Top 5 Gaming Keyboards 2018!

As 2018 comes to an end, check out some of the top selling & highest rated gaming keyboards from the year!
• HyperX Alloy Elite:
• Razer Blackwidow Elite:
• Razer Huntsman Elite:
• Anne Pro 2:
• CM Mk750 RGB:
– Honorable Mentions 🥈
• Logitech G513 RGB:
• HyperX Alloy Core:
• Wooting One:
– Other Budget Options 🥉
• EagleTec KG01:
• Redragon K580 VATA RGB:
• Corsair K55 RGB:
• Razer Cynosa Chroma:
• Logitech G213 RGB:

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My Setup Gear!
My Camera Gear:
• BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro Camera:
• Sony A7III:
• Sigma 18-35 Lens:
• Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
• FalconEyes LED Light:
• Rhino Slider:
• Blackmagic Video Assist:
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic:


Mrburrittos 57 says:

I personally use the razer huntsman elite

crimetime64 says:

A really good $35 one, is the red dragon kumara k552

Jon Maksin says:

The HyperX is a beast. That thing does not move an inch on your desk and you can’t go wrong with Cherry switches. The software could be better though and I’d love to see more effects available. Overall, it’s a great board that just feels solid.

Aidan Sweeney says:

Any key switches you want. *Only lists cherry key switches*

MrEnderman504 says:

I have Logitech g502 and alloy core

Micaela says:

I have the first keyboard frank mention and the keyboard is very good. The only thing they are lacking (to me at least) is lighting effects. I mean my old razer cynosa chroma has more lighting effects…..

ImInLoveWithDaShapeOfSloths says:


Lord Jock says:

I reckon if I marketed a “Wankers glove ” with flashing lights Id sell heaps of them

ツOptify says:

lol I have been saving money right now I have 400$ and which one should buy?
EDIT: My friends tell me to buy coirsair keyboards

AbiToti says:

1.06 pussy magnetic attachable wristrest

Xx_SaM_xX says:

What about the Ducky One 2 mini 60%

Weeb Dude says:

I bought the Corsair keyboard k70 low profile and the best part is the space bar is messed up. I bought it from Best Buy but the strange thing is when I put a ticket to Corsair they said. Did you order from Corsair?

Mr. Taco says:

Is the razor cynosure chroma able to work with the razer wrist wrest

Otani Roxas says:

What smart watch you wearing in this video?

Drizzy says:

whats the best keyboard out of all shown in the video?

Brandon M says:

Why wont you click the keys?!

erick medina says:

I use Corsair keyboard

Tekashi Mercury says:

Ill just stick with my fucken G413

flitzerox fortnite says:

Anne pro 2 gang where you at?

Евгений Николаев says:

Best mechanical keyboard of 2018 is varmilo x ducky miya pro panda

Connor Cherry says:

I think the huntsman elite is better than the blackwidow elitw

magburner says:

How about keyboards for left handed gamers? I use the number pad for input, as I hold my mouse in my left hand. some of these keyboards are useless, as they do not even have a number pad.

vertical blurr says:

already have hyperx

Cavna says:

RIP Corsair K96 Platinum?

Frxnz says:


Alexander Lagerstedt says:

Monitor: Acer Predator
Mouse: Razer DeathAdder Elite
Mouse pad: Ozone
Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow V2 (ch)
Headset: HyperX Cloud 2
Mic: Auna BM800RD

Jassim Villarante says:

so beautiful

jesse Wadsworth says:

What are those plus sign keys?

David Sundström says:

Does anyone know if you could use any of these keyoboards on xbox one

Sherey Niraf says:

should i buy keyboard or mouse .

Iced Ninja says:

Is the Corsair k63

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