The WhiteFox Keyboard Review

Checking out The WhiteFox Keyboard. Available on Massdrop!

Configure your WhiteFox Keyboard:

Switch tester:



Tobias Moes says:

This is probably the best designed keyboard I have ever seen. Especially with the little screws on the sides. Too bad it’s so expensive.

D S says:

that keyboard is missing the backslash key.

Kyle Y says:

Have you gotten to try the Halo switches? I want to get a nightfox but am skeptical of them.

elliot_mmm says:

suhc a nice layout just wished for more color schemes…

pcolly2509 says:

Tbf stuff like the planck and jd40 are boards designed by Mech enthusiasts

HI THERE says:

This keyboard’s downfall is the lack of the F keys.

Archie P says:

I want this keyboard so bad

Oppal says:

Yay you’re back 😀

Kristjan Rohtla says:

Any chance to see ErgoDox / ErgoDox EZ review any time soon? I really like the colour schemes of the WhiteFox and the new white ErgoDox EZ but am quite torn between them. 🙂 Great videos btw, keep it up!

TragestyX says:

Do you think this is worth the money? And it just only recently hit 1001.

Lucurous says:

No written review?

TuxKey says:

Fake DSA Granite keycaps 07:53.

Unregistered007 says:

“Mattio” is a faggot !!!

Herbert .Gatchalian says:

i would have bought this if it had space for home, end, print screen to go with the del, page up and page dow. keys

Sav says:

How much did it cost?

endeavorband says:

Great review. Great production, too. Thanks.

Salman aloraini says:

Can you please make a video how type fast

eazon says:

If only this is wireless.

ron says:

How did you change the color of your address bar in Windows 10 to Gray in 1:46?

MrBulletpoint says:

is it possible to have different customisations for when you connect it to a windows vs. a mac? i currently use both systems, would be nice to use only a single keyboard with ideal button assignments for each OS. thanks for the great vid


cant wait for mine

Tom May says:

This channel’s due for an explosion in popularity. Great content, great production values

TuxKey says:

Ignore my previous comment that was meant for the vortex core3 don’t know why my comment appeared here

Kafka says:

When will you review a Zealio board?

Amaury Le Roux Dupeyron says:

where can i buy this ? (pref Aria)

Matt3o says:

incredibly nice video @Rhinofeed and thanks for the kind words. please let me just say that the micro-usb port we used is the most durable small USB port money can buy (excluding USB-C). USB-C was not used because at the time of development it was expensive and anyway not very well supported. best, Matteo

Maknanimous says:

Agree with the USB C comment, really wish more manufacturers would adopt it but I’m guessing they have like a million mini and micro B connectors sitting around.

Kang The Mad says:

I love that you chose MX whites. How are you liking them? Are the switches constant feeling?

NYC Mopeds says:

“One of the only keyboards designed by a keyboard enthusiast” — Yah. Except for the 7 other enthusiast designed keyboards I have sitting in my office right now or the dozens ready for purchase on group buys…. I know, I have a problem — but hey! Matt3o has a problem too and he gave you this great keyboard! Right?

Dana Howe says:

Quality videos, man. Thanks!

PoopyMoosh says:

Impressive review.

CDXXIX says:

For $230 assembled and shipped LOL! I think I’ll take a Pok3r RGB for $140!!!!

Deathhybr1ds says:

Fuck you man.. I’m so envy of you!! This one is still on my wishlist with the tactile Zealios.. grrr :p

Nice review man, love it!

TragestyX says:

They had one from the first batch and they just sent it to you. Feel kind of upset about that haha

metamacros says:

this guy and TaeKeyboards have the best mechanical keyboard videos

silverword says:

for a 60% would much rather have a shine mini. the programmable functions is nice, but i don’t this board is worth it.

TuxKey says:

Good to see your back of course I know the white fox great build. Considering I live in the right I have to pay an extra 31% for customs and tax really sucks to live inside the eu. Pre assembled Zealios would make me consider this board over the yet to come out k-type still owning both fc660c/m I’m a bit tired of non standard Keycap sizes but your correct on the keycaps being great as is 😉

PhilfreezeCH says:

Typ C is much more annoying to implement and also costs more. This is why you don’t really see it on this kind of products.

Ricardo Reis says:

This keyboard looks so clean and nice and that packaging looks very good aswell. Pretty neat programmable board and the switch options are a great plus imo.

I recently bought 2 new mechs (second hand), a WASD v2 w/ MX Clears and a KÛL ES-87 w/ tactile Zealios (65g). I know I like Cherry Clears because I’ve had a Pok3r with Clears in the past but I must admit that I’m pretty excited to try out both keyboards side by side and compare de Cherry’s with the Zealios. I’ve heard so many good things about Zealios.

Got in that Massdrop drop for the Magicforce 68 aswell since it had a killer price and it was good opportunity to try Gaterons (which I’ve been wanting to give a go since I’ve ever heard of them). Ordered one with Gateron Greens. 🙂

marax says:

Could you do assembling process for the leds and switches ?

LiquidEvilGaming says:

After being so used to Topre now do you find the MX Clears a bit stiff on the WhiteFox?

EnG1NeeR says:

what does that mmxvi means?

Gunslinger 1 says:

so can i get one not from massdrop

Joseph David says:

Hello everyone welcome to rhinofeeeed

Hudson says:

Another fantastic video, thank you for the time and effort you put into these! Always a joy to watch.

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