Steelseries Apex M750 Gaming Keyboard Review

It’s light, durable (we dropped it), comes with smooth mechanical switches, and has plenty of RGB customization, but is it worth its price tag? Michael breaks down the Steelseries Apex M750 gaming keyboard.

Do you prefer mechanical keyboards? What do you think are the best keyboards in PC gaming? Let us know in the comments!

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بندر الحربي says:


Blue Psychotic Panda says:

FaZe Jev needs this

Curious_ Bear says:


InstantRamen says:


Lord Charioce says:

I need this I broke my every time I play dark souls

abssuper 20 says:

Awesome keyboard. Keep more reviews coming

Nadya Katis says:

not very bad but not very good,me freind

mad? says:

They have basically ripped off razer

Duy Nguyen says:

Hmm… At $140, I’d rather just go Ducky Channel Shine series.

DZYH says:

please just stick with consoles your channel wasnt meant for these stuff

Eddyword94 says:

Girl in background sounded sexy

J4ckCr0w says:

Hello kid, IBM Model M is unbreakable, but you were not born then.

Sandro Vazquez says:

Do they have MX Stems or are they proprietary?

richie derosas says:

What happened to the stream?

Italics says:

looks like a waste of money

BoomBoomBrucey says:

I much prefer blues for gaming and typing but all those RGB options sound awesome.

DirtyDanChicago says:

There are people who will find a way.

mazen alngar says:

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the video. Nice and simple review, pleasent background music, and enjoyable on screen personalties. Keep it up gamespot!

TriksterHD says:

I’m yet to find a keyboard I couldn’t break. Hand it over to me and I’ll test it for you.

Johnny5clowna says:

This video was Cringey

WonderMePartyStrip says:

This will not survive ragequitters

Daniel Wild says:

I still prefer my Corsair Strafe RGB I know they are expensive but so worth it. Got mine on offer for only £90

THE Gamer says:

._. ._. ._. ._._._._._ ._.___ .________._.. ._.._._. ._.._._

Stona Raptor says:

looks good but i dont like how open the caps are. Seems like dust gets in there very fast.

GameSpot says:

What do you think of the Apex M750? Do yo have a keyboard you like more?

LOTREK says:

no thanks

PogChamp says:

lol that is pretty loud haha

Arti says:

Looks ugly tbh

Veer Pal says:

Hmm interesting

DaSimsNetwork says:

You guys really should have put those other keyboard review videos in the end slate for us to click on.

whoaitsnico says:

Cut your hair

beast fc says:


Red Fantom says:


Donut kun says:

Something about this guys mouth irritates me..

CampingShadowComplex says:

Fake drop test

thrasher6499 says:

nope i dont like it razor keyboards are way better

danrg26 says:

Is it cumproof thats all i need to know

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