Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard: Review

Quick hands-on review of the Galaxy S8 keyboard accessory from Samsung.

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Galaxy S8:
Galaxy S8 +:







mynameis bob says:

Not really useful but still pretty cool.

Master of Gaming says:

I bought both

Samsung says:

Samsung Galaxy 3310

ispectechular says:

That has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

Anay Makan says:

Rip Rip Blackberry. You are getting slowly shut down

Anthony Horgan says:

hihi detroitborg

Cuban Taco says:

I get it. it’s for the business user who doesn’t want to rely on a touch keyboard

Imogen Bradley says:

Literally anger heavily presidency nuclear flesh spring hair

Phi Almighty says:

this product will not survive in a free capitalistic market.

Sanjeev Sine says:

Bakwaas keyboard

DarkVeilGaming says:

I really wish someone would just bring back a slide-phone. 🙁 I really hate the portrait-style keyboards of the blackberry, I just want a modern phone that has the screen slide sideways so that you can type with a fullsize keyboard in landscape mode, I don’t care how thick that might make the phone, it’d be worth it!

Emilie Moreau says:

Whereas odd my regulation fabric depict Supreme moreover reality.

Joel Almendarez says:


RazoRaptor says:

iBoard. Coming soon to an Apple store near you.

Raimundo Castro says:

I hope Blackberry recovers and rises again… ='(
They were such iconic and cool phones

Poona Love says:

pleasse do a review on he new iPad pro 10.5 inch

Amori M. says:

Some people prefer the physical buttons and clicking sound of it. That’s why they made this.
@ everyone in comments

Devian Roman says:

so we can say is half usless waste of money…

robert june tria says:

phone with an identity crisis…

ahmad riady says:

hii. is backlight screen area under keyboard turn off for battery saver-amoled?

Ryan Barclay says:

nice option available but probably not worth it in my view , especially compared to a Bluetooth keyboard when considering the price difference between the blackberry and the Samsung

Kishor Kanna says:

Setup tour 2017 please

Kilak says:


Julian Facyson says:

It’s pathetic…

The Technoclast says:

Somewhat ironically I’m watching this video on my Blackberry Priv.

StarTrek123456 says:

it looks ugly.

nictimus says:

how much of an snowflake you have to be to buy this? fucking hipsters

Hafa Adai says:

Profile: There is a mole in the Samsung team. He a 40 year old former blackberry employee.

Stein says:

4:20 Nope just arctic Ice cream and giraffes 😀

Eric Lozano says:

Congratulations on reaching 1 million subs Mike!

Umesh Janardhanan says:

When the keyboard snaps on, how does the phone know it has been attached? Not able to figure that out.. hmm.

Sharon Lee says:

Hey DetroitBORG,make a video about iOS 11.

yagoa says:

multitasking is worse on the s8 soooo…. very bad deal. presenting the classic samsung RamGate

TheRubyGamers //TRG says:

What the hell is the point of that thing? No, no one likes to add a physical keyboard to a phone! That’s REALLY old school!

MLSutandio says:

What if i put the keyboard on the top part?

Ghazi Algifari says:

how thats very good

Arya Jonathan says:

Samsung wants to point out that something that is just a concept is possible.
I know iphone has this accessories offered by third party but Samsung themselves provided one if you want to.

Clemintine da boss AKA :Siri Great says:

Well fuck iPhone,

MoonAr says:

Oh god, people wanted physical keyboard when screens was smaller because it was hard to type now it’s little pointless. You can also switch from vertical to horizontal mode so why why ?

Jaskaran singh says:

Such a Hipster​ thing

Jordan Hughes says:

I prefer mechanical keyboards, but I don’t have the options that Samsung users have.

The King Of Lyric says:

No IPhone here.

Jason van de Laar says:

This will break quickly, probably in less than a year.

Adrian Garcia says:

wow thats actually creative


Well samsung failed to realize where blackberry went wrong

fakhrul radzi azmi says:

God, I need it rn.

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