Vortex Cypher Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review

Vortex Cypher : https://amzn.to/2yDB0WG

Today we check out the Vortex Cypher which features a split spacebar and a 65% form factor!

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Ismail Arif Abdullah says:

who is the girl at the end and why is she there LUL

Rskris -Titanfall 2 And More says:

Can you rebind the second spacebar?

Prokop0223 says:


Gamer Voice says:

I’m typing this comment with the vortex race 3 with the default light grey and white keycaps.

*Edit: thought you should know that I found your review very helpful when purchasing it*

steven says:

vortex stabilizer is always the worst for me

Dixit Patel says:

what would you choose between a cypher and pok3r? Just bought a pok3r 1 month ago, loving the keyboard, but still wanted to hear your thoughts on the same.

KiloSierraAlpha says:

Those legends are aligned all over the place (and the font is pretty ugly too). Split space means I might hit the middle between the who spaces with my thumb. All in all, a pretty poor board.

Piti Pablo says:

Loving the new thumbnails

Lio says:

Honestly, I would love to have the left ALT key a little further to the right, for games.
CTRL on Caps Lock of course too.

Lio says:


Vincent Abesamis says:

Another great video! I saw a Ducky One 2 Skyline. Review coming?

Aaron Zhang says:

This guy talks so slow that even when I put it on 1.25x it’s still slow.

Danilo de Klerk says:

At 3:25 you said the right one is 3.25u, but the graphic is showing 3.5u. Which one is it?

FinalCPU says:

did you make that concrete weight yourself? I’ve been watching a bit of DIYperks a bit, he uses it a bit for some unique projects.

idkthetime says:

What’s worse than one rattly spacebar? TWO rattly spacebars!


random thumbs up at the end

Austin Marlar says:

Is it possible to program the left space bar to be FN?
hello thre!

Jordan Fish says:

Been really enjoying this board. I recommend the un-split spacebar… Maxkey SA White on Black looks great on it.

TaeKeyboards says:

No one’s gotten it right yet. I’m looking for the correct response! I guess you should forget about the exclamation mark, and think of space 🙂

Paspa1801 says:

Hello there!

Quek Kar Min says:

you typed “hello there!” hahaha

Azer_XP says:


Bl3s5in says:

Would have preferred metal case and SA caps like their good boards. Hotswap too since the sockets barely cost anything and stock switches are just trash compared to anything lubed.

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