Top Seller? Magicforce 68-Key Mini Mechanical Keyboard Review

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Lord Hungry says:

heck the drop has ended

Josh says:

I don’t know if I like that it’s white or not. does it not get hella dirty?

TheRedFlash1 says:

I wish the whole thing was blue

X A N A X D E E says:

your computer reminds me of a mini fridge.

Spartan says:

Whats the keyboard you use personally in the background

D J says:

I’m late here, but I’ve heard some negative things about Kalh switches. Are they comparable to others?

Console MonsterX says:

They say Kailh right on the switches but you’re calling them Gateron. I understand that they’re both copies of Cherry but is that just the housing for it or did Massdrop just send the wrong thing?

Soviet CrashBandicoot says:

The one that PewDiePie uses

The Poison Bucket says:

ew, that font.

Julien Nogueras says:

lmao I got one

Yo Mama says:

Can I ask? How can you use shortcut keys on keyboard when youre on a browser? Such as Alt +f4? It does at mine.

Badgerkins says:

is that the 60% version or full size?

ill41057 says:

frank your so fucking hot

aaron peterson says:

“anything to save desktop space is always a winner” says the guy with a 127 key monster behind him. Tool.

Jacob M says:

Hey guys, I’m getting into pc’s, I currently use my PS4 (I’m selling my Xbox one) and have a pc built, I’m pretty set on it and I’m getting the Samsung curved monitor. I have my desk and everything sorted and I’ve realised how much I want a 65% keyboard. Are they practical for gaming as well as editing as that’s what my pc will be for (my YouTube channel). I might use it for homework but I’m wondering are they practical for my needs and does anyone know some budget ones

TaBs says:

Should I get this or the Mechanical Eagle Z-77 White?

Bao Pham says:

easy to scratch glossy bezel really turns me off

Dennis Pena says:

Will this keyboard work on a mac? 😀

Purple Boy says:

are these uncomftorable for people with big hands?

Joshua Hu says:

wireless version for this?

Rob R says:

I have a MF68 which I got off MD to see what all the fuss was about too, I went with the black case/white LED & Gateron Green switches. All in all I am very happy with it & believe you get a pretty high standard of quality with very favorable pricing with the MF68. Although there are some caveats to that, I would only consider a MF68 that has Cherry or Gateron switches & also would immediately switch out the stock keycaps to a higher quality set.

Following those guidelines will get you a very solid mech KB at an incredible price. TBH my only gripes with the MF68 would be that the Cherry/Gateron switch variants are much harder to find than the models with Kalih switches, the stock keycaps are truly terrible (very very thin laser etched ABS), & the prominently featured MagicForce logo above the arrow cluster.

Now don’t get me wrong the MF68 is not a very high quality mech KB any which way you slice it but with good switches & aftermarket keycaps it does blow away anything else in it’s price range. This is coming from someone who does own a couple fairly high quality mechs too. My daily driver is a Pok3r with Cherry Clears, I also own 2 KBP V60s with Cherry Blues & Whites, & have a MK Disco with KBT Browns. Even already owning those KBs the MF68 impressed me enough to keep it as part of my collection.

So IMHO whether you are new to mech KBs & just looking for a solid yet inexpensive entry board or a seasoned mech KB enthusiast just curious about all the hoopla surrounding this board you really can’t go wrong giving one a try!

DonkeyDoofus says:

No offence, but these switches sound horrible.

MrDauify says:

Why did they switch the right alt key with where the windows key would be?

RageFueled says:

whats with the caps not shining?

Julien Nogueras says:

nvm this is different

Ertugrul Dur says:

I have a white-backlit Pok3r 3, Cherry MX Blues, and I just bought this keyboard, because I do not want to use my Pok3r 3 as frequently. I am overall very pleased, I got them in Cherry MX Browns this time to try something different for a change, but I find myself liking the sound, and the clickiness of the Cherry MX Blues, way better, so I have placed another order for the MX Cherry Blue one, and when it arrives I will return the browns.

Andy Mao says:

Can you save the light settings? It seems like the brightness always resets whenever I restart my computer. Thanks in advance.

Citi K says:

Just copy from VA68M.

majmunbez gaca says:

why u taaaaalk ….. like a reeetaaard 🙂 ?

Chris Arroyo says:

Made in China..

Damien Wilde says:

Got this as an early Xmas present to myself. Hoping it’s worth £50. I’ll be fuming with you Frank if it’s crap!

Bigbaddave says:

Always watching your videos mate, Keep up the work.. Old video i know but after a new keyboard

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