TADA68 Mechanical Keyboard unboxing and review

The TADA68 from Originativeco.com is a fully programmable mechanical keyboard with some some surprisingly high quality components, despite its affordable price. I was really impressed with the build and materials – and that’s after I tore it down.

Here’s some links that will be useful:
Where to buy: https://www.originativeco.com/
That custom USB cable I plugged: http://1upkeyboards.com/index.php?cPath=23_27

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EposVox says:

Neat little board.

biochrome says:

wow -inverted- fliped spacebar is amazing~

Ninlop says:

what are those caps on the leopold?

mrauls says:

Very nice board. I wish it wouldn’t take so long to ship, but oh well haha

Autunite says:

Reminds me of the old IBM keyboards with those colors, nice

Bill Addison says:

Bought one of these because I thought mechanical keyboards looked like a great idea, but unfortunately not for me. Much prefer the chiclet style keyboards. Way too much effort typing on mechanical. Can’t understand why anyone would use one to be honest.

hjkl says:

I have a keyboard with gateron clears but I like my HHKB more.

Steven Lopes says:

Have you done the Tada68 program video yet? I do not see it on your channel

Crux says:

so happy I bought one back in the end of september for $122 with gateron blues

iNViSiBiLiTi says:

Getting quite a bit of fan noise/white noise in the background.

FreeMan4096 says:

obvious sellout

Attapong Chooamnard says:

Does this work with White Fox cases?

Spencer Koch says:

It looks like $79 without the keycaps. 109 with caps. Still pretty good. 139 if you want their MOD switches.

DVZN Media says:

all I can say is that board looks nice and I like that it has the arrow keys

SilkyJohnson28 says:

Hi, can you go through the different modes of the LED on the tada68?

Outraged Pudding says:

Now THIS is the review I’ve been waiting for! Thanks a lot, Pete! You helped clear things up drastically 🙂 I love this keyboard

H logo says:

Stop talking and enjoy black and gold.

朱峙霖 says:

this keyboard is only 50-55 dollars in CN.

Geoff Goldplum says:


Clark Yokomizo says:

Is the follow up about programming in one of the live streams?

Bryan Nguyen says:


Yan Doroshenko says:

Set like this looks like $150 on Massdrop. I would get it for $75 in half a second, but for $150 I’d rather get another Pok3r and a crate of nice beer.

Larry Seyer says:

$75? They show $135 on their site now! (booo)

Marvin says:

Are you going to do a follow up video with programming?

muhammad irvan nugroho says:

where i can buy that ?

bagus isrianto says:

great review ! questions, what kind of stabilizers does it use ? cherry plate mounted or pcb mounted ? and if i want to mod clip the stab do i need to desolder the entire switch or only the stabilized one ?

Dimas Zaky says:

from those three store, which one has the most artisan keycaps?


Man these sold out, im kinda bummed. They come with nice keycaps too. I have a RS II ver.b on the way and i cant wait, i wanted something sooner.

ron baer says:

try one of the new modular switch mechanical keyboards

Byheart 101 says:

Great videos,man ! sub+

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