The Slim Mechanical Keyboard WE DESERVE! Hexgears X1 Review

The Hexgears X-1 Mechanical Keyboard is crazy; it’s slim and compact, has RGB lighting, mechanical switches AND it’s wireless!
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NicoAiko says:

It looks amazing, but then again, it’s a Windows keyboard. I‘d love one of these with Mac layout and if possible, German layout.

Andrew Nguyen says:

I’m looking for a #TKL mechanical keyboard similar to the #LogitechGPro +randomfrankp!
Any suggestions?

Parth Patel says:

Imagine this on a laptop

JLG_ says:

These are just the easer effects, awesome looking keyboard tho

Mareepu says:

No white light? 🙁

ChelpiBoy says:

Possible to order it in “AZERTY” version ?


What kind of desk is that

sor3999 says:

That issue with the skipping is likely because of the bluetooth connection. In my experience, keyboards just don’t work wireless without a 2.4 GHz signal.

Keegan Murrell says:

which laptop is shown @ 1:32??

ZTO says:

Damn, I’m in love with this thing. I love my strafe rgb but that thing is sexy

NERO says:

sadly not a global release like the white fox & the FN is FUN key LOL

MS Paint Daily says:

Yeah I Respect Woman

W – Oh shit another one of these meme srsly dudes? Do you still think this funny? There are kids dying and your here and your lazy ass reading this shit comment. Srsly go do something with your life.

Tyler Crumpton says:

keyboard sounds = ASMR

*iCosmicPlays* says:

Congratulations on 800k subscribers next is 900k

bachituy says:

Looks like the better version of the apple magic keyboard

LuckyKlavier says:

Would have known about this. Going to fund, looks way better than apple keyboards

Shun Sakai says:

You are just rocking it these days. Loving the videos you are rolling out. Can’t wait for episode 2 of liquidation unboxing

d0lp1n5 says:

What song was in the intro

OIFIIIOIF07-09 VET says:

It’ll never compare to my Huntsman Elite.

Oops the ops says:

Too small hurts wrists

I’m stupid, but says:

reminds me of the keyboard that comes with imacs

just watched the video so nevermind

minimalistik says:

Great review Frank! 😀

Mahadi Hasan says:

1:33, what is that laptop, anyone pls help would be appreciated. TIA

heydavewhite says:

Love your stuff Frank, but since they ‘blew through’ their Kickstarter, would love it if you maybe looked at other tech items that need some help. Did they send you one as a free sample?

Ethan Ton says:

hows the Vulcan Roccat?

Anibal Perez says:

Damn, don’t have $100 right now, but this in black with brown switches would be great for work

Brigetta says:

I seen someone else’s review where it doesn’t register from the sides of the space bar, which might be a problem for most people who don’t move their hands a lot when typing. Also not really sure if they have UK layout for this keyboard T.T

冯嘉城 says:

How can I contact with you?

Dorgon Gaming says:

I wish i had a gaming setup like u:(

Aashil R. says:

What do the brown & reds sound like?

Sanjoe Huang says:

Sound similar to the Razer Ornata, does it feel the same tho?

Browarus Pierogus says:

but its gay white :/

AAlleexxaannddeerr viklund says:

could you please review the master cooler masterkeys mk750

those kids boi says:

4:30 = asmr, ohh wait that meme is dead

TGuyen says:

Does anybody now any good cheap black chick let keyswiches compatible with cherry mx stems with rgb light through. I’m having trouble finding some.

Chris Summers says:

Very honestly review thanks

mets3214 says:

I wish this would come with silver and black keycaps, looks awesome!

Jardiel Nohpal says:

Hey is their any Tech u dont want can i have it am à new subcrber

matthew mcdowall says:

man why did you get white switches it sounds awfull

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