Razer Ornata keyboard review (Razer Mecha-Membrane)

Skip to 13:19 for a typing demonstration.
You asked it, you got it! We finally take a look at the Razer Ornata, with its mecha-membrane switches. This keyboard gave me a LOT of material to work with, hence why it turned into a pretty big project. Hope you enjoy the video! 🙂

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I’m Thomas and I do videos and reviews on mechanical keyboards ranging from the most sickening modern RGB gaming keyboards to vintage hardware relics, or sometimes keycaps or keyswitches ranging from Cherry MX to Alps SKCM to IBM buckling springs and anything in between.

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The practice sentence was: “Hello my name is Thomas and I’m typing on a Razer Ornata right now. This must be one of the worst-built keyboards I’ve ever seen, this thing has so many negatives. Why not just buy a real keyboard?!”


Bcgden says:

Your voice is so satisfying

DrunkenKiddo 101 says:

If you are looking for a chroma office keyboard. There’s your answer. It’s alright for late night gaming if you don’t want to disturb anyone I guess and it’s good for starting off but it’s easily out done by other products

GSM_ TAZRE says:

This is my 1st video by you but that voice tho (●•●

Anson Yang says:

wtf is wrong with your voice….

RR7GamesRJW says:

I got new blackwidowv2 for £80 on blackfriday lol

CineRaphael says:

I dare you to review a Logitech Wave it ergonomic but it still type like shit.

DNB says:

A $47 keyboard has better switches, with only a red backlight. I would rather get that than this peice of garbage. The keyboard company even found a way to make a cheap clone of Cherry MX Blue switches, which they use in the keyboard.

金哥 says:

OMG your sound

Winterz says:


Sam Wittsell says:

BTW, the 2017 Blackwidow Ultimate uses the normal font and not the alien Razer font like previous models. LOL

Username Hijacked says:

this video just made me sad

CyrenArkade says:

Of course they were referring to the fact that movement takes time to travel through an object as the molecules slam into each other, and thus having a shorter keycap design allows them to save about 1 microsecond off the actuation time /s

slokas rubin says:

talking about build quality i’ve been using the ornata for 2 years now and nothing is broken only if ur a dumbass that smashed the keyboard to his head
u pretend to not like the stand even tho it’s better and more comfortable than 80 % of mechanical keyboard stands which is a pain to use
also the rgb looks amazing on this keyboard (brighter than other keyboards)
the weird part is u talked about inconsistent key types (some of them are loud and some of them are quite) that doesn’t happen to me tho (i tried to record it with a mic and found that they are all the same level ) maybe u got a faulty product
i really love this keyboard i know it’s overpriced like every other razer products thats why i don’t buy their shit unless it is on sale
and i bought this for 60$ dollars on sale and i’m still happy with it of course mechanical keyboards are way better and satisfying but i wanted a low profile keyboard that has a mechanical feel to it and cheaper with bright rgb and the cable mounting on the back and i didn’t get disappointed

Cooki3 Cutt3r - says:

And I’m here with a cynosa 🙁

Marcus V says:

I have this keyboard.. And all the keys are consistant with the clicking noise and presses. Dunno what the fck you on about lol. Its great

Vipsem says:

Smooth as butter


_PeRFeCTioN _ says:

I hate your voice.

Derpy Demon says:


NitroRaptor53 XXx says:

“I like the font on Blackwidow”

Said no one ever

Reign Reign says:

I owned one it is good but i just spilled water and other keys wont work so fuck this keyboard

Melonsnap says:

The intro is ASMR and so is your voice 🙂

Mob Nidocnob says:

Hi can you please review the red dragon hara? much appreciated if you would hehehehe

Mason Villa says:

the click is so high-pitched that my ears start to ring after hearing them for a while

ItzAstr0 says:

What the fuck is this razer shit.My keyboard worth 45$ and its much better.

ImADawgSoDealWithIt says:

The way you curse just make me laugh so much lol

SoulMator says:

A 20 dollar keyboard is fine for me

vic3gamers45 says:

You’re voice.

So relaxing

Miyuky says:

Welp.. November was fun

Gage Lilley says:

Is my sound broke or is that his voice???

harrisonmv says:

I an Ornata Chroma for 50 dollars. It isn’t that bad tbh.


Terror fuck shit lololol 1:00

J Frye says:

so there we have it excellent review btw.

Ekin Ozgur Sunar says:

So which keyboard do you recommend?

Tomato Boi says:

I like the way you say ” *H I D E E E E O U S* “

悟Dimithri says:

before you buy one of these you need to try them on Walmart or somewhere else, I bought it as a replacement of my blackwidow and I love it, it’s a little bit quiet and it has that clicky feel, I like it and I think my next keyboard will be the corsair strafe

Simge Karaca says:

I enjoyed this video even do i didnt agree your opinion. I’ve used bunch of keyboards too and i can tell this keyboard is easy and faster to write. Also enjoyable and comfortable. I am writing for hours for years and ornata is the best keyboard for that ever for me. I paid it 50 dolar but i can buy it even 150 dolars too. Yeah, it’s not worth if you’re a gamer it doesnt help gaming fps or something but it helps if you’re writing. It doesn’t help the fps fast, it helps your fingers to write wrongless faster 🙂 experience talks here dude 😉 And bunch of people (that writes hours for work) things it’s the best keyboard for writing. thats all :)) but again, i like the way you sound and talk it was really fun xoxo

Hunter G says:

this voice is sexual

Ethan Cameron-Arellano says:

Get the f*ck away from the mic plz

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