RGB Keyboard Reviews

Aukey KM-G4: http://amzn.to/2pFRMli

1stplayer FireRose: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MS4Y9I4

1stplayer Mouse Mat: http://amzn.to/2qAWVZB

Corsair K95: http://amzn.to/2pu7YVW


August Celine III says:

In the market for a new keyboard and can’t decide between the aukey and the firerose. Someone sell me on one of them please?

vanderritchie says:

Barry, I swear to god if you hit the space bar with your pointer finger one more time I’m going to scream.

1TzR34perYT says:

the aukey is litterally a cheap razer blackwidow chroma stealth

NovalPro says:

Sorry for stupidity but can I for example make all keys red and the WASD keys green?

toprakcem savas says:

they don’t ship to Turkey soo… SHIT

Dylan Wong says:

Barry which keyboard would you recommend between the corsair k70 rgb lux or the razer blackwidow chroma

Jake Turner says:

*listens to audio for first two keyboards* me: it sounds exactly the same.

「The Flashbolter」 says:

Would it be better or worse if companies provided the driver on a USB instead of a disc…?

Someone_in_Finland says:

My K70Lux does have an USB passthrough. Why the K95 doesn’t have one included

Banana .! says:

I am just wondering why is the razor cromma worse then then the corrsair k95 I just don’t know what to buy

Kyler Shearer says:

Keyboard asmr?

Troll Playz says:

My Skorpion K2 is louder than fighter jet reaching Mk2

Forgettable Guy says:

my k95 broke in 5 months and corsair refuses to refund it dispute it’s under warranty and it’s a manufactory error

VladNex says:

If you dont like the sound of brown, try MX red, or MX Silent

JRRdaking Franklin says:

you can buy an external disk drive that plugs in via usb really cheap

Kors100 says:

I made the 1,000 comment yeah me

Roman Heinrich says:

You like poets ? 🙂

nuggz503 says:

Who the crap has a optical drive now a days?? This ain’t 2005.

RainbowLox says:

you dont have to plug both in, you just plug the main one into a 3.0 port.
if its 2.0. you have to use both.

Jiakoms says:

The cons weren’t really enough for me for the Aukey and Firerose, since I like clicky keyboards and never use macros. But other than that, great review! I recently got the Aukey keyboard, and I really like it! I paired it up with the mouse mat you reviewed too xD

Nazi dolphin says:

keyboard asmr

bloxrocks says:

hey barry i use the corsair k70 rgblux whitch is baisicly the same keyboard as the one in the video but with no macros. id like to comment on your use of the software. you say that they disapeer after a little while but it honestly seems like a you problem, mine havent done that once in my year and a half of owning it. and you didnt say you at least googled it to see if others had the problem. if i didnt allready own it, that may have discouraged me from buying it and i dont like false info.

Random Retard says:

Barry didn’t have any pants on

Aaanti. says:

I type with my weggy board.

Scottish Comrade says:

What’s that in his front panel drive bay?

Ur_Everyday_meme _ says:

strafe rgb with mx silent if you want a quiet board. 95 platinum or aluminum for more keys and stuff

Stobbor says:

Barry, it is the bullet hunter! I know I’m late but I’d never noticed before

Paul Bot says:

My cousin has the Firerose

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