Varmilo VA87M Mechanical Keyboard Review

MWAVE suggested I try a keyboard aimed more at enthusiasts than “gamers”, although this is still called a gaming keyboard, so here is the Varmilo VA87M, a keyboard that came with no key caps (you can get them with key caps too). We chose 2 key cap sets that would suit my channel’s colours for this one.

Really enjoyed using it, but I’m sticking with my RGB gamer keyboards… like the Corsair K95 RGB (not the Platinum, the old one; I prefer it over the new ones).

There’s a lot of range so I’ve just included search links below!

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Ferdie Fox says:

I’ve been wanting this keyboaaardddddd

farhan akhtar says:

Zy can you try the logitech g513 romer g linear switches? i am confused on which one to buy between the hyperx alloy fps which sounds amazing in my opinion and the logitech g513 which comes with a wrist rest and sounds alright . can you review the romer g linear switch?Thanks:)

Aldarris rium says:

I hope you get the chance to do more of these kinds of keyboards. There’s a whole new world of switches out there to try outside of your standard cherry mx switches.

Lycoris says:

Finally a review on this keyboard yess!!! i was considering this for a tkl

Bl3s5in says:

Find someone that builds boards and they can build you your very own super custom board. And when you build your own board you can change the springs and lube the switches which will give a far smoother key feel than anything you can find premade. Or do it yourself!
Trust me lubed cherry blacks with 62g springs in an aluminum chassis will blow your mind.

idkthetime says:

If you start reviewing keyboard you should focus more on switches types rather than keyboard models. I recommend trying Zealios switches, Kailh box white, navy, burnt orange, royal, Kailh speed coppper, gold, silver, Input Club Hako.

Venicheeeee says:

woooo finally an enthusiast level keyboard

atlapse says:

IKBC with cherry mx clears next?

Electroblade says:

I got a corsair k63 on sale + tons of cherry blue keycaps and used the reds as spares, good deal lol

colla 555 says:

Either my brain is to slow or you really don’t play with WASD? Looks more like ASDF to me, what did you do?

PurgeX says:

Get the Topre Realforce RGB. Because Topre is dopre.

Slip_ says:

Where my boys from r/mk at? lol

sphex. says:

varmilo is prob. the best keyboard producer with vortex and leopold

Nick Dzink says:

“Quality”… What a fickle word. Especially for the Mechanical Keyboards.

Too Sweet says:

Hey there Zy!! Any chance you would ever get your hands on a filco majestouch??:D I’ve heard those ones are beasts!!

JzachR6 says:

I still can not believe that you do not use the W key to move forward. Absolutely blows my mind lol!

loqi says:


Matthew Phelps says:

Looking for a 1440p 144hz gaming monitor
Can anyone recommend one

Modern says:

Frack! Mini USB. Those was going be perfect until it didn’t have USB Type-C

Lucca Fasolin says:

Can you make a review about gafallen mouses?

Dominic Smith says:

What game is this?

Koicflakes ykH says:

I want Just a hq Keyboard for typingbut there arent any in germany

Rezii says:

Try topre!

CamDaHam says:

Hey my hand dimensions are 21cm by 9cm, would the Zowie EC2A or EC1A be better for me? I’ve watched countless videos on comparisons and reviews on both mice, plus countless reviews on the EC1&2B Mice. I think I would prefer the EC1A or EC2A best. I have the Logitech G Pro, but it’s too small for me and I have to claw grip or fingertip grip. I REALLY want to switch to palm gripping, so I’m stuck between the Zowie EC2A or the Zowie EC1A. I would prefer the Zowie EC2A, but I’m not sure if I would be able to Palm grip it with such a long hand of mine. My third choice would be the Razer Deathadder Elite since I have been longing to have the mouse for years and it looks cool, but the Zowie EC series have changed my mind totally. Thanks! Anyone can let me know, I’m not really open to suggestions of other mice so if you name some random mice then I’m not going to listen to you. I’m just stuck between the two mice.

RandomStalker69 says:

I get slightly upset when i see people complaining about this board being plastic and mention corsairs (not specifically hating corsair many others do this aswell) meme plate in the same sentence. Put the metal plate on top instead of inside. Cheapest mech/rgb/full metal body kb is probably ikbc mf108.

Matthew Phelps says:

Can anyone recommend a good gaming tkl keyboard (I have looked at the razer blachwidow chroma te v2, the logitech g pro)When someone recommends those, which one is better

Pashaz says:

the price fucked all

El Stupido says:

Damn this is super expensive

yaÐite says:

Could you review the Ducky One TKL PBT version?

Mistermoeshmoe says:

I have this keyboard with the gateron black switches and I love it!

Snow Dragon says:

it is better then COUGAR Attack X3 RGB ?

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