Quietest Gaming Keyboard Ever! Red Dragon Karura Keyboard Unboxing + Full Review!

It’s ridiculously quiet.
Thanks Solomon for hooking me up.
Get it here:

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Adrian A says:

Too short buttons for gaming. Can tell that from experience, from using other low/very short buttons keyboards. They are not for gaming.

Nik says:

I’m not sure if I wanna buy this keyboard
I’m on the edge of buying it but there is something that worries me.
I’m worried about the finger prints or my sweaty scrub hands xddd


can you get the red sticker off the keyboard?
sorry my english isn’t good 😉

Raziel Milky says:

Mine is quieter, it’s Natec RX-22. Also looks far better.

Candi Soda says:

Lol I use a Esterline Medigenic keyboard.

It’s water resistant, finger print proof, easy to clean, and back light three levels, and virtually quiet since it’s convered in silicone.

The only downside is… It looks fucking retarded LOL

EehKayBee says:

is there a membrane keyboard out there that has media keys like on a Corsair key mechanical keyboard?

Daan Kraaijeveld says:

Quiet is good, mechanical is better.

tollwutig says:

My only issue with this keyboard is that it goes back to the default red setting when you restart your system. Has anyone come up with a workaround for that?

Aeoff says:

this keyboard is horrible, the keys are very hard to press unless you are pressing straight down. so the keys stick alot and get stuck down.

Hydrocephalus says:

im using this keyboard Right now!

Денис Каракчиев says:

That is why mechanical is just suck. Sorry =) * (i have both tho )

KIBO says:

Brutal keyboard, i HAVE TO buy!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

Nuroro Nuro says:

I need one of this, my wife always complains about the clicking sound of my keyboard
thumbs up for your review

Derrick Nguyen says:

That red line makes me only want to use the red setting 🙁 I wish it was black

Hoito says:


Nightmare says:

I think some people know this but that red line under all the keys looks ugly because they put some kind of plastic tape strip on it, but the good thing is you can actually remove it pretty easily. Other then that flaw the keyboard is great and cheap and i recommend to anyone reading this comment, that if you are looking for a cheap and good gaming keyboard you should get the reddragon karura. ( This keyboard ) And the funny thing is i am actually typing this with the reddragon karura 🙂

Felipe says:

its like the mars gaming mcp2

Jackie Chan says:

the anti ghosting isn’t the most amazing . I’ve had one issue with it.

Griffin W says:

I love mine

Rom Hook says:

0:16 you ment deathstalker-esque

Mickey says:

Well shit I bought a fake one

orkan youtube says:

what’s the different between this keyboard and your standard laptop keyboard? not much! what you’re paying for is aesthetics, if you want a quality keyboard just go buy a mechanical one noobs.

ViolinMusic says:

That is totally Cherry MX Blues.

moemedi martin says:

very nice, it could support Phantom Lancer….

Taran Singh says:

okay so I got this yesterday as after 2 and a half years my deathstalker expert edition ditched me. I’m used to that kinda chicklet keyboard , I used that for gaming as well as regular typing. I was a regular mechanical keyboard user(yeah I’m an expert gamer) but then I started using deathstalker and loved the feel and low profile keys. So going by the feel and the looks…both feel kinda same but karura feels surprisingly better! I just wanna know that will the paint fade off from the keys after an year or so? cuz I never experienced anything like that with my deathstalker but there were some reports stating that paint faded off from the keys of deathstalker after one or two years. So I’m just concerned.

HellcatHD says:

Had this keyboard last year… It fucking sucked. It’s not even worth the already cheap price. The backlighting failed on several of the keys. The build quality is shit.

Ericsupreme says:

touchscreen keyboards are the quietest, therefore it’s not the quietest.

.Toxic says:

quiet is good 😀

Rolfathan says:

I purchased and quickly returned it. I’ve never felt a worse space bar. The other keys were…. ok…. if you’re looking for budget chicklet, I would go for Cougar’s thin gaming keyboards over these.

The Dude says:

You need a reference point to show how loud/quiet something is. For all we know banging glass bottles together could have been as loud as when you hit those keys…..


And another question:
can you take the keys off?
Because I’m from Belgium and we use an azerty keyboard.

StrandedCat says:

Gaming at 1 AM

hatedumb says:

why don’t you just show *how* quiet it is ,without talking over eveyrhting?

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