This CHANGES How You Game – Wooting One RGB Keyboard Review!

The Wooting One analog keyboard is unlike anything I’ve tried and really changes gaming…are analog switches the way of the future?
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Sreerram Chavali says:

Please can you send me some sort of gaming mouse because I built a new Desktop and I spent all my budget on everything besides a mouse and I will really appreciate a spare mouse you have, I will even pay for me

Fyre says:

*are you sure about that*

Maxii says:

would this work for csgo?

Eggplant says:

If you get this board (I do) get the linear switches. Otherwise it makes the analog function feel weird. Imho, and I mean no hate, but I feel that if wooting offered a black switch, the analog would feel better. Also with the analog, there’s a lighting mode called touch, where you can have your f keys lights incrementally increase so you can see how hard you are pressing.

Typing on this board with the reds isn’t great, and I say that because while the option is there to change the actuation point, when I type, I’m rather heavy handed, and I have a tendancy to bottom out keys when I type.

The lighting is incredible. I also own a blackwidow chroma tkl and the lights in my opinion are on par. Some of the keys on the right (eg pg dw, pg up, prt sc) are a little faded, but this is a limitation to the switches.

If you have any questions about this board, please leave a comment, and i’ll do my best to answer.

Wミebchigo gh says:

Can you change the keycaps like you did with your K95 Platinum RGB?

Twiztid N1nja says:

dropping bombs as always frank lol nice vid broskie

Reksrat says:

I think i would only use this for single player games. Having analog movement makes the single player experience more imersive for me.

Nick Selders says:

Is it still mechanical

CousinRomeo Gaming says:

Damn I wish I could test this keyboard. It sounds amazing. Great video.

Nazo says:

if a bigger company adopts something like this that works on a custom API rather than relying on just having controller input on a keyboard I’d buy it in a heartbeat

My beautiful and amazing Princess says:

4:02 you got ur hand messy with paint when u were showcasing that light effect

Miller Reid says:

Own one. And im not a fan..

Steven Lock says:

Randomfrank p on one of your latest video you had the Logitech g502 mouse, what was that black strip with white lines across it?

FlyingPenguins says:

Isn’t that TKL and not 60%?

Edit: 0:48

Miriam says:

I would probably just feel like my keyboard was broken

Reksie says:


Nor Azam says:

150$, this will be a new Corsair killer!

Tjeeper t says:

3:56 wtf happened to your hand?

Matthew Tucci says:

Fairly unrelated… But what smartwatch are you wearing in this video?

Anmol Rai मन राई says:


Johnny T. Chalatsis says:

Amazing video as always man. Got that keyboard some months ago and I really love it, highly recommend it to anyone interested and they’re also releasing a Wooting Two with numpad, in case that tickles your fancy.

Zack Learns says:

can it type in caps automatically when im angry?

Aamir Nizam says:

I wish we might change WASD keys switch of our mechanical keyboard to that switch
An ultimate experience

John Southern says:

That’s actually a 10 keyless layout. 60% has no function keys, ins/del, or arrow cluster.

*_-HORNPUB-_* says:

Lmao I always crouch to walk slower this would be nice

ItzBuffX™ CsGo And More says:

That is not a 60%

OXY - Gaming, How to N' More! says:

Keyboard ko Analog

James Russo says:

Come for the sound test, stay for the crispiness


This shir give a competitive advantage for sure

Celtic17 Harkins says:


Steve says:


Shubho Ghosh says:

TKL. Not 60%

Jqydon says:

Hmm I wanna try this out, don’t have the money to though unfortunately

Jesus Juice says:

What’s with ur hand during the lighting segment. Its all blue on the left

TheDoozle53 says:

Tkl not 60%

Jammo says:

Is this keyboard function compatible with fortnite? Really really like the video 🙂

Tendai Dongo says:

i UNDERSTAND, IT’S SPONSERED AND ONLY 2 guys from consoles asked for this

Kenny Gibson says:

Good for driving games, dont like it for fps games

OutMagic says:

That’s pretty sick man! 🙂

Grzegorz Wereszko says:

I love my Wooting One. Though I do miss (need) my 10 key numpad. Luckily they are going for a Wooting Two (via kickstarter) that is a full keyboard.

That along my Z-Mouse. NIce combo 🙂

Baadlyyy _ says:

Me hitting my keyboard….

Trying to be sanic

DjFuzz says:

this KB and yesterdays M would b a great combo

Kenny Gibson says:

Cant get used to it, been using reds for the last 5 years and cant use anything else

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