Symbolics Space Cadet keyboard review (Honeywell Hall effect 4B3E)

Skip to 14:40 for a typing demonstration.
How Hall effect keyboard switches work:

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I’m Thomas and I do keyboard videos and reviews. Today we look at the Symbolics Space Cadet keyboard. What better way to end the year than by reviewing the holyn of holies? 😀

The practice sentence was: “Hello my name is Thomas and I’m typing on a Space Cadet keyboard right now. Thank you all so much for everything, it’s been a wonderful year! I’ll see you next time in 2018!”


Mora Fermi says:

The only step up would be the complete operator’s panel from a 1950s IBM mainframe. And then maybe the DSKY module from the lunar lander. 🙂

Dr. Pavel I'm CIA says:

The windows key on most keyboards shipped with windows computers is actually called “Super”, carried from this keyboard.

Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

1:31 Damn. So I got the colours wrong in my rendering then …

Axel Alexson says:

Damn I want it…then again I also want to buy a house so ..hmmm
Can’t wait for a good new hall effect switch.

carson victory says:

where do i buy white alps switches

el burro says:

and there really arent any replacement keycaps for normal cherry switches that look like the space cadet’s?

pleggli says:

⊥ is obviously not an upside down T.
⊤ is a tee, still not a T.


Peaceful Hooligan says:

Roflmao @ typing demonstration.

JC Leyba says:

dream keyboard right here and if anyone ever was gonna review it it would be you 😀

LordDecapo says:

The black cock comment threw me so far off

TheDutyPaid says:

I have a IBM KB-9910 would it be any use to you for a review?

whiteboy7thgrade productions says:

holyshit your voice

Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

6:00 These days, Linux GUIs offer a “compose” key, which is a dead key that gives you sequences for typing a huge range of characters–particularly useful in today’s Unicode-centric world.

I normally map Compose to the caps lock key.

hexpress says:

my dude converted oz as fl oz. 1 sec.
It’s a 70g switch

TerrahBite says:

LOL how you converted the oz to mililitres. lmao.
They’re 70 gram I think.

That is quite the funky layout, I’d love to make a copy cat just to have a got at typing on it.

Skyler Barnett says:

I never understood asmr until today

Ordinary Salad says:


Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

8:16 Not “Oz” as in “Wizard Of”, but short for “ounce”, as in 1/16 of a pound. Technically a unit of mass but here they are using it for weight. So 2.5 ounces is about half a newton of force.

ColdWarTom says:

Please don’t stop. Ever! If you do this long enough, maybe we won’t even notice if you have to start over because you’ve literally reviewed every keyboard ever made. Of course by then, I believe that you’ll have a unique perspective that will lend itself quite handily to another retrospective look at each keyboard anyway. By then you would be able to compare and contrast them as no one else could.

Shiunbird says:


Vulcan Viper says:

Could there be a working computer on which this keyboard was used?

ZachTheSloth says:


tip Pop says:

You have a very nice voice !

Chris says:

Dsa dye subs use he same font and super button

Damian Chrzanowski says:

Talk about keyboard porn. Dude this is some great work you’ve done here @Chyrosran22

TackStash779 says:

Millimetres of force xD

Do R/C! says:

Wrong ounce:)

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