TLG Systems 81890 keyboard review (TLG ultra-low profile)

Skip to 7:12 for a typing demonstration.
Today we look at the TLG Systems 81890, an ultra-low profile space-saving keyboard. Quite a unique specimen, hope you enjoy the video!

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The practice sentence was: “Hello my name is Thomas and I’m typing on a tiny LEGO keyboard right now. I’m completely making this up, I didn’t type any of this. Have a good April, guys! :)”


Toki Damjanoski says:

What about C920e ? is it the same or not . Tnx ! Cool video btw 😉

Dxxstiny- says:

Intro song?

IT Care Bangla says:

Good Video For Me Thanks

Jaritza Caraballo says:

Thank you makes my decision so much easier

IamRaedwulf says:

That BG replacement is kind of amazing tbh…..I get how it works and its fantastic to those who don’t want to pay for a greenscreen and worry about perfect lighting

titan uranus says:

Logitech drivers have a well established reputation, and that reputation is very very quite very super awful.

WhistleTTV says:

I have the c992

Wilmer V. says:

Where did you buy the green screen?

companyoflosers says:

you realize that running windows 10 you dont need to ever install drivers right? like it does it automatically the moment you plug it in. it doesnt even install the software, just the bare minimum drivers you need to get the a device to work, unless you are using something really obscure. youll get a little system tray popup that will say something to the effect of “installing usb webcam” followed by “logitech c922 is ready to use” once its finished. i find doing things that way helps prevent system bloat as far as software is concerned.

megodynamite says:

Hi! Thanks for the info. I’m a streamer and I just bought the C922. It seems like it will work well for me

Levite Apparel says:

nice. give a like. please

Last Stage Gaming says:

Subbed because of scripture at the end! Video was very informative as well! Thx

Diogo S says:

How does it work if you post a video to Instagram? Does the Instagram compression software ruins the video?

Sliphantom says:

This will be all over r/mechanicalkeyboards in no time. All it needs now is a flashy keycap set, some stupid underglow, and anodized aluminum case, and a price tag that no sane person could call reasonable.

Katie bug says:

Where can I get that green screen

0NBalfa0 says:

Should have had a magnifier and done the typing with toothpicks

Amber Snelders says:

So I just got the c920 cause i thought you could take out the background? Can you how do I do it with the c920 without a greenscreen?

Super Gosc says:

Got me

Gary Fujioka Sr. says:

Good vid but respectfully, music level too high my dude. Agree with your conclusions.

PEX says:

Damn.. these “non-existent” switches sound amazing

Esat Özcan says:

O odanın pisliği ne lan öyle bok içinde resmen

feels says:

picked one of these up after watching this video. can’t go back to my old, huge, clunky, completely normal keyboard ever again!

Staded says:

I think my LEGO keyboard brick can beat the size of that

EggNerdGaming says:

I also have a Logitech C920!

Trojanette83 says:

Q: If you’re going to be using the Logitech and sit it on top of your computer is, there any way to plug it into your computer so that the computer screen can act as a monitor, for you while you are filming? I am actually contemplating purchasing a Logitech. However, I would like to know before I buy. Thanks.

Agent Rocket says:

This video helped me decide not to buy the 922x. Appreciate it!

Impossible Paradox says:

I think you could use the Bic 2P26 for dyed and lettered alpha leycaps

James Hewitt says:

Watch till end for secrets.

DEGGZ says:

april fools or not I want that to be my keychain

TheBombastic GameGuy says:

has anyone bought the c922x? did it work well for you?

wkg19591 says:

All that space saved…and bluetooth too!

Well done Tom 🙂

Bruno says:

Wait this was uploaded the 31th of March and not in 1st of April

kris krost says:

22 looks way better

Purple Pothos says:

This keyboard sounds perfect for one of your dedicated 5 minute ASMR typing demos!

Lenny Hart Tog! says:

love the small text at the back reminds me i aint the only christian ;D

Zlane says:

This is amazing tbh

Ivan Boskovic says:

Nah still too large

PaulsGamingHub says:

Great video and I just ordered the C920 Webcam.

dombrox says:

Despite there is your standart intro (I didn’t watch more than that) probably whatever you show today won’t be serious XD
Nice. It was quite serious video ! Quite nice keyboard. Where is amazon link ? I also heard it can be made as ship, instead of shipping it anywhere

Johnny Ray's Digital Nomad Lifestyle says:

Just found you, and yes have the pop up green screen you have and it is a pain in the butt. I use an extra camera that focus on it and us it when needed, but have to move off my throne while doing so. annoying, but it works with practice. also now subscribed and have notification bell on.

ddd says:

it was published not april 1 , so dislike

Natedawg says:

@YuB whats your mic

svenska streamen says:

what mic and boom arm do you use? can you link it?

