We Did Surgery on Tfue’s New Ultraviolet Keyboard and Tried It in Fortnite

Today, we try Tfue’s keyboard in Fortnite – the 60% keyboard you’ve been waiting for is finally here!

We got our hands on a Ducky One 2 Mini with Cherry MX Red Switches + the ultraviolet keycap set that Tfue uses.

Is this the ultimate gaming keyboard? Watch us test it in both Fortnite Battle Royale and CS:GO to see how it performs.

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Unwrap says:

Hey guys! Want more gaming videos? Check out our new gaming channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrmRsfC58J8ITXUtMnNU2LA

goldingot_ says:

Its nice that when they test it there actually good at the game

bepis despacito says:

Why is your mousepad so small

Sparkzy says:

I want it but it’s so expensive:(

D0mčo says:

Can you give me one. xd

Jack 3o3 says:

finally people who rewiew gear and actually know how to play

bepis despacito says:

That’s what she said

Cruel Ouchyii says:

They did surgery on a keyboard

Coyote says:

How much does this cost?

Tyler says:

is it hard to go from a standard keyboard to a 60% mini keyboard?

Maheer Ali says:

Almost at 200k

Ronnell adyn says:

I dont have a pc but i want this

Kayou says:

*They did surgery on a keyboard*

123go yes says:

Lol guuud player

Solid Matrix says:

Here when 50k

high kid with high memes says:

They did surgery on a keyboard

kr4zyy says:

Yo haven’t been watching this channel for about a month cause I was busy and now it’s already at 200K?! When I last watched them they were only at 100K, it is highly likely they’ll get a million before the end of this year! This channel’s video productions are professional and top notch but its relaxed and memey at the same time

Joep Windt says:

But did you know

They did surgery on Tfue’s ultraviolet keyboard

Fyan Renton says:

These people are actually insane at video games

The Dark Gamer says:

3:37 matched perfectly with the song

Masheka _ says:

Why do I always think this is frikin asmr

wu brother challenges says:

When reviewers play better than you

Kostas Panagiotidis says:

How much does this cost??

Sebastian Baker says:

Finally some tech reviewers that are actually good

Auras Curceanu says:

They did surgery on a keynoard

Vetle Wefring says:

Can you try mongraals keyboard k65

LaserWollfff - Fortnite says:

I’m here before 50k because ur the best!

FBI says:

Somebody made surgery on a grape so they’re better

Dumb and Smart things says:

Do you play sideways with your keyboard?

iFinzYew says:


DraggedBakk says:

What switches?

Wolfpack_ Gaming says:

Do finalmouse ninja 58

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