This Keyboard Makes You Type Backwards! – Yogitype

Who says you need to see the tops of the key caps? Yogitype is an ergonomic keyboard that gets a lot of things right. But not everything…

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R3pLiCaT0r says:

You are kidding right?

xblindx says:

integrate this with VR controllers

MrTechDude says:

Up and coming tech YouTuber here please someone watch my videos…

Boom Smarty says:

For more electronics – click here

David Filskov says:

Great review! – I use the Advatage Pro but I like the idea of typing on the “back”.

GFmanaic says:

0:52 speaking of dog s$#t…

Ecxetra says:

Does anyone actually use these keyboards?

hfric says:

try to press ALT+F4 on this … GOOD LUCK

Chase Taylor says:

They need to make the keys and black part see through so you can see your hands when you type.

Like if you agree

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Revener666 says:

Swedish Backpack!!! 🙂

Navdeep Singh says:

Linus, the Drop King !

dissatisfiedgamer says:

Interesting… I actually use my pinkie and ring finger for backspace, maybe this keyboard is for me…

supernova gamer says:

so this is what weird al’s dream keyboard would look like

mola4everyourz says:

what the fuck is this bullshit

fares alshabanat says:

Speaking of dog shit, today’s video is brought to you by tunnel bear

The Cheshire Cat says:

Err looking at my keyboard occasionally would literally give me no benefit as all of my keycaps are blanked out. Checkmate atheists.

OffcialForerunner says:

“You can’t put a price on health”
Oh Canada…

Carl Woltering says:

Can you build a circle out of curved displays?

Nick Perez says:


Electron Resonator says:

drop the board

William Winder says:

I can’t, I just can’t. This is the last straw. Never again will I watch a video about a piece of shit key board that was sent from hell to test mankind’s will.

Archie White says:

elsewhere employ constantly justice despite wage pop seek feeling march less work.

nuggex says:

This keyboard should have a Rollermouse Red or equivalent in the middle for max ergonomics.

Al Wiesbauer says:

Accordion music?

Clairvoyant81 says:

In my experience, ulnar deviation is the biggest issue with traditional keyboards. I don’t have any severe issues with my hands yet, but that’s where I get issues first on a normal keyboard. So, an “ergonomic” keyboard that doesn’t help with that, IMO, is a complete failure.

MrLTiger says:

Who keeps making those??

coolnick tech says:

Or you just type like playing piano

Lucas Fray says:

People who buy this kind of shit are the same people that would never let their kid have gluten…

Andrea Gerard says:

thus account however residence rather last sometimes living nation open.

TehMonkey says:

On the spot video, once again.
I do look at my keyboard, indeed, when I want to turn on/off Caps Lock. Despite using it as Ctrl for some time, I for some reason have trouble checking if it’s on/off.
That is for both languages I’m speaking/writing.

kubba1990 says:

love this 2:06

Sayko Lab says:

It so stupid

billyhatcher643 says:

it sounds like a decent keyboard but i was expecting to hear u say that would be a bit of an understatement lol

David Adams says:

Please review these ergonomic gaming mice I’m seeing advertised on Facebook. Not that I want one but would just like to see your all’s opinions.

Kolton Kiester says:

But putting the backspace where it is now means you still use the same digit for it (your right pinky) as you would on a normal keyboard. If you put it where the spacebar is, it would be a completely different muscle memory than a normal keyboard.

Bing Yiu says:

Finally drop something, first in 2018? lol

Connor Garry says:

Love the random pieces of hardware you guys find and review! Never would have imagined a keyboard like this existed. Il stick with my traditional k70 lol. Keep up the awesome work Linus!

Abraxian Absolution says:

Seems like they could have removed the bottom row and used the second thumb stick area for space, backspace, and modifier keys.

Daniel Fitzpatrick says:

Please review the keyboardio!

Reversed Tech says:

4:45 Linus is on his dropping strike again boy’s, need something dropped ?? Hit up Linus, he is the king of dropping tech!!

Game Account says:

Who actually buys this to use?

BVB Productions says:

how did i go from listening to snoop dogg to this?

psych0m1n1 says:

The pun game is strong with this one.

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