ROCCAT Vulcan 120 Aimo Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review

Today we check out the Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, which aims to please gamers with their new Titan gaming keyswitch!

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Mythicalyfe says:

I love how every company is trying to one up each other

That way we get better keyboards

Kennui Muffins says:

Nice 2×3 switch tester 😀

Justin Y. says:

Ugh it looks sooo ugly.

Jean K Meow says:

Innovation is good, but it’s burning the pockets of curious consumers … Like us :p

DHtechHD says:

Yeay! My favorite keyboard reviewer!

Radar Lund says:


arse says:

i despise open key designs after having a corsair, ugly clear switches exposed with rgb light bleed. no bueno

Cheemio says:

I’m not sure what’s the fetish with exposed switch designs on these newer keyboards…

Toppy Boy says:

wow thats a nice looking keyboard!

Fabrizio Carrara says:

Someone can explain what is actually a gaming keyboard?

nofreenamestoreg says:

I like Roccat, but that keyboard looks … meh.

Findecanor says:

Do standard Cherry MX-compatible keycaps fit these switches?

Robert Long says:

The switches have quite a muted sound. Very interesting! Do you have any idea who the OEM for the switches is? It looks like it using the Outemu water/dust resistant stem design, but the housing looks completely different!

Zappies says:

this keyboard is only for the epicest gamers

JJazz says:

*N U T*

Michael says:

Love this keyboard

julian23561 says:

I appreciate the industry trying new things but this keyswitch just looked a little too similar but too different at the same time, and not in a good way.

Also, what’s with the Bananas?

Thunder Draws says:

so it’s a MX clone with a housing that makes it incompatible with a lot of keycaps?
great… lol

Pando says:

You lost me at no detachable cable. Too bad because I like the sound of the switches and the macro capability. Then again, it is kinda ugly. Did you mention the price?

zCriq says:

man, that thing is really ugly. what a dissapointment :/

Pizza says:

this keyboard looks soo weird and thats a bad weird. the keys also sound really cheap.

John says:

I nutted.

spoooget says:

Full size gaming keyboard is big doo doo >:(

PPDD says:

160€ and no detachable cable. Wtf are the designers thinking of?

August Canaille says:

“Inside the box we have shit….

….and more shit….”

Chris 1 says:

Are you gonna order the ducky mini one 2

Chokkan says:

Wow, this thing is super ugly imo. I can see a lot of people digging it though. I’ve seen worse.

BqisHaqis says:

Oh, those switches make a nice sound

Renzeth Bulawan says:

I think ill buy this just for the keycaps.

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