Topre Realforce 87U Variable Weight Keyboard – Unboxing & Review

We’re back with a review on the Topre Realforce 87U Variable Weight electrostatic capacitive keyboard! Technically not a mechanical keyboard, but they’re generally categorised together, and this is a high grade keyboard for typist’s which was designed and manufactured in Japan.

Note : I did use this for a few weeks on and off, and repacked it to show the unboxing.
Sound test is at 7:45

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Dr Raven says:

Great board. Used my friends 87U 55g uniform for an assignment, and I loved it so much. Its expensive, but once you buy it you can go typing for hours and hours without fatigue. Suitable for typists and people who likes to shitpost on Youtube and Twitter

siem spierings says:

sm680r rgb ???

HunterZolomon says:

I’ve used several different mech keyboards but since I got an HHKB I’ve never gone back. I still use my Ducky Shine for gaming on occasion, but for coding HHKB Topre is just superior.

CptHippiehTF says:

can you please do something with a Steel Series Apex 350 keyboard? thanks

GuhLdaN says:

hep does the apex m800 have custom keycaps?? (switch : QS1)

Chibo says:

“This keyboard requires a proper technique to get most out of it…
which I don’t have” lol

Bob Smith says:

Haha! At first I thought that keycap puller’s handle was a dildo… then I looked again xD

Brannan DI says:

wow I don’t expect this review. I own two topre board. an hhkb pro 2 of coarse. and a Realforce 104ub variable weight.

TaeKeyboards says:

UPDATE : Topre is amazing. With more experience with more switches and keyboards, I’ve grown to appreciate Topre switches much much more.

SazÜ says:

first dislike…… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Deldarel says:

tactile green alps come pretty close to topres.

sid says:


Graphical says:

Awesome review, but…

Tae means “poop” in my country’s launguage.

Simon W says:

good video keep it up

Teemo4Life says:

Can u try the ck104

StriKerr says:


Joseph Kim says:

Thank you for this quality video especially typing sound is pretty close with real sound.

Brannan DI says:

I do agree that topre boards are overpriced. But I mean its just how it is 🙁

siem spierings says:

can u do a fuhlen sm68

The_Boom_Boy says:

He’s not dead

Klax says:

very nice video, pls more ! 🙂 try to not laugh! 🙂 no spam

Putang Inamo says:

this channel is perfect you deserve way more view and sub

Iain B says:

Nice boards. Build quality is indeed straight from the golden age of 80s peripherals. I’d put my filco along side my Topre any day for quality however. The cherry mx pink caps are also surprisingly like Topre switches…slightly anyway!

Spearra says:

Just to confirm, despite it being USB, and it being capacitive, does it have full NKRO?

Katō Danzō says:

Can u please review the topre realforce rgb? Great review as always.

JC Leyba says:

I love, love the design of this keyboard and really want to try the switches but it’s just too expensive for me. Someday maybe.

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