Hugh Jazz says:

It could be vastly improved with an alphabetical ortholinear layout. My First Keyboard are you listening? This was a missed opportunity.

robbin hasseltof says:

Someone made a simularly small keyboard which sort of works (only 1 key though)…

Tracer2376 says:

What is OBS? Is it like Xsplit? I have installed Xspit when I got the 922X it’s ok. The software is confusing as hell. I do want a green screen camera like this but I do not need software that looks like I should be coding it all day long. As for FPS 30 should be standard for the US. Canada and Mexico under the NTSC. When you watch a B-Ball game or Football ect that is actually at 30FPS. Well, 29.9 to be exact. PAL transmission are higher than NTSC. So when recording under a US standard you want 30FPS.

SuomiPelaaja 555 says:

i think g920 more better color than g922x

LIKWID says:

I’m a bit disappointed this isn’t RGB……..

Pistol Pete says:

Did you ever clean your room? Great review.

TwoDudes Gaming says:

To this day I have never met or heard of anyone else with my Fathers name….hollly shit.

I’m so darn glad that my name isn’t too looong says:

What a dream keyboard. Outstanding build quality, performance, size and sound, all hail the godly “TLG systems 81809 keyboard”!

Joey Rizzz says:

soo do you need a mic as well as the webcam or is one built into it??

Jay Lazer says:


Pehmokettu says:

It is missing RGB lights so it can be difficult to find on a dark room.

RealZayComo says:

Hey great video can you please explain your microphone set up, I have a xlr mic and I’m trying to figure out how to talk with it in a video, thanks

UltimateCheeze says:

Is that one of those LEGO 2x1x1 flat plates with a keyboard printed on it?

Socky Noob says:

r/mk is going to love this.

Joseph Havenner says:

I like the pop up green screen that you have. Where can I get one of those?

BoyBalastog says:

Using the “Thanks for watching!” screen to pad out the video length this year was actually pretty clever.

Barry Noor says:

Thank you for the vid…Thinking about the c922 for my stream setup. Like you, I already have the c920 and find it very useful. Thinking I will pass on the 922 and work on other back screen options.

vZEBERDEEv says:

So a $1500 camera with a green screen looks better than a $70 webcam…. I can’t believe it..

Ethan Boswell says:

wow thanks for the 6 free months of xsplit lol

Henkel gezwenkel says:

Just look at that fuck nutt of keyfuckingboard

Xskode Media says:

this soundtrack reminds me of that one place in Final Fantasy 15

Michael Compton says:

You embarrass yourself, Chyrosran22. xD

Also, you could have slowly panned the camera upward after the typing demo to show a word processor with your usual sentence typed and the cursor blinking as if your typing had truly been processed by the computer. ;D People would be like _”what!? That’s impossible! It can’t have typed that!”_

mushroom brahead says:

Iam subscribing you cause your too good

Angie Medrano says:


Ben Rapp says:

I have had success with the 922, I like it. No green screen yet …A little glitchy of you are moving around like playing an instrument like a fiddle but sitting playing games works very well as does playing a guitar.

Queen of Freebies says:

I wish I saw this before my husband bought mine for me. At least he only paid about $50 for it.

Paco Perez5584 says:

Like your Into

Muhammad Adnan says:

Guys its an April fool :p

xLIFT Redsaturn says:

Great review sir. Very very good. Almost… subscribed to your channel, but just came for this review so I dropped a like.

Gal Anonim says:

Thank you very helpful video i was just looking for minimalistic wireless keyboard u safe my aß bro

Leigh Murro says:

Pass. C920 ftw

Niccole Lopiccolo says:

Thanks for the review…I just cancelled it from my Amazon cart because of it LOL

The Gaming Titan says:

God, I love April.

opiershy says:

For the last 5-6 years i’ve used 3-4 keyboards like this one and its just N:1

dalriada842 says:

I think if nothing else, you have a future playing the bongos.

Goran Gecin says:

Did you get this one second hand? It seems to be missing anti slip pads, or were dose never included?

Bibhuranjan Nath says:

I need this in my life.

Loredan says:

Satire is fun; self-parody is divine.

The only thing you left out was: “It’s the tits!”

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