to get the 2000mhz with a gigabyte motherboard model z68ma-d2h-b3? It does support 2133.. but it downgrades my memories to 1866.

Nicolas11x12 English says:

@BarackMcBush Yes, I’d like to test it on Bulldozer, but I don’t have an FX processor right now to test.

Todor Vladimirov says:

So it’s 2GHz but you’re running it at 1866? Doesn’t the XMP work without OC? Great review though. Thanks for the results. In reality Sandy Bridge doesn’t benefit from high clocked ram that much. Anything above 1600MHz doesn’t really matter because you’ll get absolutely the same performance both in gaming and raw tests. This A-Data kit isn’t that great. The timings are sloppy, the voltage for 2GHz is way too high (1,75 is out of spec, 1.65 is borderline), and the heatsink is too big.

Iván Sandoval says:

how do you notice the difference between these and 2 x 4gb at 1333?

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