The Gaming Keyboard Buyers Guide 2018! 😁 (Best Mechanical, Membrane & Chiclet)

After the BEST mechanical keyboard for gaming? These are the best mechanical keyboards money can buy for any budget, with the switch advantages explained and sounds tested! Join PC Centric for this buyers guide!
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zaknefein says:

Logitech G910 key peeling off and after 1 year of use some key are difficult to register wile typing,dont buy.

The Titan Wolf says:

3:07 Jesus that posture

gamer1628 5 says:

What is your keyboard that you use in this video?(the one on your desk)

I'm Jack's Nipples says:

are you typing with two fingers to show off more of the keyboard underneath your hands or is it because you’re a degenerate?

Eoghann Gibson says:

SteelSeries Apex M750 ?

TheTNTerminator says:

I want a full keyboard with all of these features
Media Controls
RGB lighting
N key rollover
Blue or Brown switches
USB and Audio Hub
Wrist rest
Macro Keys
Braided Cable
Does a keyboard with all of these features exist?

Code ehhh says:

what speakers are those?

Elijah Vega says:

No G810? feelsbadman

Karim Taweel says:

if you think that the k95 has the best RGB lighting on a keyboard you should seriously check out the corsair strafe RGB as it has the same RGB functions but with a white backplate around the keys which enhances the brightness and colours of the LEDs

Shen Yang says:

You type with 2 fingers lol <3 <3<3

[GD] WiZu says:

I think that the hyperX alloy elite rgb is one of the best keyboards i have ever tested. Just my opinion.

Elijah Corp says:

feel free to give me that ROG Strix 1080…

Mc Gregor says:

Pathetic, where are the DAS and WASD CODE

[DF]AKASOR says:

I think that the g413 is very entry level into mechanical keyboards it’s very basic and overall a good build

Plankton Cheated says:

I have a hyperx alloy elite and it’s a damn good keyboard, it is all metal and comes with a braided cable and a wrist rest and is only $100 I’m curious as to why it wasn’t even mentioned

Nick Harrison says:

I wish I got a k95 instead of my razer black widow chroma v2. It’s ok tho. Gets the job done just fine.

Misconception says:

EDIT: Since so many people are asking for a link, here it is:
I’ve used big brand mechanical ones like quickfire TK, K70 etc. But I got a ONE-UP Blue switch for like 49 bucks on ebay, and turns out it’s just as good if not better. Over half the price too.

Sebi's Random Tech says:

Rocking my 28 year old IBM Model M, still the best keyboard I have ever typed on!


Try the new msi keyboard pls

Alan Sabu says:

Hyper x alloy fps? Is it good or

Sage says:

I would put g pro but im a huge logiech fan

Alex McGowan says:

I’m surprised the razor ornata wasn’t on this list, its a pretty good keyboard with macros and the mecha membrane keys are actually really nice, i prefer razors software to corsairs as razors is much easier and really detailed

Jakob_Games 1st says:

I’ve got the razer blackwidow chroma v2 and i have the corsair k55 and i have a ledos gaming keyboard and then i have a ledos gaming mouse but i use the razer blackwidow chroma v2 most because i think it sounds best when u have a very good headset when you can’t hear any background things :))

bburn7840 says:

just get a k type or massdrop ctrl :p

Tech Life says:

Cosmicbyte GK05 is 849₹(15$) and has media keys rgb,and great for gaming.btw great video

Raz David says:

you know that you can use the macro keys of the razer blackwidow chrome v2 as media keys, right? and for me personally I much prefer their location on the keyboard than on the top right where I dont usually put my hands.

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