VAVA Chroma RBG Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

VAVA Chroma RBG Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review. Going over the features, benefits and drawbacks of the VAVA Chroma mechanical gaming keyboard. I’ll talk about the mechanical switches, keycaps, design, ergonomics, RBG lighting and what it doesn’t have. For $80, Vava has created a full spectrum RBG mechanical gaming keyboard of stellar quality that competes handily with pricier offerings from companies such as Razer.

Find the latest price as well as reviews and details on the VAVA Chroma on Amazon here:

The VAVA Mechanical keyboard features Kaihl Blue switches, which will feel similar (but are not identical to) the Cherry MX Blue switches you may be used to. They have slightly greater resistance than standard Cherry MX Blue mechanical keyboard switches so if you like tactile feedback on your mechanical gaming keyboard (and don’t mind the sound levels), this is a good bet.

The RBG lighting is fully customizable through built in keybinds- there is no software to download or install. The six preset lighting configurations offer sparkly Rainbow Wave, Starlight, Snake, Ripple, Breathing and Fully Lit lighting modes. The cable is braided and can be routed to the middle, left or right side of the keyboard. The bottom of the keyboard features six non-slip pads, and there are two raisable feet on the front ends to increase the incline if you prefer.

Even without the Vava mechanical keyboard being raised on it’s feet, it has a subtle cascading key design with the keys closer to you being a few millimetres shorter than the keys in the back. I found that this makes for a natural and pretty speedy typing experience with minimal adjustment times.

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Kayla D says:

LOL @ no fidget spinners

Jim Kidwell says:

RGB, RGB, RGB. There is an order to the numbers. Red first, followed by Green, then Blue.

Mitchell Allen says:

You’re video’s are fantastic fun! I did find it extremely annoying how you consistently say RBG instead of RGB as it’s advertised and known as 🙁

Still really liked the review though!

Matthew Cr says:

corsair is better

Holy Akiao says:

surely they haven’t used “chroma” in the name. Don’t Razer own the rights to that?

Lem0nfish says:

Bought this keyboard about 2 months ago and I love it 😀

Sinistersaintsgaming says:

would have loved to hear you typing on it to see exactly hoe loud it was, but another great video keep it up

Scott Carter says:

NO FIDGET SPINNERS! MADNESS! Ilove this channel =)

Johnny says:


Bavesco says:

I thought that was for ranked battlegrounds T-T lol.

Reeven says:

Hazel, people are sending you review samples? Wow, you’re moving up in the world! Gratz!

Byte Me says:

try the G-Skill one Hazel. You’ll come to like it as,much as I do. KM780 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. And I want a RGB USB Audio controlled fidget spinner keyboard! Lmao. And Great review,ty. I use the one with the brown cherry switches.

Jordytjeh :D says:

Can you hold the keyboard? I hope you can hold it, it’s a rly nice keyboard 🙂

Thomas Halks says:

Are you on a couch? That is pretty awesome. I’d love to have a couch to play on with my wife when we play HotS! Any chance of a shot at the setup?

Hazelnuttygames says:

If you do happen to be in the market for a mechanical gaming keyboard and this one looks right for you, you can pick it up for 67.99 (from 80, so 15% off) with the code HWRTJOGN from now until July 31st, 2017 on Amazon here:

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