The Planck Keyboard Review

Today we’re checking out the Planck: a tiny 40% keyboard designed by Jack Humbert of Ortholinear keyboards!

Massdrop (new members):
Written review:
Soldering guide:
QMK firmware:
My top mechanical keyboards:

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avatar098 says:

Are there slots for LEDs on the PCB?

Freshend says:


Thomas Hirschler says:

Great review. Thanks.

HI THERE says:

That’s a nice floor you got there.

agasarang says:

Great review! Had no idea that “relegendable” key caps existed as I’m pretty new to the keyboard mod/DIY scene. I’ll be itching to get the Planck keyboard the next time it drops AND will be getting those DSA regendables to change out some keycaps for my Kinesis Advantage 2, the most ergonomic and speedy keyboard I’ve everused.

Filip Paryż says:

This was an awesome review! 😀 Waiting for more from you!
Also, can you add a notification with this stop-motion video in the end? Or maybe in the “i” in the corner? It’s much easier for mobile users 😀

// // says:


SevenFluffyKittens says:

How much did this cost?

TangyOrange says:

Yea soldering may be easy, but what if you DONT HAVE A SOLDER KIT!?!

Jess Olmstead says:

The Massdrop kit includes the stuff for both MIT and grid layouts. Just FYI people, you don’t have to choose until you build it.

Jack R says:

cute board, cute guy

Oliver Leung says:

+Rhinofeed Just picked up one of these, have you tried out the grid layout? I’m considering using it when my kit comes in for the extra key

shinypants says:

Rhinofeed looks like my friend’s aunt who’s 46 years old.

Isaac Clarke says:

Praise you, young man, for balancing the intro audio. Many likes 4 u.

in-ception100 says:

ye boi, ordered this with matias. We’ll see if i like it…

Andreas Åhman says:

No sound test? Aw man

Tristan Claude says:

Great review!

BOOMHeadshot1006 says:

I was wondering, what are the dimensions?

mosk11tto says:

No matter what I’m expecting a sound/typing test

Smessies says:

What’s wrong with micro usb?

killaken2000 says:

Damn dude. Nice solder joint at 1:10

misterhamez says:

why do Americans not say the L in solder?

Mike Demarais says:

Ive been using my Planck as my daily driver for about 6 months and I absolutely love it. it only took me about 3-4 days to adjust to the ortho layout/layers

rhymeforever says:

Wild!! Looks great!!

Eric S says:


John Matthias says:

I agree with you about the plates.
The keyboard makes no sense for typing…gaming maybe? A huge key tester? It makes the most amount of sense for use in conjunction with complicated applications, as you said, but It would work better if switches could be linked to make bigger and smaller buttons. It would also benefit from RGB lighting for colour-coding and/or keycaps with clear caps for labelling. Come to that, why not open it up to even more switch types like rocker switches and so on?

I’ve been having no luck finding a standard TKL DIY with Alps/Matias switches. They do have different pin arrangements, right?

Tim Armstrong says:

Can you recommend a similar build kit but with a staggered layout?

Archie P says:

Man, your so lucky. You get MD products early af while consumers have to wait months.

darkholyPL says:

Not interested in 40% boards, but those caps you had there… whoa. Pure yes. Link? 😉

Sam Smith says:

What do you do for work? you in college still?

watsyurdeal says:

so if you don’t want it, can I have it? 😀

RankChef says:

No wonder I can’t learn to love my keyboard…

Gilbert says:

Ohh where did you get those keycap? I like the grittiness shown at 2:30. Can I have a link where I can get it.

ItsGenn says:

Great video!

I’m about to buy the kit and wanted to know if you noticed any difference with and without the stabilizer on the spacebar. Also what would you rather have, 65g or 78g Zealios? Lubed or unlubed?

Sorry for asking so many questions.

Acoustyk says:

What switches did you get on this board?

iNViSiBiLiTi says:

how do you not get 40-50? The only problem I have with the ortholinear layout is the pressing C or V because I have to use another finger. I go from 100wpm on 10fastfingers to down to 80 wpm when using the planck.

GodOfMacro says:

Nice review, plank as been my main board since almost a year now, i really fell in love with the board hehe.
Also DSA is the shit, about the bumper thing, you can find deep dish DSA that are very distinguishable and actualy feel better than traditionnal bumpers so, DSA all the way babyyy

fetB says:

I’d love a 2-3u spacebar. For that reason alone, i’d like to built a keyboard. I don’t understand why it’ always so big. It’s like it’s designed to be used with the hand over the numpad


I don’t understand the point of unlabeled keycaps. I’ve been typing for 20 years and i’d still be confused as fuck from time to time if i didn’t have labeled keycaps.

tehdeadmouse says:

What does 1u mean?

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