#1116 – Corsair Dominator PC3-12800 DDR3 Dual Channel 4GB Memory Video Review

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The Corsair Dominator PC3-12800 DDR3 Dual Channel 4GB Memory performs very well. It has a speed of 1600MHz, latency of 8-8-8-24 and is 1.65 volts. It even comes with a heatsink to dissipate the heat. Also, when testing this memory I was pleasantly surprised that it worked at 1T.


DingeZZ says:

He’s right. My OCZ 1333MHz 6GB gold was one of the cheapest when it came out. And I use CL6 timings.

Vooliscool says:

This has a better heat-sink, cooling methods and better timings. To you and me this means the ram has far superior overclocking, over 2000 MHz!

jacktaylor2115 says:

alright dont get so angry u moody moron saying WRONG like that

OriginalFutureChaos says:

@jhonno123 yes, this ram is DDr3 and AM3 boards support DDr3

shaban ali says:

why is it that we cant comment on ur latest video uploads??

Di Mario says:

why i cant find it to buy in poland ;/ grrr

OriginalFutureChaos says:

@BoogieWithStew no, the type of ram doesnt refer to the channels. DDr3 is the name,

Exoime says:

I thought Dominator comes with the cooling fan

OriginalFutureChaos says:

@deagle94 if your getting an i7 build then you should buy 1600 or 1866 MHz

REVHE4D says:

The more icons you have the cooler you are lol, 30 inch monitors are great for endless icon bliss.

Joakim H says:

What does CAS latency 8?

Brett Parrott says:

This guy almost sounds like casey casem 😛

marc tan says:

this or the team xtreeme PC3 12800 DDR3 LV 1600 MHz CL7???

Juliano Rolandi says:

i like corsair cause all is sooo black

avsummergirl says:

can you use 1 ram card with a dual channel mobo please tell me

Andrea Franchitti says:

lol.. i’ve seen this video now .. i’ve already bought them.. they’re awesome!
1.44 GHz @ 6-6-6-20-1T @ 1.65V

rambow70 says:

wouldnt ddr2 800mhz 4-4-4-12 be as fast as ddr3 1600mhz 8-8-8-24

cause when you thing about it if ddr2 does 800mhz in 4 timings and ddr3 does 1600mhz in 8 timings doesnt that mean its the same speed. cause by the time ddr2 does 8 clock cycles ddr3 only did 8 clock cycles too and 800 x 2=1600 and 4 X 2=8 so they should run at same speed hypothetical, right?

plumpmanatee says:

No, DDR3 can operate in both triple and dual channel. Triple channel is currently only available on LGA 1366 platforms with the X58 chipset (as far as desktops are concerned).

treanyo says:

just check if they’re mounted correctly.

OriginalFutureChaos says:

@Verigo 😀 corsair is the best

Vert igo says:

Dual channel RAM is a pair of matched pair sticks guaranteed to work with a dual channel setup on the motherboard. I suggest you consult wikipedia for more detail.

Giovanna Catzinsky says:

Do you Game? System memory tends to warm up when doing heavy task and gaming. FYI, The tall heatsinks is used for cooling high performance memory…In the semiconductor world not all memory chips are made the same.

David Ka says:

what is a good timing on a drr3 triple channel for an i7 rig.help

EddieLolz3r says:

i have a corsair h50, corsair 750 psu and this

corsair is nice

namcost says:

Yeah, I’ve been building computers 15 years now and when there is a range of products with the same name, and something boasts “runs cooler because of extra heat sink” I used to test said ideals. They always came out the same temps so why buy the one that needs extra heat sink material? Get one that is cheaper and does the same exact thing.

trAnwhiz says:

@anandmu36 Should work, but your bios will set all memories to the same speed which is the highest supported by all of the modules you installed.

They also must be the same channel.

nawaz2kx says:

1T?!?! even high end ddr2 memory can barely run at 1T..

anand muddi says:

can I mix momories of different speeds?

fvqu says:

What advantages does this RAM have over the Vengeance series?

Verigo says:

The kind of RAM (DDR2 or DDR3 depends on your motherboard). So check that out first. Also check on what frequency you want them to work. Mostly that info is also given with the motherboard information.

Just don’t make it so hard for yourself. Take 2 rails of DDR2 or 2 of DDR3

Gary Meyers says:

trying to figure this out too… I bought this cause i lieks the heatsink style over the others. but it seems the same rAM?

Verigo says:

@OriginalFutureChaos Hahaha, I said that with a little sarcasm back then. But after 2 jaar mine still work perfect.

namcost says:

yup yup. I got geil black dragon DDR2 chips (they have ddr3 out now).

The chips are so high quality that you don’t even need heat sinks to cool them. I thought it was bullshit when I bought my first pair of Geil, so I bought extra heat sinks thinking I would need them.

Turns out, they run cooler than the other chips of the same timings. I freaked, you can touch them with your hand and it feels like room temp (not warm but not cold). I ended up returning the extra heat sinks!

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