The MiniVan Keyboard Review

The smallest keyboard I’ve ever reviewed! Find it on Massdrop:

Written review:



b000ring says:


Trenzinho da Alegria says:

It looks awesome… But I suppose that a matching numeric keyboard would be necessary…

mksngd says:

This thing doesn’t even have enough keys to type in languages other then english. “х ъ ё ?” symbols are kinda useful.
Design is beautiful tho. Will search for such keycaps. Hopefully there are places that ship outside the us.

jazzyjard says:

Can someone tell me what keycap set that is? I’d really like to know.

Farbod Sa says:

What’s your pok3r rgb key caps?! It’s awesome mannn

ze_or says:

i really want this keyboard, but i am saving my money ;_; it hurts to see the drop end. but hopefully it will be back up some time.

Turranius says:

Got mine the other day as well. Build quality is excellent (Yeah, soldered it myself).

Its rather useless outside of the US or whatever the default keybinding is for it though. Well, not useless, but VERY hard to program for other keyboard language layouts.

For example, I program one key to do the “-” sign. When I try it, I get the “+” sign, because that is what is on the location of the “-” when using a Swedish keyboard layout.

So I have to translate what the key is on an US keyboard, check what that corresponds to in Swedish to program the correct key.

Safe to say, I’ve shelved it. I managed to get ÅÖÄ on it but after that I gave up. Trying to program it yourself outside of the programming tools available is possible, but you’ll need an engineering degree for it. Not what I was expecting for its price.

ATribeCalledGao says:

Mmmmm that dolly zoom effect at 0:11

Jay says:

great review

The Triggerati says:

I find dedicated arrows to be utterly unnecessary with programmable boards. By changing right Alt to the function key and then turning ESDF into your home row arrow keys, you can navigate using arrows from the home row and the right thumb accesses the layer easily.

By the way nice review as usual. Good job saying ‘sublimated’ correctly! ; )

Jeremy P says:

60% is the sweet spot imo.

Jon Doe says:

Would the question mark be where the up arrow is?

Ustaleone says:

boooo, no type test booooo

OpTic KTG says:

Hey rhinofeed the keyboard im using is absolute garbage, can you spare a keyboard?

Darrin Lin says:

Dunno if it’s just me but you sound extra monotone and robotic in this vid.

Btw, that intro depth change thing was sick af.

EightSix Andy says:

i’ll be honest, the part where you listed all the switch types felt like that scene in Scott Pilgrim with the tea. “did you make some of those up?”

The Skeleton says:

I’ll stick with the planck

Bobywoodwarrior says:

What’s your favorite keyboard so far ? Which one do you advise for a programmer ?

ANGRYmuffin9000 says:


Lachlan Lim says:

How much?

Harjoat says:

I don’t think I’d ever be able to use this, a 60% keyboard feels perfect and I don’t see the need to go any smaller. It is still a wonderful looking keyboard and definitely a collectors item I’ll probably get one next time there’s a drop for it.

Nicolas Furze says:

It would be impossible to use this. No number keys?

antihero says:

What keycaps do you have on your poker 3. They look sick

sexymexicanpapacito says:

looks gay

Patrick Devaney says:

I just found your channel, and I have to say I’m loving every minute of it!


Can you please do a review on the silicone gel keycaps? 🙂

Harjoat says:

still waiting for typing video 🙁

time4tradin says:

yes I have been waiting for this review

Dominik Maris says:

Good thing the drop ended so no one can actually buy this….

sourpower123456 says:

the intro song or sound is awesome! anyone know what it is?

Daniel says:

one of my biggest regrets of the year is not getting this thing.

AfkarGG says:

0:13 woooww what happened there?! I’m too high for this.

Marius Piedallu van Wyk says:

I love it. But it is useless to me with no number + function keys. I know it has layers, but for the type of sequences I need to type for my work, this world be totally impractical.

evan_in_space says:

I definitely don’t think I’m ready to try out a 40%, but if my wallet allows me to continue this hobby I’m sure I’ll get there. Side note: as a left handed typer, I laughed when you said you’re left thumb never does anything.

DumbHawk says:

What keycaps do you have on the Minivan?

crw says:

what a memeboard

xtrmntr says:

I started watching your videos looking for a macro board that could store my custom shortcuts but now I’m amazed at the creativity and thought put into these keyboards and the community that surrounds it… hopefully I’ll be part of it soon and partly due to your videos. Greetings from Spain.

Lisa Hurring says:

I’m in on the drop for the barebones kit, and plan to create this board to be as quiet as possible as I wish to use it when travelling for work and staying in hotels, typing in meetings, and so on. Thinking to drop 62g Zealios in there and will research whether silencing clips would help. Another thing I need to research: soldering. What could go wrong?! lol. >_<

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