The Coolest Keyboard I Have EVER Used ($250) – ASUS ROG Claymore Review

Thank you ASUS South Africa for lending me the Claymore to do this review. This truly is the best keyboard I have ever used and if you want to buy it check it out using the Rebeltech link down below.

Asus South Africa

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Aura Sync


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Outro Song:
Name: Dubstep
Artist: Bensound

Background Songs
Itro & Tobu – Cloud 9 [NCS Release]
Waysons – Eternal Minds [NCS Release]
Tobu – Hope [NCS Release]
Lensko – Circles [NCS Release]


Chip says:

I feel like I can’t trust your reviews based on how few negative things you have to say about every product you review. A lot of my preferred tech channels will readily let me know what I’m getting for my money, good and bad. It just seems like everything you review is the best of its kind.
Don’t be afraid to point out the flaws or poor design choices in a product, it will go a long way for your credibility as a reviewer.

Győri Sándor says:

cool, so if I want a board like this I have to sit on the keys to press them. I cant even press 2 keys at once!

Jumping Donuts says:


James’s Shadow says:

5:00 actuation force of 45Kilograms? damn dude

Franz Naval says:

1:34 message from isis?!

Mason Chappell says:

great video man

gh0st1976 says:

The detachable Numpad isn’t really unique. Microsoft did it long ago with the Sidewinder Keyboards. The Claymore looks like a nice BlingBling Keyboard. But for my personal taste it is too much.

HackyPlayZ says:

Please! help me
I have this keyboard and on some of my profiles i press A or something else and it put it like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Cam OdinsSon says:

I liked this til I seen the other functions like Overclocking,BIOS,clearing CMOS etc, those sort of commands/functions should be left alone, I can imagine people overclocking their CPU or clearing their CMOS by accident, just me but yeah I dont like that

PlusHalfling says:

ya know what would be cool, if you could have a key light up only when an ability is off cooldown

Technicqlly says:

coolest price ever
a msg from isis and 45kg actuation force

maxim van den Bos says:

Woooow dude I just noticed over 700 subs! Good job! Last time I checked it was 300 xD keep it Up!

When I saw the intro with the cool shots I thought it was a really cool keyboard

Gamer_For_Life_GR says:

Good but expensive.

Facepalm of Glory says:

go to 3:12 and read the captions for like 10 seconds

Christiaan Kruger says:

Awesome keyboard!! Detachable nu mpad RGB whats not to love? Even the cable detaches! OMF I want one (Cries in corner)

Xhillvin NewVillage says:

I like the design of the keyboard but asus stepping on the 200 dollar mark.. i dunno no dedicated keys for lights and volume..
still thnks corsair k95 is much worth it..

Poofullpants says:

It is almost $300 dollars in Singapore though, sadly. Anyway, great review, keep it up!

Tanker says:

8:02 what kinda plant you got on the right there boi

top kek says:

can you buy the numpad on it’s own?

top kek says:

Asus should have added a speed selecter so I could make incredible effects like in freaking geometry dash also it should have macro like timing so you could create demos

Mr Objection says:

pretty good indeed

pen0rprick says:

the rbg trend is so dumb

Viru5ZA says:

Damn an actuation force of only 45 kilograms, neat. (5:01)

John Carabetta says:

I feel like something is out of focus… its not easy on the eyes at points, which i have noticed with many of your vids, id rather just listen then watch to get you a view count. Good content tho.

MekaStrix says:

The Rainbow effect is a bit lacking compared to other keyboards though 🙁

bonoshin peace says:

Good review 🙂 can you check out the Red Dragon Indrah? I’m thinking of buying it

Candren Lycosa says:

Any way i can get this keyboard with Cherry MX Black Switches (like what it says on their website)

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