The Best Keyboard Ever? (Das 4 Professional)

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Is the Das Keyboard 4 Professional the perfect keyboard?

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NebThe GreenFox says:

Please review the Corsair K95 RGB platinum, and replace this ugly piece of shit I am looking at. Also, you should review the sound blaster Katana. These products you review are mediocre. Das keyboard, if you need help developing something less shitty message me.

The Booty Guru says:

Funny how nowadays a keyboard needs RGB to be near the best keyboard.

DETahaX says:

I wish more keyboards had that volume wheel….. I reeeeeeeeeeeally want a chiclet keyboard with that volume wheel…. :”(

Khosmik Crew Modz says:

2:35 , or maybe ur into smacking little children ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Perfox says:

I have Corsair K70 LUX RGB with Cherry MX blue switches

Bor van Zeeland says:

back when Unbox Therapy was still sane and made decent content

Sad Penguin says:

Do left handed people type with their right hands and use their mouse with their left hands?

Carmelo Santini says:

Would like to see a comparison between this and Matias

nou giw says:

I’m tired of watching reviews on das 4 and yet I haven’t found what I was looking for. And since you say you had the previous model too, could you please be kind enough and show a side-to-side comparison of the inclination of the two keyboards? I would also be happy enough if you just reply to me and tell me what I need to know, without any photos or videos! I’d like to know if model 4 is less -because it’s obviously not more- or equally inclined than model S.

Brayden Rhodes says:

This keyboard looks like it would be perfect for the office. Professional looking, but no mushy rubber dome keys xD

Akmal Muntafiq says:

it is best keyboard ever?

Terminal says:

Is there a tenkeyless version? I like TKL better since I don’t have to reach out as far to use the mouse.

Mads Mikkel Nørgaard Lund says:

the best keyboard is the strike 7 from madcatz

Ajay Sharma says:

what if i tell u that a keyboard sold in india has cherry mx blue switches and cost $20.. yes.. can u review

IsDitGerben says:

Damn your videos have changed quite a bit. You seem so different in these old videos. Definitely like the new ones way more.

Vlad S. says:


Matthew Tam says:

4:00 “I can’t tell if that’s plastic or aluminum.”


“It feels cheap in it’s construction.”

Andrew Gaming FTW says:


BoundInChains says:

WHOA! this thing is expensive!!! lol

Scott Hester says:

It’s weird seeing the difference on energy the new videos have vs the old ones

Samuel Tremblay says:

I’ve bought another Das Keyboard 4 a couple of weeks ago. I’ve already bought two of them 2 years ago. What can I say about the quality control is that it is far worst than ever. I had to returns my last keyboard 2 times. The first time because the media control buttons did not work at all; the border of the buttons was stuck under the aluminum plate. The second keyboard that I received has the sound control button loose and finally, I just decided to keep the last one even if the function keys row was not totally black like if some baby powder was embedded in the plastic. I’ve bought many other keyboards much cheaper than Das Keyboard 4 with absolutely no problem at all. Is it the best keyboard ever? Absolutely not!

Nitin Kumar says:

Bad in comparison to Corsair Keyboards.

Cris Racing and Gaming says:

You can measure your D with this keyb :))

Red Phoenix says:

@7:03 … is more like a marketing term in this case and actually means highend. Even then there are diminishing returns and a certain price bracket. You should ask yourself whether or not it is better than a Corsair KB95 Platinum. 🙂
@7:12 Then it is an overkill noneseless. Those key switches last approx 50,000,000 keystrokes regardless how many features you add upon. 🙂

ツEvilFrvstyツ says:

He was so chill in his old videos…DAMN CRACK IS A HELL OF A DRUG!

tubetib says:

Unable to find a French Canadian version.

pcfreak1992 says:

Back in the days when Lew wasn’t a yelling sellout… Miss those days..

DJ Khaled says:

im happy with my £15 wraith keyboard

Frilless Gaming says:

He clearly has not seen RGB Mechanical keyboards

Michael Dunlop says:

anyone recognize the baseline in the song from zombies ate my neighbors?

Tarik Guney says:

I don’t think that it is the best keyboard ever. It is just a bit overrated by the community and mechanical keyboard lovers. There are better brands with more functionality such as RGB backlighting, customizable keys, and so on. dasKeyboard may have enjoyed quite a popularity during the era in which the mechanical keyboards were not well known among people and were too expensive for many to buy, but the time has changed.

Vsatyk says:

Damn, a lot of retarded ass comments from those who have no idea what the hell mechanical keyboards are.

Maiku says:

terrible keyboard, bought it and replaced it with my corsair k70

เอคุงหัวฟ้า says:

Noth use this one?

Frostfire FTW says:

OMG slick AND sleek!!?!?!

The Unknown says:

Got 2 and there great

Alex Bunn says:

Do they do a uk style keyboard

allton471 says:

The “dass” keyboard?!

Kick his ass seabass

mohammed ashraf says:

hey something wrong

you are not active……

zhekaus says:

the kb is suxx

Micah Strydom says:

Please can you go look at how they currently scamming the people on kickstarter?! We need people to expose their poor ethics and illegal business practice! they violating section 4 of kickstarters terms of service.Please can you write about this shocking story?Go look at their Facebook reviews too!

The CreeperGuy says:

Yeah 2160P 4K the best pixel you never seen

Donner Van Zabdiel Batungbakal says:

dat finger 0:56

SufferingIsPeace says:

Made in Germany, you know the Germans make good stuff.

Hanxon Jershey says:

wag kame tanga

Hi Byw says:


Yomka Hassan says:

Overpriced shit!

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