Vortex Core 40% Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review

Today we check out the tiny Vortex Core 40% mechanical keyboard. This thing is tiny, but still packs a punch for functionality. It bit too small for me, but definitely a form factor that’s popular amongst the users.

Timestamps :
Unboxing – 00:20
Size comparisons : 00:30
Design – 1:13
DSA keycaps – 2:29
Layout – 3:00
Layers – 4:21
Programmability – 6:32
Disassembly & internals – 8:54
Keyswitches & sound comparisons – 10:20
Conclusion – 11:35

Make sure to use the lastest firmware and manual : http://www.vortexgear.tw/vortex3.asp

As usual, all keyboards are already opened and tested for a period of time, and then repacked for the unboxing.

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Reka Primasetyo says:

Where do you buy the grey/cyan keycaps on the left top keyboard (anne pro I assume)?.

Jacob M says:

Where are the time stamps!

Flowmoshun says:

I use a Magicforce 68 which I love, but when it comes to some 60% layouts, and 40% layouts, I cant imagine how that could be more useful, you’ve got to use two keys to do the action of one key for so many things. I’d like to see a legit test of this. It feels like some Monster Cable shit, but with actual degradation of usefulness.

Pradyumn Vij says:

I was interested in getting the Core purely due to the great build but it’s a bit too much for programming, if I was just doing word processing this would not be an issue. I’ll stick to my Pok3r.

Kees Willems says:

Dude your channel is awesome. You keep popping up in my recommendations and while I only have 1 mechanical cheapo keyboard I just keep watching the vids. Now I just subbed because what the heck

Sachin Nair says:

Am I the only one that prefers full sized keyboards? It feels weird just using a TKL

Villok says:

Hey dude, love your vids, but there’s no timestamps in the description. Thought I’d point that out 🙂

Βασίλης Τζηκακόλιας says:


Rounak Dutta says:

TKL is the most I can do, I really admire people who can use 60% or 40%.

EezyPeezy says:

i wish i could borrow one for a day. i have a TKL and unsure to give up dedicated keys for layers. hmmmm

Liokardo says:

One thing I would love to change is putting Caps Lock under shift, and to turn it on and off you simply hold Fn and tap shift.

What do you replace the past ctrl key with? Your choice.

John Matthias says:

My keyboard has just one alphanumeric, one modifier, and 20 function keys. I’m pretty sure a programmable numpad would suffice for most gamers.

Sunrethy Kun says:

man have you ever count how many keyboard do u have ? 😀

Dylan Michael Nahuliak says:

that type test was fucking delicious.

Raphael Chagas says:

Black color would be better imo

Apollo says:

When you said aluminum like an american I threw up in my mouth a little bit. wtf man

Dimas Chandra says:

hey, where do u buy that anne pro keycaps? can u give me a link? thanks 🙂

Sean Parko says:

Is there any way to remove the split spacebar and replace it with a normal longer spacebar. It just really bugs me.

Petr Karasek says:

bit off topic but anway. would you rather choose anne pro or ak33? i mean…does better switches
and wireless option pays the price difference? thanks for reply.

Brannan DI says:

I would highly recommend getting a magnetic micro USB!

Fernando Hurtado says:

Tae, you seem to like linear switches for typing, do you suggest them? I haven’t seen anyone make a case for typing on linear switches, but I am inclined to buy one because it sounds soo goood

Kawaw says:

The slightly raised (uneven) right space bar really bothered me…

Arthur Denny says:

Is there a way to remap the function key to a macro button on your mouse? I feel like that would help a lot with a keyboard like this.

RayTech says:

At 9:57 Where can you buy SMD LED’s in the US? Also I have a keyboard that has SMD LED’s that is Full RGB LED 100% Programmable, are all SMD LED’s 100% RGB? Or do they come in various static LED color’s and or in RGB variants? Thank you.

RafadanaM says:

guys i have a problem, one of my LED on my keyboard died or loose since when i pressed the LED a bit it will turn on again but when i let go of my finger the LED died again. what should i do?

sonicase says:

I’ve tried it, i didn’t like it because the space bar split is right where I normally press

nufferi says:

can you actually program foreign letters like ä or ö on the keys?

Meow Tow says:

I think anything less than 60% is too far.

Bruno Puizina says:

can you somehow take a look at “modecom volcano gamer” keyboard- i’ve tried looking it up but there is only polish reviews

Rekty Rektingson says:

Try using a Planck! It has easy access layer keys!

reignick1133 says:

This keyboard almost has a retro look to it , and being mechanical I imagine a fairly good feel as well , but good friggin’ gods would this drive me insane trying to work on it.


you should check out the Hermes p1 rgb from Gamdias. cool vid btw

Zeke Donovan says:

That’d work great as a travel keyboard

gadviel says:

how are you supposed to game with these in fps lmao

Dale Lim says:

Hi Tae, I love your reviews, but I’ve noticed that you’ve not reviewed one of the most popular 60% boards i.e. The Pok3r RGB. Any chance you could do it? Cheers!

Hafizi Hilmi says:

what keycap are those on your anne pro?

theodoro89 says:

It looks so nice, but it would a pain in the ass to actually use it for work.
Eitherway great video once again!

help me says:

Anything less than a 80%is just unusable and useless

NDB says:

did you ever build a planck keyboard? its 40% too…


1:47 it’s the same thing fam

Brannan DI says:

rip not the RGB version, I have the enganeering sample that has SMD LEDs. I wonder when that version will go on sale.

George W. says:

Aloominum? Aloominum‽ Blasphemy! Blasphemy to all Australian kind!

TragestyX says:

Better arm position is only needed by you tiny people with narrow ass shoulders though. It’s a bit annoying to always hear about the positioning shit like it’s a universal absolute. It’s not. Many of us are quite comfortable with a full sized keyboard and using our mouse. Sure, it’s nice to have more space on our desk but that doesn’t mean we have trouble with range of motion.

Dndcs Ndvddvsj says:

Awesome video! I’m looking to get a black switch keyboard (due to the fact that I’m a heavy typer) and I was wondering what are your top 3 best black switch keyboards? (Not just cherry mx black) but an overall opinion on your top 3 favorite, thanks!

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