The DANKEST Ergonomic Keyboard – Ergodox EZ Review

We’re FINALLY reviewing the Ergodox EZ mechanical ergonomic keyboard- but this classic board has a new trick up its sleeve…

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Aaron Wright says:

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Dehi says:

This keyboard looks amazing!

碎城 says:

maybe, the input on the Hawking’s wheelchair is the most healthy way

Lone wolf says:

but can it game?

Caelan Davey says:

>back-lit keys
>hotswappable switches

Pick 2

Joël Fortin says:

Thirty dirty birds
Sitting on a curb
Chirping and Burping
And eating
Dirty earthworms
Along comes Herbie
From thirty-third
And third
Saw the thirty
Dirty birds
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Ben Werli says:

at first i was like “it looks like someone took keyboards from my old highschool and cut them in half” then he says “it actually looks as good as it feels” and i was like hah he means it feels like shit then i was like oh

Cody Kownacki says:

I’ve been browsin, inspectin
Xmen comics you know I collect them
The pens in my pocket – I must protect them.
My ergo-nom-ic keyboard never leaves me bored.

Carin Chow says:

Who’s keyboard is broken right now

BGXT X-treem says:

Linus Tech Tips
An you have a look at my pc build and tell me what you think.XDD

Jochen Würfel says:

Why doesn’t Logitech does a v2 of their Wave 🙁

gschdean says:

Why would I want to change the key switches and what are the differences?

BackspaceRhino says:


Nick Frush says:

Ugh. I’m debating getting one of these with some Aliaz silent switches and a HHKB Pro Type S

ze_or says:

I have the ergodox infinity. Best thing ever.

Nikita Pershukov says:

What do you think about Ultimate Hacking Keyboard?

J Frye says:

yeah!!!. dat RGB ergonomic gaming keyboard (that dankest thing ever reduces pain stress and getting carpet tunnelled n $#!@T)

ThaTyger says:

And here I am thinking spending a 100+ bucks on a keyboard is crazy 😡

Tudor Gruian says:

Should make a battle of ergo-keyboards

no mo says:

7:27 wrong. there are numerous far cheaper ergonomic split keyboard options out there

Nicholas Doering says:

Can y’all link to James’ configured layout? Curious to try it.

Chloros Okita says:

@Linus: Some “Tech quickie” channel got created to steal your official content.

Most of the YT reviews of the Ergodox (EZ, Infinity, Dactylus – yes, there are three main hardware versions of the Ergodox) are rather positive but the EZ is the one mostly commented upon because you don’t have to build it (Captain Obvious was here :p ). A review of the Infinity version of the Ergodox is here: and it’s a good addition to linus’ take on the EZ version.

Now I don’t know about you but the RGB aesthetics argument never even hit home to me and a braided middle wire is anything but hard to find in your local tech store if you really want to change it. Same goes for the wristpads, I’d tend to take a peek at that Wristocat™ gadget I heard about if my typing style wasn’t pianist-inspired (round fingers, as you’d hold an orange in each palm).

A few things I learn from other YT videos:
– If you plan on touch typing and completely outspeed your former self, this is the one. The ortholinear keys actually prevent you from typing some keys with multiple fingers, forcing you to type with extreme accuracy. This may be very hard at first because, let’s face it, ortholinear keyboards aren’t exactly mainstream. Combine it with Plover, and you’re good to go.
– If you’re an app developer, this keyboard may be more useful than you’d expect because the amount of layers allows for some pretty darn useful shortcuts (cf. ).
– Massdrop often provides drops for stylish caps (sometimes borderline WTF stylish). In order to properly use the centremost keys you’ll need to replace the original keycaps by deeper/thicker keycaps.

On a personal note, I *don’t* have an Ergodox, just using a MX Board 6.0, but this keyboard is on my wishlist (05/Jan/2018) somewhere along other porntech stuff.

Collin Weinheimer says:

Look at the dygma raise keyboard

霧生焼飯のチャンネル ぐにごん教No.41 says:

私はmicrosoft K5000で満足しました

Calvin Tomaschko says:

Linus Tech Tips is a great channel, I love their work!

Andrew McCauley says:

I used to think the Ergodox was pretty sexy until I found this one. A review of this would be pretty entertaining!

timothy selix says:

ultimate mmorpg keyboard

Qardo says:

So wait. A keyboard that claims to be an Ergonomic Keyboard. Doesn’t even come with the pieces to be an Ergonomic Keyboard?? It is just cheaper to just cut your own arms off and have robot arms and hands. Geez…talk about being taken by a Snake Oil Salesman. Snake Oil I say. It is all Snake Oil!

cspacehippie says:


kgonepostl says:

Only $355!? I’ll take 7!!!

Avery Mock says:

they overcharge for switches like crazy… $80 for 76 switches… not even zealios is that expensive

Jannik Wolf says:

WAIT. How did Linus show the Yogitype Keyboard show in this video, if the video about this Keyboard just came out today???

Jordan Playz says:

Sits in 900 ergonomic chair. Still Slouches.

Encursed says:

Dear linus…
Define Dank

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