#1117 – Crucial Ballistix PC3-12800 DDR3 Dual Channel 4GB Memory Video Review

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metalmulisha98101 says:

you can buy three dual channel kits and use it on triple channels right?

4ourTimber says:

hes teaching us like grade 2’s how to use a pair of scissors

skilleronrs says:

if it’s hanging in a shelf it draws more attnention…. doh?

Jimmy says:

Hahaha! I don’t even know if this is a parody or not. But both options would be equally awesome!

Thomas Heissenberger says:

why do people review the boxes the product comes in? i kinda find that.. uh… retarded. who cares if it’s colorful or clean, as long as you can see the specs correctly.

James Greig says:

where has this other computer come from

KINGhotaru11 says:

great ram

James Taylor says:

i7 motherboards are Tripple channel so you need 3 sticks to take advantage of it.

demonpride1975 says:

wow he didnt give any information about this product that i couldnt figure out for myself. wheres the information on how this product handles in computers. i know how ot open these boxes. im not a dumbass. pls in yoru reviews give us some more usefull information.

not opening plastic cases for dummies.

xC4Rbonx says:

I have these – the tracer versions, though :D.

Tivoliterror says:

Why don’t YOU make a video if your gonna complain XD now grow up, it’s just YOUTUBE… Great job 3DGameman 😛

Alejandro Lagos says:

Hi, a quiestion about RAM:
When you use 2 modules which are exactly the same you get DUAL CHANNEL mode, right? (if your motherboard supports it).
So… does that mean that 4GB with dual channel, could be better than 6GB (2+4, without dual channel)?

takeapieandrun says:

@multimodder Yeah me too, I got it running with my i7 920. I actually got it to 7-7-7-21 @ 1600mhz.

skilleronrs says:

it’s to draw attention.. like i said

put people in a room with 2 boxes.. 1 being colourful the other 1 being plain boring…. everyonee wants to kinda kknow what’s in the colourful 1………and yes i know it’s stupid because a good comp guyw ould look at the timings… but meh

Ljosi says:

No! But I WANT to cut myself! Yessss, the awesome feeling of cutting myself with a pair of scissors! Ahhhhhh…

Mojito skurt says:

what a f**** MORON ROFL… ps its Hertz not Hert…. DOH. jees, did someone let this guy out of a mentally challenged camp?

Christopher Davies says:

i wish that was the same for desktop ddr3 its through the roof…

GoldenbanjoDJ says:

im getting triple channel. booya!

Ben Brotherton says:

The one with lights are Crucial Ballistix Tracer.. Very high price.

savior02 says:

can u overclock them?

BetaOverclocking says:

Need support installing memory?

Yeah, I need help pushing it in the slot. -.- made me lol.

EatenGod says:

Dude you didn’t show me how to get the scissors I cut myself pretty bad ….. You SUCK

savior02 says:

up to how much my dutch

Bryan Lin says:

I got the tracer version of this RAM in blue! Bad ASS!! Best RAM ever. Looks great and performs great 7.8 in WEI at stock settings.

eni says:

I know! And I always manage to cut myself with the plastic.
I wish more companies would follow Sennheiser’s lead in making clever, recycled (and recyclable) packaging!

Craig Chamberlin says:

Hate that packaging myself, I get all excited my product comes in and all of a sudden I’m running around the house “WHERE ARE THE SCISSORS!?!?! AHHHH!!!”

zver711 says:

1600 MegaHURT!

HiddenAdept says:

Yeah I can’t stand that cut open only packaging as well. Is is that much more expensive to package it in a slim box format, or a transparent front plastic wrapped “DVD case” format, that would be smart.

ribak1983 says:

i am using patrion extreme performance pc2 6400 ddr2 ram ,and i run it 1000 mhz 1/1,and in everest benchmark i get (read 9250) and write (10640) 65ns

Christopher Davies says:

was going to get a 4gb kit but the price of ddr3 is out of this world at the moment so i will be going with a 2gb kit ddr3 needs to come down in price before people start to switch from ddr2…

zelly2k9 says:

will 4 of these 2gb do well with an i5-2500k and 1155 motherboard? some said that 1.5V is recomended for sandy bridge cpus

evantaur says:

god i hate to open those

Jack says:

no, you have to get tri channel memory for x58 boards

jelacio says:


Vurdox says:

work well

jeshaw3242 says:

that stupid shrink wrap style of packaging drives me nuts and I’ve gotten some nice slices in my hands from the packaging, anyways great review on a good product.

Simon Martyr says:

careful with that box rodney!

Goststriker says:

Hobby knifes work good at cutting those clamshell packages too

MisterBradley says:

Hey, some people are retarded at opening boxes.

oebegazo says:

wow he actually talked normal for a few seconds xD

moounit says:

that packaging sucks

histatimaniples says:

he uses them as clay pigeons

Thomas Heissenberger says:


that’s great, i dont see how me as the consumer that i could care how colorful a box is,

Ethernet3 says:

if i buy 3 sets of dual channel memory will that work on an x58 board when i use up all the slots?

metalmulisha98101 says:

ps “this is how u open a box

iNfx1 says:

S1366 motherboards are triple channel, S1156 motherboards are dual channel.

Niosus says:

but be very careful so you don’t cut yourself..
Yes daddy! 🙂

hothead13 says:

Of course, my horse.

trAnwhiz says:

Stupid shitty packaging, good vid

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