The Coolest Mechanical Keyboard I have Seen! – ET ROBOT Review

The ETROBOT is one of the coolest RGB Mechanical gaming keyboards I have seen, so I picked one up to review!
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Full RGB Effects:


Lewrs says:

I love the side lighting and cherry mx blues are my favourite!

Reno Graphics says:

Same lighting options as my red dragon k557

Bahaa Nsralden says:

My favorite parts about the keyboard are the blue switch and the lighting effects, you can see in my profile picture my old setup with my razer blackwidow v2 before the lighting effect and the function keys stopped working I have no idea why, I tried reinstalling the driver it didn’t work.

Chicken Nuggetzz says:

I like all of the rgb lighting especially around the edge of the keyboard

Naweed Uddin says:

I’d love to win this keyboard..My favourite part of it is the ambient lighting!!

Luis Orozco says:

That rgb tho

Konn says:

Love that keyboard looks really niceu.

Darealchamp INSANE VIDS says:

i have the same keyboard but an 80 percent keyboard.

Mustache Cashdash says:

I love the lighting modes

Josiah Paul says:

My FAVOURITE THING about the keyboard is BY FAR THE LIGHTINGGGGGGGG AHHH it looks so cool and I just spent $300 on a gaming laptop so I was looking for a keyboard with clicks switches!!!

DSyR Critical says:

My favorite part of the keyboard is that it uses a hefty switch because I like keyboards that have a heftier keystroke

Sn0wFox says:

the price is low

Toshimitso says:

I love the high quality look of it considering its price. Very modern and stylish also.

Mark Moore says:

My favorite part of the keyboard has got to be the rgb lighting it is so Cleen and this would help me out a lot at I’m currently in the middle of building a pc and need a keyboard too

Dillz says:

I like how customisable the rgb on the keyboard is, and how high end it (seemingly) feels for the cheaper end $60 price for mechanical keyboards. Hopefully i win the giveaway!

Goat Float says:

I love how the frame is metal and that the keyboard does not flex and look cheap.

Yeet God says:

rgb is epic

Sam Greene says:

I liked the small and compact plus blue to go with my theme

TechSource says:

I stepped up my video production for this video, what do you guys think?

Dna_Harvest0r says:

I love the switches and the rgb. Definitely good for it’s price

ConfusedDog says:

rgb led’s lul

soroush mirzaee says:

I’ve been looking for something like this for days . This keyboard looks amazing and I love the blue switches , both sound and feedback it gives

Lvkey says:

I’ve always wanted a mechanical and i like this one.

Evan B says:

I love the sound of the keyboard, my first keyboard ever was an old IBM keyboard with a PS/2 connector. needless to say, I love the feeling of a heavy press and a deep, resonant *click* sound when you press them. I’m also loving the color options and full RGB support, much more than my current keyboard, the Corsair K55. The price is also attractive 🙂

Wolfenise says:

By far favourite part of the video is the rgb lightning and the sound test as always! Btw Ed, keep up on the awesome vids man, just built my own pc about 2 weeks ago and I’ve been watching your videos non stop and I’ve learned so much about pcs in the past month. I watched your build guide and went through step by step following along. Just wanna say thanks for all the awesome vids and props dude. I would love to win this keyboard for my brother since he needs a new one, and his birthday is In 2 weeks!!


I really like the look and the light options and the cherry mx blues i have been looking for one but i cant afford it because im 12 lol love the vids

David Cox says:

I like the price the most

Luca Oosthuizen says:

what I like is that it isn´t expensive and for the price you get a pretty good keyboard wich is able to control lighting and all that stuff for only $60

Asif Mahtab says:

My favourite part is that rgb bar and the different rgb modes that comes with the cheap price tag. I bought the Logitech g413 which was 8000bdt Here in my country(equivalent to around 100$) but doesn’t have any other mode without breath…

Lantaelias says:

I love rgb and i don’t have a keybord i use på dadds laptop keyboard

MarioNightz Art says:

I loved the ambient light, looks cool

Tina Orsini says:

Hi Tech source my favorite part of the keyboard is the mouse

Rishi Grover says:

My favourite part about the keyboard is the compatibility with all themed setups due to the insane rgb!
I really need a good keyboard as my current membrane one in breaking. This keyboard is perfect for me. Good luck to everyone that entered!

Chetra says:

Sound is the main part for me in the mechanical keyboard and other come after. This one sounds so good compare to famous brand like razor. I am consider to get one to replace my 3years old mechanical keyboard.

Ivan Li says:

Plz the keyboard is so coollio

JPolastri says:

Keyboard looks fresh

LamarJones says:

The rib strip all the way around is sooo fricken saucy

Tuguldur Oyuntuya says:

RGB obviously

CD_Poseidon says:

the lights around the frame are amazing

TrixonGames says:

Looks like my Motospeed CK108, but better…

Kenan Oz says:

My favourite part about the keyboard is the side ambient lighting!

Robert40789 says:

I love the price point and color effects for this keyboard. I’d love to get one for my setup!

YehBoiYT - Games says:

my best thing about the keyboard is that itsa mechanical and the reson i want it is cause i need it for my gaming setup

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