The Best Keyboard + Mouse Combo

Microsoft Surface Keyboard and Mouse are my favorite combo right now. It’s the best keyboard for programming / work / edits – Just don’t play Overwatch with them lulz.
Surface KB –
Surface Mouse –
Custom Keyboard –
GMK Cyan Keycaps –
Razer Ornata –
Razer Blackwidow X Chroma –

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hyperinsomia says:

how about Logitech K780?

Edward Yeung says:

Guys how does his dell laptop not throttle

Jason Loraine says:

Any suggestions for a keyboard with a dongle? I’ve used multiple Bluetooth keyboards and I have experienced terrible connectivity issues. But my mouse with a dongle works fine. I was using the Bluetooth windows designer keyboard and mouse set up and they don’t work well with my partitioned MacBook. Please help any suggestion is appreciated. (Or if you know why my designer keyboard won’t work that would also be cool hahah) thanks!

Agneya says:

*owns super powerful pc capable of playing overwatch*

Dave: “I’m gonna use my XPS 15”

Tamas Terjek says:

Any chance to have a video about the custom keyboard? specially the part how you made it wirelessy. And maybe some info about switches and keycaps…

Wayne says:

Hi Dave, have you experienced any latency while connecting your PC? Mine has been doing it occasionally. Change the battery, and it still happens.

IsangBata GT says:

Try the Corsair K95 and the Logitech G502, Honestly the best combo ever

Bad genji Main says:

One of my friends bought the new macbookpro and he said, the keyboards so tactical!

Josh12342 says:

Why r u masters, I’m only gold 🙁

Arsalan Sefidgar says:

Can you explain more about how make Wireless Keyboard with Arduino

Shubham Kushwah says:

The best thing I learned from the video: Never make a video unprepared. lol

Owen Skywalker says:

this keyboard +mouse can’t be used on MacOS… i thought i found the perfect one.

ClockworkBastard says:

You are not asian. And you never wad! You can be proud of yourself, but please, don’t tell it to your parents.

UltimaG - Minecraft & More says:

who else like chiclet keyboard other than me?

like if you do!

Nappy Boy says:

The keyboard was fine for gaming right?

Davide Lombardo says:

the title of your video it’s in italian but do why you speak in english ?

IntescyAvenger says:

lol i litterally just said to myself “ahhh dave lee, i ike to listen to his calm voice” and instantly got weirded out

Maxym Vyznyuk says:

They are great, but in the title you said that they are the best, isn’t it a bit misleading?

Alessandro Azara says:

3:31 Thanks! That’s exactly why I won’t buy it!

Thad .S says:

150 bucks? yeah um this confuses me…

Nikhil J says:

Apple earpods, really? With all that gear lying around, I thought you would choose more wisely 😛 But loved the video, it was so raw and real.

Killermax says:

Could you make a video on how to make your custom bluetooth kbd?

jroger181 says:

keyboard is not an art it is a functional component. Which keyboard can you type the fastest? That one I will buy. Looking for a keyboard, for my Apple TV.

Sunrethy Kun says:

i actually watch this twice without knwing, till that scene of you playing game. and then i realized i didnt sub yet.

Dirk Gently says:

That’s not even mechanical… Is this shilling or what.

aidsgill says:

microsoft just copied the magic keyboard 2.

Scoping says:

Thanks for make a VNM subtitle! Very appreciate

Juan Carlos Araujo S. says:

I know you don’t do many keyboard reviews… but you are great at them. Can you , please, do some comparison between the Logitech G Pro Keyboard and the Cooler Master S Pro with Cherrry Mx Browns?

chris s says:

the surface keyboard looks like an apple keyboard

Felix Horvath says:

Does someone know where he has got his wallpaper on the monitor in the background from?

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