The Lofree Dot Is One Funky Keyboard [A Review]

Evaluating the mechanical Dot keyboard from Lofree! It’s based on retro typewriters and Apple’s Magic Keyboard, but it’s also Bluetooth and has one of the strangest layouts I’ve ever seen.

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NoTalker Gamer says:

I like the sound of those keys. But that’s about it.

DementedDistraction says:

You hit the space bar with your right index finger?

Samoh Kul says:

I wish there was an adequate PS/2 to USB adapter. Many of them stop working after a while and I do LOVE my old keyboards.

thedataflo says:

cherry mx blue over all ^^ i whish cherry would make the mx board 3.0 whit the soft perfection of blue switches in a bluetooth version and add backlights just thinking about it makes me wanna scream shut up and take my money XD

Retro Power Up says:

Ouf, this is definitely a case of design over functionality. Wowzers.

Sonny Crockett says:

Anytime they have old vietnam footage without weapon sounds they use the sound of blue switches to simulate the guns firing.

ccricers says:

Nanoxia makes keyboards? That’s news to me.

La Trace says:

Thanks for the honest and objective review on this Clint. This is why your viewers trust you on stuff like this.

savagezerox says:

i cant find anything on the “hellboy steampunk” keyboard hes talking about at 5:15

Nikka M says:

Great review, I was close to getting it but too many reviews blasted it for its uncomfortable typing experience. Shame, it’s just so pretty.

Uncle Joey's Bizzare Adventure says:

So style over substance at a high price. Basically a keyboard for macs.

m says:

Do you not use your thumbs for the spacebar?

Joe Faulkner says:

you should have just done an unboxing and started retching as you saw the arrow keys

Andrius Kamarauskas says:

0:16 i fold

Thomas Knight says:

if it drives you crazy I’ll take it
honestly I’d take any keyboard over mine lol!
know any good super cheap ones

Johnny Chimpo says:

Holy shit Heavy Gear 2
haven’t played that since i was 12

Evgeniy Zhabotinskiy says:

So, basically, this thing excels at everything *except* being a good mechanical keyboard, and that’s just because of somewhat dumb mistakes like using 2 switches for shift.
Such an epic failure. Good thing it can be fixed in newer models rather easily. It packs some very nice features.

Kronus Exodues says:

the W is too far to the left. All WASD controls will be difficult with this

Alexander Grischow says:


qbradq says:

Thank you for the honest review! I really respect your integrity.

Synthra Official says:

*Sees the arrow key layout and retches violently* What where they thinking?!

Kevser K says:

You’d be a great product designer, Clint!

Cavey Manta says:

Me watching this: “How could you dig the aesthetic of this thing? It doesn’t have wood grain. If only there were a wooden keyboard.” *Sees that the bamboo keyboard and mouse review video is up next* “There we go!”

steve122288 says:

the mac users couldn’t be smug about their keyboard design if the key design made too much sense

daigonite says:

Where can I buy the keyboard featured at 5:19, it looks beautiful, and is it good for touch typing since most of my typing is done like that. Have had to suffer with too many shitty keyboards these last few years

gabb000 says:

As always, very smooth video. Greetings from Argentina :v

Lu Tello says:

Yes, you have a fetish, sorta! Should I wait for that Nanoxia review? Almost ordered one just now.

Robert Morin says:

Glad to know that DAS/Metadot did a nice version of their keyboard for the Mac, too…which is always nice.  Sure, it’ll certainly cost a pretty penny, but boy, certainly 10x better than this.

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