Razer Just Made The Best Gaming Keyboard…

With the Razer Huntsman Elite gaming RGB mechanical keyboard PC gaming is pretty overkill…
Razer Huntsman: https://www.razer.com/gaming-keyboards-keypads/razer-huntsman-elite
My cheap mechanical keyboard on Amazon: http://austin.tech/tomokokeyboard

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Marteh says:

You uploaded this on my bithday

Gar Wire says:

I still have my keyboard from the year of 2008.

Swift says:

What a nice keyboard but


Dangerwolf dead_channel says:

All hail the WASD

ByeFelicia /Stryker says:

You gotta use your hands less.

Asvs 36 says:

Hey guys this is Austin

Flob says:

So you just get a Razer Huntsman Elite and you test its responsiveness on quite possibly the most cancerous game of all time, Fortnite!? Just typing that word hurts my soul.

Doesn’t Exist says:

It just looks like a fuckin keyboard

ThePlayer says:

So I was just binged the whole X-men series. Now you make me think your Hank Mcoy

That Flannel Channel says:

50$ for a wrist rest! nope

The only Janwenn says:

Just had to be fortnite

Anime Police says:

I bought this keyboard and that click gets me hard everytime

Jason Erquiese says:

Its worth your kidney 🙂

Jayanta Talukder says:

Still waiting for a gaming keyboard that’s doritos-proof

khalifa 26 says:

bloody light strike has the same key and it’s way cheaper 0.2ms delay

Jack the fortnite letsplayer says:


Read more

Abe’s world says:

the k95 platinum is better in my opinion

Gael Márquez Goya says:

Ok im from console

Agitateddoor2973 says:

Nope not anymore it has fortnite

Matt A says:

IBM model m all the way. Wish unicomp would make a gaming version though.

yummdiddy says:

This is overpriced and overhyped garbage

Kendalon says:

A keyboard is a keyboard.
The mechanical keyboards are a gimmick. They say “Better for gaming” But any real difference could never be perceived by the human brain.
Mechanical keyboards are just annoying to anyone who has to hear someone else using them.
Don’t waste your money on a “gaming” keyboard, and just buy a regular keyboard. You won’t notice the difference.
Anyone who says they can tell the difference is either lying or just trying to buy into the “hype.”

Chellaiah Ganesan says:

My friend has razer wifi razer keyboard razer phone.But he has never razer his hair.

Stevey TeeVee says:

I don’t buy the short keystroke, laser light performance stuff. I think most companies could shorten their travel on key presses but I don’t think there’s a benefit in real world applications. It’s like making a sensor better than the pwm3366, humans aren’t robots to take advantage of it.

something not fishy says:

lol, i dont know why but i got idea, if i hade that big mechanical button, i’ll custom bell push button

FaZe_KabirsHyper says:

Corsair K70 RapidFire is 45% faster than normal gaming mechanical keyboards. It takes 25 grams of weight to click. The deepness is 1.2 mm compared to 2.0 mm


pp otku says:

.. noice

Benas Lu says:

Hi guys it’s ostin!

umback wasted says:

no more fortnite ammo boxes needed to be press e

Jawhny says:

this guys austin is hey

skatingskelly says:

6:14 i’m sorry what the fuck

Tanay Desai says:

But wont those little pink keys hurt yall fingers

You know what i’m saying those little crease type things on your finger??

jerico coronel says:


Doooy TV says:

I want razer to make a mercury version of this…

EveryDayWar says:

6:14 his arm be crazy

iiHyperGamer54 says:

I want one of the giant switch

Anthony Romero says:

Do these feel like the green razer switches ?

Philip Keil says:


DarLuck says:

Is this good for osu?

Filip Spiric says:

I have a laptop…..

MINNIM says:

So much cringe and overreacting

Mati Bustamante says:

5:52 DUDE WTF happens ins your arm dude look like the masturbate arm :V

HeHaHu✅ says:

Who else slowed down the video in the beginning just to see what Austin typed?

a regular player says:

Cant relate. Because you know, poor people problems.

Anirudh Lodh says:

Why does he jump when he speak and he is definitely an egghead

Eplay '-' says:

Razer keyboards its shit omfg… Only mouse from razer its good

LK 1200 says:

Congratulations! You have money

ChingChong PEPE says:

Who else gets liv u ads

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