X-Bows Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard – Review

X-Bows Kickstarter Campaign : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1917596122/x-bows-mechanical-ergonomic-keyboard

X-Bows Website : http://www.x-bows.com

As usual, all keyboards are already opened and tested for a period of time, and then repacked for the unboxing.

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Sad Frog says:

new review wooooo

DOM2000 H says:

please mod it :3

Tundra06 says:

30-35$ mechanic keyboard?

Last Second Bloomer says:

Good to see more ergonomic mechanical keyboards. There are things that i disliked about this one, though…
The build quality should have been better for the price – I’ve seen $50 Chinese keyboards with thicker plate and harder plastic. Props for the Gaterons, though, and solid keycaps (since you won’t be able to find replacements fo many of them).
The USB C is completely unneccessary, it offers absolutely nothing over the standard USB A when it comes to keyboard usage. Very few people have Type C ports on their motherboards and if they do, they mostly use them to charge their phones. So you have to either plug things in and out all the time or get adapters, which defeats the purpose. To me, it’s nothing more than a gimmick on a keyboard, Type A won’t disappear anytime soon.
Then, some issues with placement or spacing of some keys, that are mentioned in the video. Left Ctrl and Shift are tiny, it will piss off many typers and gamers, that huge Backspace is so far and pointless with another backspace in the middle, etc.
And finally, that huge arrowhead light in the middle…just why? It better be able to turn off.

NDB says:

Nice Review as always! When will we see the next custom build? ^^

Sternkraft says:

Pretty neato board. Think the retailprice of 200$ is a bit high though

jeremy castle says:

The key placements are a curious mystery and could have been done just to be different for different sake, which is rarely a good thing for products. Thankfully the creator took into the feedback from the backers and tweaked a few key things that people were inquiring on. So much that they have to install a new processor for those people who want those updated features (I wouldn’t call them upgrades as I don’t know enough to say that it shouldn’t already been included.. For example “Users can customize and define Fn + * combinations” . Which speaks to the good side and bad side of these types of projects. If they are making too many changes, how long does it delay, will they do enough testing……. Thanks for the solid review.

sonicase says:

eh, I’m not really a fan of this

SupaEMT134 says:

*Two hundred dollars??*
M.B.A.s would say that’s the manufacturer’s barrier to entry to attain competitive advantage

r2micro373 says:

8:16 for the sound of the Gateron Blue keyswitches.

Nikita Pershukov says:

This keyboard is a bit more ergonomic than classic keyboard. Kinesis advantage is real ergonomic keyboard.

And it’s real interesting to watch your review on Ultimate Hacking Keyboard. It’s 60% split keyboard, where u can use 10-finger type on full (on this keyboard it’s impossible when u write program code with symbols). Maybe u write creators and they sent u a prototype.

TaeKeyboards says:

Sydney Mechanical Keyboard Meetup! : https://www.taekeyboards.com/sydney-mechanical-keyboard-meetup/
If you’re in Sydney, come along to our December 2 event 🙂

Ivan Zeng says:

Nicely done, as always. What’s the music? It’s catchy.

4everFingerboards says:


Arthur Denny says:


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