What’s NEW? Corsair K70 mk.2 Gaming Keyboard Review

Join me as I take a look at the newest keyboard in the K70 line the K70 mkii. This board comes in two versions the K70 mkii and the K70 mkii SE. This review features the SE but I’ll cover all of the differences between the two.

Get a K70 mkii HERE:

K70 mkii https://amzn.to/2Al926b
K70 mkii SE https://amzn.to/2LxCzil

Corsair PBT Keycap Review https://youtu.be/KQ5qFhD8xC4

K95 Platinum Review https://youtu.be/mDlgC_P7Wmc

*Full Disclosure : I received a product sample to make a review. I was not paid to make this video. My opinions expressed in the video are my own. My integrity is not for sale.

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yuuto yoshikawa says:

oh my fucking god corsair, you guys didn’t fix your stabilizers.

King XF says:

Just like most of you like genuine cherry switches, this is genuine Brainbean content. Keep it up man!

Rival Dealer says:

Oh, YES! Corsair, please, make it with other swithes! Listen to Braibean! And then i will buy it immediately! 🙂

Kordi 123 says:

As always very professional review

Nelson Lopez says:

This was a great review on the keyboard.. I like the look of this one.. Plus the RGB is a nice touch too.. This is my first time to your channel.. You sir have a new subscriber.. Keep up the great work..

DrenVenom says:

What keyboard should I get: k70 chery blue, razer huntsman elite or hyper alloy elite cherry blue or can someone recommend me a good mechanical keyboard with tactile and clicks keys preferably with dedicated media controls

Des1 Walker says:

How can I change the color of WASD keys?

Flux says:

still didn’t fix the spacebar rattle omg

Sotis Koats says:

Hey brainbean, i am the owner of the previous k70 rapidfire model, is it even worth upgrading? The keycaps are worth it?

CLAUDΞ says:

Im buying this keyboard instead of the huntsman elite!!! Great review btw!

mullen711 says:

A $160 keyboard and they can’t at least make sure the stabilizers don’t rattle. Yikes.

MartiniGasolini says:

Cant stand it, those keycaps remind me of an old Apple keyboard that I used in high school. Yuck

R. Boivie says:

K95 or k70 mk2?

Kofi Muata says:

I wanted this with MX Silents…decided on the Strafe instead

Shaun Boribor says:

Can you do Cougar ULTIMUS RGB Mechanical Keyboard review?…it seems to be a budget RGB mechanical keyboard tho not quite sure about it cause I cant find any damn decent review about it lol

Šimon says:

What does mean that it is Macro-Key Free? No Macro or what?

Jon Smith says:

Love my mx blue. Tried brown my last board, but going back to blue for the next one. Shame they have moved away from that.

Phitex X says:

Hey Brainbean , I love your videos keep up the good work ! i got a question , can you suggest me a good gaming headset ? because my razer kraken 7.1 v2 broke and i have to buy a new one would love to hear ur opinion !

王太阳 says:

Except the CherryMx, I don’t see anything good about these Corsair keyboards. And with this one the fact that it uses PBT would be cool, but you only have Mx Speed, which are shitty and useless. So there’s pretty much no reason to buy this thing…

ass eater says:

that spacebar rattle is disgusting

Liam Chadwick says:

I’m planing on another pc build and it’s gonna have a silver and grey theme so I might pick this up but I probably won’t cause I love my razer blackwidow chroma v2

Cherry Seri says:

You sure the SE version comes with textured keycaps?
Mine doesn’t have it, and when i checked on the website, only the regular (non-SE) has the textured keycaps stated in the CONTENTS AND SPECIFICATIONS section.

Moosty says:

yea but the spacebar is a yikes, along with the EXTREMELY high price for a pretty generic keyboard

Its Neight says:

Great video @Brainbean !
Special editions should have had all switch options for sure.
Want the PBT keycaps but also want those nice silent switches. Silver or black aluminum backplate would have been fine but no preference there.

Venson says:

This board looks good and has some great features, but its extremely overpriced for what you get. It cost more then a Ducky Shine 6, a vastly superior quality board with great RGB. The cheap fake Cherry stabilizers were enough to make me return it within an hour alone. They rattle so loudly, I was about to rip my hair out. They feel just as bad too.

So the small keys use real Cherry MX switches, but the shift, enter, backspace and spacebar use crappppppy fake Chinese junk.

CrankyDucks says:

i hope they release a k65 mk.2

NetSpassibo says:

can someone share the wallpaper?

Piti Pablo says:

Varmilo va87m ftw

Star Citizen 890J says:

For the uninitiated what does the acronym PBT stand for and what is it’s competitive advantage when talking about key caps?

Splitty says:

Did they fix the color issue with the original k70? The color glitching when using animations such as rainbow wave. You can look it up to see what I am talking about exactly.

Time Flyer says:

So are khail switches Bad?

Peterson Hang says:

I was seriously going to impulse drop $150+ on this keyboard because I really wanted a white Corsair keyboard with blue switches but found out this one only came in speeds…….. 🙁

Uncertainty says:

I have BlackWidow X Chroma Mercury, not even sure if it worth to upgrade to K70 mk.2

Reverie_ says:

if only they came with better stabilizers and non-cherry switches…

Live Play9 says:

Looks garbage

Samz_V says:

I am about to buy a k70 keyboard but im not sure if i should get the newer version or the og. Any advice? (I will be ussing cherry mx speeds)

Im.a.tea.addict says:

the colors clash so much. gunmetal and white IMO looks shit

Yugioh Supreme says:

I’m not a fan of their speed red switches anymore after I tested it does this come in brown or blue

Aldarris rium says:

Corsair if you’re going to tote “genuine cherry mx switches” please start using genuine cherry stabilizers from GMK. People shouldn’t be paying this kind of price for this kind of corner cutting.

Rex944 says:

does anyone know how to change to colors of the top 3 buttons at the top for the profiles? thanks

Guilmar Dionisio says:

waiting for k95 platinum se

chris@4AVIS says:

..broken spacebar once again..Cherrymx sounds well only on the Asus and the Hyperx keyboards..the rest have their spacebars sound like the Motospeed ones.

DogPaw1997 Gaming says:

keyboard that looks like a milk


I have this keyboard:)

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