Razer Blackwidow Chroma RGB Keyboard Review and Demo

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Michael Torres says:

Wish you wouldn’t of talked while trying to demonstrate the noise of the keys.

Ben says:

i looked this keyboard up on amazon and it says 75 bucks. did the price go down from the one in ur link or is that one just a cheap scam?

Segorisk Johnny says:

PRO TIP: keep your receipt.
I own the non Chroma version of this keyboard and have owned the Naga and Deathadder mice and all 3 products have had faulty switches across the keyboard and even siide buttons on the mouse, I’m currently usinig iit now and this iis what iit does. lol no edits

the mouse iis more annoyiinig because in games liike ARK iit’s nearly unusable.

Prototype Gaming says:

When you do your sound tests, please don’t read what you’re typing lol it makes it more difficult to hear the keyboard.

Trauma says:

how do i make it go like a rainbow

Aqenix says:

This or the Corsair K65 RGB ?

Krogan Love says:

all the specs put out by razer say it’s a 50.9 gram switch. Not a 50.

Robi Dawn says:

super glue jay super glue


Dude you have the same dang background on your computer that i have on mine!!

Keith Andrew says:

dose this keyboard work on imac?

Mudge says:

razer always amazes me when it comes to designs….just dont mention the quality ill have a stroke

Flori says:

Omg the clicks are so satysfying

Mohamed Osama says:

I really wish I made a video comparing it to the v2 or just reviewing the v2

AkamapD says:

Why is there 4 ports? Why 2usb? Is there speaker on the keyboard or what?

MagiicZ [Motion Designer, Editor, Gamer] says:

I bought this exact keyboard today and I LOVE IT!!!

Long Nguyen says:

what do you do on that 4 screens?

derry anwar says:

are you jayz yakuza crime inc??

EXO LOVE says:

I’m getting this for my PS4Pro. Mainly for FFXIV.

PopR says:

I just got thia from a second hand store for 40$.

Rail Ostralin armin says:

what is that mouse pad looking object on your table

Kneel4 YurMeal says:

I’m sorry but please empty the recycle bin on your desktop. It bothers me when there’s stuff in it

Luis Chandra says:

What mat did you use for keyboard and mice, tell me thanks

goodinsrt8 says:

I’ve never understood the razer hate. I’ve had no issues with my 5 razer peripherals. One of my mice is now 5 years old and it’s still going after years of MMO abuse.

Adam Know says:

love you Jason thank you for all the awesome videos and great tips keep up the good work !!
ps been watching your vids all day lol

MondaesSkik says:

my girlfriend says you’re crusty

Hampus Karlsson says:

Send nudes! <3

darthwilson says:

Thanks for posting! Trying to figure out which mechanical keyboard to get, either a Razer, Logitech or Corsair…. I found it funny that during the type test for us to hear, you were talking all the way through it 😉

NaCl Yasuo says:


OfficiallyTJ says:

This was uploaded on my birthday. cool!

Corn Pop says:

I just got the tournament version and it is so bloody loud when typing

Werner Hiesenberg says:

Waste of money.

Christian Andersen says:

Razer Blackwidow Chroma

Dustin Straw says:

I’m usually like non clicky sound but over the years since I got Logitech gaming keyboard then got a gaming keyboard and a headset and a mouse last year for Christmas so I said I will upgrade so I got a new gaming racing chair and headset by Razer and Razer Orbweaver RGB and I actually like clicky keys now and if you aren’t a person for clicky keys just try them if you go to best buy local to you I would recommend it

Winston says:

2:08 I absolutely love how you were about to say ‘fucking’ but go with a whole different approach

Chase H. says:

great review thanks I just bought this after the review – Amazon.com 99 dollars

「The Flashbolter」 says:

Dude…I dont get the huge debate of Razer vs Corsair…They both make VERY good peripherals.
I honestly like both, its just your preference.

Tofbu says:

Umm Im still thinking till this day should i buy this or not my friend has it and it feels pretty good but would anyone recommend this keyboard

staj says:

Thanks a lot for this well done review, i’m now a subscriber.

Lavon Jeffers says:

If you want to wake up your family members, Then get this keyboard!

Inkimetronic says:

This review was extremely helpful. I got this keyboard recently and I already REALLY LOVE it. So, it was extremely important that I know more about it and this is a detailed review =)

mmmadog Smith says:

I got the corsair k65 rgb and I love the keyboard but the software is a deal breaker for me. Cue is the most confusing software I have tried to use.

Pdivine says:

I found one online for 60 something dollars

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