#1132 – G.Skill Pi PC3-12800 DDR3 Tri-Channel 6GB Memory Video Review

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The G.Skill Pi PC3-12800 DDR3 Tri-Channel 6GB Memory really sets itself apart from other DDR3 memory with it’s excellent timing and heatsink. As a bonus is has a black/blue color theme that looks very sharp. The speed on this memory is 1600 MHz, has a timing of 7-8-7-24 and the voltage is 1.5. This particular kit has three 2GB modules for a total of 6GB, but there is another 12GB kit available.


FearTheCalm says:

? He doesn’t look ugly…he looks like a normal dude. What’s up?

squiddy102 says:

@GameRemix Bit of a dickhead aren’t you mate? What are you? 16 years old? It’s 2010 for fuck’s sake grow up.

sandiegoborn32 says:

Sweet video review. G-Skill is a pretty good brand.

Marcus Nilsson says:

It’s DDR3.

barricaspt says:

we rarely see below kick ass because he doesnt review shit 😀

Lucas sacuL says:

I just ordered 24GB of RAM, just waiting to reach me by tuesday

Lvaneede says:

16000 MB/s read speed? I knew ram was fast, but not that fast O_O

Commodorefan64 says:

WinME was and still is one of the worst OS ever made, I had it on 3 systems at the time, one Celeron EMachines, one AMD tower, and one AMD compaq laptop, and all where very well maintained and could not run longer then a day or so without crashing or fracking up. Also of course WinXP is gonna run better over all cause it uses less resources, but when it comes to DX11 games, Win7 on systems that have all the best drivers, etc.. it will do better. Mac anything after power PC sucks ASS!!!

Commodorefan64 says:

only if your motherboard supports the memory, just have to look it up for the board, and check the compatible memory configs for it.

conpoe says:

vista 64 bit? LOLx2

mhaneline says:

Like I said before, beware of the voltage of G.Skill memory (1.6V instead of the normal 1.65V)

You will have issues with the XMP profile on many motherboards (Rampage II Extreme and Gigabyte UD7 for me).

You can manually set this ram, but you will not be able to use the XMP profile, which is not recommended if you’re running at stock CPU speeds.

Just check around for compatibility issues before you buy G.Skill ram (or a motherboard if you already own G.Skill ram)

trAnwhiz says:

Would be good if you show OC results and how tight timings you would reach with those mems.

Marcus Nilsson says:

Yes. Really.

Plainview says:


i feel bad for people who judge others appearances..

Baz Del says:

i love this guy’s videos but half the poxy review is on plastic packaging

boris smidt says:

@EssexPN at least he said is it is disapoted or not and you are right you need to look to scores and his compares whit other products to decide if it is good

saguerraty says:

memory timming what a¿is it , how is it better ..,?

Mike Litoris says:

@thymen121 now i used you’re very good XD

1stNightingale says:

@Annihilator2point0 Im running xp and if you tweak it right it kicks arese but windows is faster with up to date hardware. Anyway you are right btu by gods beard why in hell would you have vista when its like $150 to upgrade to a great Windows 7 without any bugs or costant UAC popups?

GiggleHz says:

god the way this guy talks is annoying

Annihilator2point0 says:

Speeron if mirco soft comes out with a new OS it doesn’t me you have to get it. I’m running vista 64bit and i like it. I also know poeple who are running XP.

Shas221 says:

whohow unboxing AND review at the same time

Marlon N.M. says:

@hodenriss no he said kickass cuz its good

Nathan Soper says:

yeh but vista is rubbish compared to either xp or win 7

fireforce7 says:

@VirtueCustoms yeah. some products he says its a “great” product. Most of the time it is “kickass” but its awesome in my opinion when he says that 😀

HexxAgram Drummer says:

@GenericName007 I agree with that dude.

Nathan Soper says:

how come he is still using vista for his testing

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