This Dial Controls Everything! — Logitech Craft Keyboard

The Logitech Craft keyboard is going to be every editors dream. Eber is loving the new workflow using the dial plus the wireless functionality with good battery life is refreshing!

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LeoInterHyenaem says:

I’m tempted, but do consider it excessively expensive.
An improved version with a somewhat larger, ribbed tactile, well-damped metal dial (ideally, with a touchscreen LCD / LED / AmoLED top that shows the app / system, the in-app mode it’s in and the current function), no number pad, a vastly improved battery life, an integrated fingerprint reader to log onto the computer, to lock / unlock it, as well as individual apps or functions within the app, well-damped, somewhat more tactile keys with extremely tight tolerances between the keys and the main body, and a price tag of €150, I’d buy it in an instant. Of course, functions such as key illumination and a touch interface for the crown are indispensable as well. But that is not enough. An addition of an LCD/LED/AmoLED strip extending along the length of the keyboard next to the crown would be very enticing, too.

I hope, Logitech is listening…

Maahi Zonayed says:

what theme u r using for your desktop? its great!

Bilal Ing says:

What is like if we game on it ?

Obi Okeke says:

I WANT THIS IN TENKEYLESS SO BAD! numpad is overrated anyways!

tim ovel says:

$200 for a gimmicky volume knob? Logitrash at its finest!

Shahul Hameed says:

Super machan

Thomas Donalek says:

The Griffin PowerMate is a less “touchy” hefty aluminum USB knob. Better in a lot of ways, but the software probably isn’t as extensive.

TrevyTrev says:

I’m also pretty good with excel, and maybe I could find some free lance work on Upwork to make up for this extreme purchase.

BrainSeepsOut says:

>Uniformity is top notch
No it’s not, it looks like it was made by an entirely different design team.

dragade101 says:

the key symbols there are awful. would never buy.

Remini XIV says:

Why would i want to change a word theme with a short cut?

Soo Hon Wye says:

dude… your voice is so soothing.

Ben-kitty Jones says:

I do a lot of things with my laptop and although this thing is a lot of money, I think that it would be cool. I have this Logitech keyboard and it is one of the lower type keyboards. It is mostly plastic and I am going to go and then say that a lot of the time, it feels really bad. I like that the keyboard you reviewed had backlighting. Can’t wait to see another video of yours!

Charlike Mike Reagent says:

I think it sucks that it’s at the left side.

Michael_Keehl says:

sounds like music from Spore

george georgiou says:

yeah its perfect, but quite expensive! I love the dial.. seems very usefull. I’d buy for sure for 100 – 120 $

谢昊天 says:

Takes five minutes of useless review to get to the dial

Mason Villa says:

What is that wallpaper

TrevyTrev says:

This is the only keyboard that fits what I need I am so sad that it costs so much money, but my I deserve my perfect set up, and I’ll just have to save a bit more, thus waiting a bit longer to afford what I need. I also plan on running a business from my computer as well, so hopefully it comes in handy. Doubt it though, but the backlit, wireless functionality is enough.

Phoenix-2063 says:

I’ll be getting the mechanical DAS professional Mac layout keyboard with cherry brown switches, it also has volume dial but not sure if it can be remapped for other purposes like this, definitely worth you trying though

Espen says:

You couldn’t even pay me to use that shit :’)

the1337fleet says:

nigga was playing the keyboard like a grand piano

Евгений Венеград says:

Where is Window btn? Only for mac? nah

Downup says:

Would so buy this if it was 50% the price 🙁 I want one without the Wheel. The design is so nice!

An Average Aspie says:

Getting a refurbished one since it’s way cheaper. So I’m spending 200 for both this and a samsung DEX. Hoping between my corsair k95 LED OG brown switch keyboard at home and a mac keyboard at school made me notice my decrease in productivity when using the former. Way too tall for my liking and I never pressed any of the 18 macro keys for any applications. Tried this out at bestbuy and it was a nice build for me. So I’m getting this so I can save usb port space which has a smaller footprint, while using the dial for simple things. I already have a shuttle pro v2 for shortcuts which was much easier compared to k95s utility software for macros. I could make back the money too.

Clive Pugh says:

What, only one week battery life. Useless

Fahmid Kadir says:

I use the Tesoro Gram XS and the Logitech MX Master 2S.

der Jack says:

You’re better off with a Microsoft Dial.

mick hanks says:

what’s up with your audio? it so flat and dead

Ufuoma Okoro says:

Very nice review.
I already have the keyboard and love it. It may be that it suites my typing style.
As for the dial, It has limited functionality for me as only use it for the Microsoft Office Applications.
The functionality within these applications are limited.
I will suggest prospective purchases go into a store and have a feel for the keyboard.
Before the purchase of this keyboard, I went through 3 brands in two weeks
In my opinion, it is money well spent.

Baram Burum says:

Very Fucking SHIT Keys layout.

Marco Arellano says:

Dmitry’s advertisements are insanely awesome. They are better than most of the real ad’s found on TV and YouTube.

dantes peek says:

whats important of a keyboard is actually when you start to type it, please inform us when you decide to do so in a video.

Goofy Deal says:

Great review! Can’t dally to test ours!

Ninten-*DOING!* says:

Was that Der Schulte in the sponsor video?

CS TECH says:

Are you Indian? Btw nice video

ononaokisama says:

Crossplatform only says winblows and mac

Alex Alvarez says:

Great video.

SpacebarWASD says:

May I ask what song is used for the cooler master keyboard ad? I love that piano sound. Thanks,

VanCamelCat says:

0. Great review. Thanks!

1. Can it work wired? Let me clarify: let’s say you turn off any Bluetooth receiver on your computer, and you disconnect any Logitech dongle… But you connect the keyboard via a cable…. Will it type?

2. What is that Logitech software. It’s not SetPoint, is it? Coz I have setpoint and setpoint looks way less modern & versatile on my end.

thebuckstopshere says:

Amazing Video mate – great job!
(if only more videos on youtube were made with this much style)

Ron The Bear says:

It was expensive, but what the hell. I deserve it.

leeuniverse says:

Turn that similar design and capabilities into a full sized GAMING Keyboard and I can finally be happy.
Burn in hell mechanical keyboards….. like going back to the stoneage.

Bryce Brogan says:

Functionally equivalent to a few extra keys, requiring a proprietary app. No thanks.

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