Vortex POK3R Mechanical Keyboard Review

In this video I take a look at the Vortex POK3R mechanical keyboard. The Poker 3 is a 60% keyboard, that uses Cherry MX switches. 🙂


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Thanks for watching 🙂


Vitaly R says:

Watching this video for the 3rd or 4th time just to hear your voice again

Devesh Singh says:

Her voice is so therapeutic…

Popcorn Sutton says:

This is like ASMR with a keyboard review included.

Holkeeen says:

It’s sooo slooow and weird.

Andy Terrazas says:

I see sadness in your eyes. If you disapear from time to time its fine. Take the time you need I just hope youre ok

Mahir Fredericks says:

lol you clear your throat so politely

Ryan Priestnall says:

Please stop whispering. Good video though.

TuanTai Le says:

its hard for me to comment with only 1 hand 🙁

sparrow 1965 says:

2016 New poker https://goo.gl/hVcJxw

イェーガーアーサー says:

This was a good review of the ti I mean, keyboard

TheImightyDixel says:

RIP TastyPC :'(

Steve waugh says:

Is it normal to have an orgasm in the middle of the video.

Maddog says:

0:19 – Cutest moment in history.

Sillyness aside.. I do hope you get time to keep your Channel going Lauren. It’s the only excuse I have to spend on kit.

New Games to play and all.

strikerm70 says:

Alright guys turn your volumes up, though you might not even be listening to what she’s saying I know you cant hear shit. lol jk jk

dezjeee says:

you speak far too quiet and rushed. speak up and slow down.

Snooky Co says:

Tasty your so beautiful why don’t you shift to modeling.

StealthyGamer says:

I hope you are okay Lauren 🙁 . i love you and your videos <3 i will still stay as your subscriber no matter what


I probably watched this video dozens of times just to hear your voice…

Sterkriger says:

It’s strange that I just listen to the video instead of watching it?

Bazlightyear007 says:

Looks better in black, but each to their own 🙂

Read This: says:

soothing voice af .. I love this girl 🙂

Robert Ostman says:

holy macro… I didn’t know tech savvy girls could be this cute!… one learns more every day!!

Deine Mutter says:

the voice is annoying

Sleepy says:

you’re delicious

Rasmus Davidsen says:

hey mate how goes sorry to say it but u loose many subscribers now 😀

Airton Maximo says:

hey Lauren… how are you doing? I Hope you are doing well. <3

Kira Yamato says:

great video i melted

Wita Pro Gamer says:

PewDiePie uses this Keyboard

Sbriser ★ says:

pewds approve

hubz caps says:

my love come bak yo…we all miss u a ton.. im techbarron

komINgEtSOme says:

god so much moisture

not shroomzz says:

thx i fapped

Paul Kelly says:

You are so cute… NICE..

Teddy Horvath says:

“the poker free”

Emmanuel Rayas says:

OMG! you are gorgeus! :O

brf 100 says:

Why you never show your hands?

Yan Doroshenko says:

Do you still read every single YouTube comment you get?
Thanks for the review, it was quite helpful. Even despite the lady being attractive and having a soothing voice.

Andy says:

i came here to see a keyboard review… not some chick giggling

Cam Not Cam says:

Why does she whisper every video?

Ahmed Khan Baloch says:

whats her name ? 😀

Ť3ŘŘÅŅ0VÅ - says:

Not a single perverted comment, I’m proud of you guys

konnorb4 says:

Can i buy you?

fcolon1976 says:

So glad and happy to see you again!!!!! 🙂

jonathan starck says:

it is me or she had a dildo vibro in her ? XD because this is strange 7:48 or listen ^^

L'enderman chieur says:


Pablo Escobar says:

Lauren I think I speak for everyone when I say we miss your videos and we hope you are okay wherever you may be.

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