Razer Blackwidow Lite Keyboard Review!

The new Razer Blackwidow Lite keyboard came out of nowhere and I honestly love it.
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Njord says:

Seems like a scam to me like really you are paying very close to Blackwidow Chroma V2 for some keyboard that has nothing that is worth over $100 I mean sure Mechanical Switches but that is not worth over $100, the Lights are just White and you can’t customize any of it, the last thing Fewer Keys, you are basically just paying more for less.

sealedforproctection says:

nah. I will just buy logitech. synapse si shit.

xwood says:

I prefer with rgb more :^)

Manowarrior says:

no RGB no macros no digits block no handball circulation … no thanks

Knubiks says:

When you make a new keyboard video. Im just here for the keyboard ASMR

Sanakh says:

Even the minimalist 30€ keyboard I have has USB Type-C connection D:

Pierpg 68 says:

That ghost cube thou…

Mariame21 says:

Is that a ghost cube in the background?

Aidan Leung says:

Im traumatized, no rgb

SiahBoy 05 says:

Sounds like your saying Razer Black Widow Lite Keyboard Review like this is going to be a Lite Keyboard review

Dominiq Akoraa says:

I actually like membrane keyboards. Fuck me, right?

Luca Shi says:

No RGB=No Buy

Syn says:

lmao another new razer keyboard yet still no usb type c im weak

june says:

i normally dislike razer products but this one is pretty dope honestly

Essential says:

Is this the same Orange switch as the Chroma v2? Just with the extra bit on the stem to keep keys from wobbling? Also is there anti ghosting?

Luca Shi says:

So you know *E*sports?
How bout Razer Blackwidow (E)Lite

RedQuip says:

a Razer product without RGB lighting? what is this?

John Murphy says:

Lowkey asmr channel

Ginger says:

just get a gmmk dont get some razer shit keyboard that will break in a year

LegitPun says:

O rings = spaghettios

Rxmu says:

atleast now we can buy here in brazil

Cody Li says:

Do these switches feel like Cherry MX Brown?

GnarlexPvP says:

Or you know… you could buy the 2013 verion and get a numpad

Holo says:

Black widow ba- *Oh*

LEVI says:


Afif Jazimin says:

would’ve bought this if it weren’t for synapse 3

RGXT says:

But…. they did not make any Rgb monitor.

donutjonut says:

I wish that they made a “pro” and “chroma” version because I would buy this if I could transition between the white simple lighting in the go and rgb when I’m home gaming

Benjamin Paulis says:

“Lite” price: $100
I got a similar weird but still mechanicsl keyboard for 29 Euro on amazon Germany

John Baeck says:

i would fucking hate to have someone sit next to me and use that loud fucking device

bertrand teo says:

60 keys now cmon

Riddler9884 says:

1. Removable Cable is a first for Razer and hopefully, extends to other keyboards.
2. For work, I need the keypad
3. PBT please, once you use PBT the ABS Razer uses for keycap material always feels like you have sweaty fingers.

Look into Ducky One 2

Luca Shi says:

The O-rings look like spaghetti-o’s

BlaziDude says:

Give it RGB and a wrist rest and It’s the BlackWidow V2 TE with Orange Switches.

Marcelinus Kevin says:

Why I can’t see that product on Razer website?

HelloItzVG : says:

Pls next a Marvo K400 LED USB Gaming Keyboard pls

ツBlurryFace says:

Ok I don’t get your point about Chroma lighting in razers keyboards you don’t like you disable it you want a static color you can costume it i really don’t get your point

Alec Villalpando says:

The O-Rings weaken the sound, but do they impact the haptic feedback of the keys themselves?

goodhugger says:


Hares 2903 says:

hello my dud my name is alexa and i play despacito everyday lmao

danhs supercat says:

O rings dont do shit

Essential says:

can you turn the lighting completely off?

Azur says:

Blackwidow Full

PristineBean says:

Just get a blackwidow stealth, 60 dollars same switch, extended. It’s got the num pad, perfect for workplace

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