Wow…HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Keyboard Review!

This HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Keyboard is crazy nice & has a ton of awesome features, but prepare to pay.
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Peterson Hang says:

Once you use a volume wheel… never want to go back

TempesT says:

Looking forward of wasting good money for a quality keyboard

Ak4tsuki-kun says:

Hearing those blue switches is one of my guilty pleasures.

d34dj0k3r says:

I want this without RGB and wireless.

Jack Bushong says:

Nothing is going to get me away from my Filco with SA keycaps. It’s pretty though.

ReMedY says:

I love the blue switches, but I don’t want to spend again money for a new keyboard since I got my K70 with red ones… I hope that Corsair will bring a new keyboard with blue switches and PBT keycap compatibility.

Kylo Ren says:

damn, love that they finally maybe a color neutral keyboard using their format which imo looks the best and also the extra keycaps are a nice touch with them not being red for once *cough cough* corsair.

sathlin says:

wish they made a tenkeyless version. love the mx blues option

Phantom Phreak says:

Mmm clickety, clickety keyboard sounds are soo good. LOL

Lijane Qwer says:

It has he same price as K70 rgb and its not soo good as k70 rgb. How can new company in mechanical keyboard market price the product soo high. Razer and corsair build the name for themselves. Soo people buy their keyboards. K70 rgb is better keyboard, looks better, more media keys, aluminum finish. Corsair keyboard that is most simillar to this is k68 , it has better lighting and its water resistant. My point is that keyboard is not bad but heavily overpriced.

Khor Welson says:

Are this keyboard waterproof

Onni Saarelainen says:

yooo… I want that

LIL_CRUZ _05 says:

Hey @randomfrankp see my family is good but dosent have that much money and I have an Xbox one but I want to become a big streamer @lil_cruz_05 and I want a pc so I can become way better and I’m only 13 is there anyway I can buy one of you’r old PCs

Caleb Frare says:

Almost pulled the trigger then the 170 dropped…. Pass

AuxZork says:

Compared to the Logitech G810, which do you think is nicer?

Tevorent 900 says:

Corsair k68 review


Professional, fully detailed, South Park. Do you need any other arguments to confirm how much i luv you :3. Keep it up!

tegar black says:

You have to many keyboard man…gimme some 😛


Can u do the rosewill neon k85 for the next review? It would be greatly appreciated

주형준Stephen says:

while everyone is making the galaxy s9 videos we have randomfrankp, providing us with different content

matthew skullblood says:

30 bucks cheaper than the k95 better font weirder media keys no dedicated macro keys

Ne0ster says:

Hey Frank, Could you do a video reviewing your top keyboard picks currently in the market right now?

PluTiper says:

I got a better con: no extra macro keys

Dickel Pineda says:

do you review anything bad hardware? all your reviews are good.. always good

Brendan Bush says:

It’s been sort of cool watching your channel evolve since I started watching you. Your videos are so well edited and produced now.

Kyle Partridge says:

No macros = not for me

Jordan Aparri says:

frank what would u prefer, this or the blackwidow x?

Ian Thomas says:

$200 for a key board fuck that

The Dr!fT3r says:

I got the g.skill ripjaws rgb keyboard for 100 bucks and is even better than that hyper x trash

Dank Harambe says:

Why can’t we get a cherry mx blue tkl keyboard with the volume bar and multimedia buttons?

Frankly I don’t want the numpad attach to my keyboard when I have a mechanical number off to the side since I rarely use the numpad.

ZE KENZY says:

can you make video tutorial how to set , use in game macro key for corsair k95 ? Thank you.

Ido Boker says:

what do you think is better the k95 or the hyperx?

cr3st says:

Kinda similar to K95

Raikiri Production says:

I miss this 2:45
this is my chill music…

SpArTaCuS-93N-L says:

What you recommed im looking for a rgb mechanical keyboard wit wrist rest and volume wheel but not one were software is requierd

ItsMeliTastic says:

k70 rip off nice

xPredator says:

Someone’s trying to copy the Corsair K95 Platinum lol

Reiden Lightman says:

No extra keys to program however I want? No thanks. I’ll pass. If that wasn’t a deal breaker, the $170 price point is.

subscribe to my channel plez says:

Good vid!

Luna Kohai says:

look at things from ducky or ikbc / vortex. you can get a full aluminum tkl keyboard with pbt caps for the price of k70, making corsair and other companies look like a joke

Niek says:

You realy look like bob lee swagger from the netflix serie called shooter.


Which is better? This or the Corsair K70 LUX RGB?

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